Silver to Global ★ MP7

Silver to Global ★ MP7

A lot of people have been messaging me that they’ve been on a losing streak and they ask how do I start winning more games?:) Every time they ask I send them straight to the s1mple’s guide on which has the best videos on getting better and improving at CS:GO The course has everything you need to get better I highly recommend it Click the link in the descritption RIGHT NOW to start winning do it silvers


  1. Go watch s1mple's course right now!

    Thank you so much for 200K subs, I love you all my little silvers <3
    Btw knife giveaway incoming because my pickem was wrong xaxaxa

  2. I am Silver I need that M4A1s to win my games!

  3. Я бы пошутил бы про голоднi и бахнув пельменi

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