Silver’s at the hospital part 3/3(Subbed)

Silver’s at the hospital part 3/3(Subbed)

Knuckles: You… Knuckles: You have a piece of lettuce stuck in your teeth. Rouge: What was that!? Knuckles: Get off me you psychotic bat! Knuckles: Well, that happened. Knuckles: I’ll look for a flashlight. Knuckles: (I can’t see a thing, it’s so dark.) Knuckles: Hey Rouge, could you- Knuckles: Alright! Knuckles: Hmm? Silver: Wow, Knuckles. I didn’t know you were secretly a perv. Knuckles: Hey! Knuckles: What happened was an accident! Silver: Uh-huh. Yeah, sure. That’s what a pervert would say. JKnuckles: Do you want your stay at the hospital to be extended!? Knuckles: Cuz I can arrange it personally! Rouge: Oh, Knuckles… Silver: Whee! Knuckles: AAAAH!!!

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