Silversea Silver Galapagos Cruise Ship Tour – Silversea Cruise Line

Silversea Silver Galapagos Cruise Ship Tour – Silversea Cruise Line

Billed as the most luxurious expedition ship in the Galapagos, the 100-passenger Silver Galapagos operates week-long sailings in the islands year-round. Operated by ultra-luxury line Silversea Cruises, the 4,077 ton Silver Galapagos has five passenger decks that include a restaurant, deck-top grill, piano bar and spa. While not a new ship, the Silver Galapagos has undergone a major overhaul over the past 15 months that included the addition of one of Silversea’s signature, deck-top Grill eateries. Located on Deck 5, The Grill is an alternative dining venue to the Silver Galapagos’ main Restaurant that offers a casual, outdoor lunch as well as a ‘hot rocks’ dining experience in the evenings. An array of fresh-baked desserts are available at lunch at The Grill on the Silver Galapagos. A staple of the the west coast of South America, fresh ceviche is served daily during lunch at the Silver Galapagos’ Grill eatery. The Grill also is home to one of two bars on the Silver Galapagos, the Grill Bar. It’s open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on most days. The front of the Silver Galapagos’ top deck houses a small outdoor lounge area with a hot tub. Located on Deck 6, the outdoor lounge area is relatively small for a 100-passenger ship with just four lounge chairs and four upright chairs. The Silver Galapagos’ hot tub is a popular place for passengers to unwind after a day exploring for wildlife ashore. The hot tub on the top deck of the Silver Galapagos can seat four people comfortably. Lounge chairs atop the Silver Galapagos feature plush cushions and pre-rolled towels. More towels always are at the ready at the hot tub on the Silver Galapagos. The top deck of the Silver Galapagos also is home to a shower for rinsing off before entering the hot tub. The Silver Galapagos carries eight double kayaks for passengers to use during kayaking excursions as well as a single kayak for a naturalist guide. The Silver Galapagos carries wet suits, flippers and masks for passengers to use during snorkeling excursions. The Silver Galapagos also has a small outdoor seating area located at the front of the ship on Deck 5. The Deck 5 seating area on the Silver Galapagos is often unused during the daytime when most passengers head off on excursions. The Silver Galapagos has a central reception area located on Deck 3. The Silver Galapagos’ front desk is manned 24 hours a day. Located on Deck 2, The Restaurant is the ship’s main eatery and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. The Restaurant offers a casually elegant style. The Restaurant offers plenty of seating for every passenger on the ship to dine at the same time. The Silver Galapagos has a large lounge called the Piano Bar — a relative rarity for vessels in the Galapagos. The Piano Bar serves as a gathering point for passengers for cocktails before dinner. The Piano Bar has a grand piano that is played nightly by the ship’s resident piano player. The Piano Bar’s bar area. Drinks are included in the cost of a sailing on the Silver Galapagos. A glass case in the Piano Bar features Panama Hats that are available for purchase. Coffee and muffins are available throughout the day in the Piano Bar. A staircase leads down from the Piano Bar to the Explorer’s Lounge. A small outside deck area is located just outside the Piano Bar on Deck 4. The deck area outside the Piano Bar is the only place on board the Silver Galapagos where smoking is allowed. Otherwise, the ship is smoke-free. The rear deck area just outside the Piano Bar features four two-person day beds. The Silver Galapagos also is home to a small library. The Silver Galapagos library is chock full of books about the Galapagos and Charles Darwin available to passengers. Silversea added a small spa to the Silver Galapagos at the top of the ship on Deck 6. The Silver Galapagos’ spa includes a hair salon. A pedicure station at the Silver Galapagos’ spa. The Silver Galapagos’ spa has a single treatment room for massages. A small fitness center is located at the top of the Silver Galapagos on Deck 6. The Silver Galapagos’ fitness center features a selection of cardio machines and free weights. Free weights in the fitness center on the Silver Galapagos. The Silver Galapagos has 50 passenger cabins, all of which are billed as suites. Every Silver Galapagos cabin comes with a sitting area such as this one, found in a Deluxe Veranda Suite. Among five categories of cabins on the Silver Galapagos are its Deluxe Veranda Suites, which measure 303 square feet including a 68-square-foot balcony. Deluxe Veranda Cabins feature twin beds that can be converted into a queen. Every cabin on the Silver Galapagos comes with binoculars for use during wildlife-watching excursions. Silver Galapagos cabins feature U.S. style outlets. The desktop area in Silver Galapagos cabins feature flat-screen televisions with on-demand movies and television shows available at no extra charge. Silver Galapagos passengers receive Silversea backpacks and water bottles upon arrival for use during excursions. Like other cabin categories, Deluxe Veranda Suites boast marble-lined desk areas that have telephones, a miniature refrigerator and other amenities. Every Silver Galapagos cabin features a desk-top iHome. Deluxe Veranda Suites have two large armoire-like closets on either side of the entrance to the bathroom. Closet interiors have room for hanging clothes and a small drawer. Robes for passenger use are located in one of closets in every cabin. A third, smaller closet in Deluxe Veranda Suites has a personal safe and life jackets. Silver Galapagos cabins have newly renovated bathrooms featuring marble counters. Cabin bathrooms have walk-in, marble-lined showers. Silver Galapagos bathrooms feature Makinti toiletries made in the Galapagos’ home country of Ecuador. Silver Galapagos bathrooms also feature plush towels. Deluxe Veranda Suites feature a private, 68-square-foot balcony. Twenty-four of the Silver Galapagos’ 50 cabins have balconies. Sunset over the Galapagos Islands as seen from the balcony of a Silver Galapagos cabin. As is typical during expedition-style cruises, passengers on the Silver Galapagos board motorized Zodiac rafts for daily landings in the Galapagos. The Silver Galapagos carries six motorized Zodiac rafts to shuttle passengers onto the rocky shorelines of the Galapagos. Silver Galapagos passengers during a “dry landing” from a Zodiac onto the Galapagos’ Santa Cruz Island. Silver Galapagos passengers have the chance to kayak along the rugged coastline of the Galapagos’ Rabida Island during the ship’s week-long North Central itinerary. It’s not uncommon for swimming sea lions to approach Silver Galapagos passengers during kayak outings along the coast of the Galapagos’ Rabida Island. Silver Galapagos passengers will see thousands of Sally Lightfoot Crabs during the span of a week-long cruise. Several glass cases with locally-made jewelry for sale are located on Deck. An observation area is located on Deck 4 just in front of the Silver Galapagos’ bridge. Life jackets used for kayaking outings are lined up to dry on a deck rail aboard the Silver Galapagos. A hallway to cabins on Silver Galapagos. A map of the Galapagos on Deck 4 is updated daily with the ship’s movements. The Silver Galapagos has an elevator connecting all five public decks. Among little touches on the Silver Galapagos are the walking sticks available for passenger use during excursions. The Silver Galapagos is registered in Ecuador and flies the Ecuador flag. The Silver Galapagos carries four large lifeboats that are accessible via outside areas on Deck 5. The Silver Galapagos originally debuted in 1990 for the now-defunct Renaissance Cruises. The Deck 5 seating area offers several lounge chairs. A Silver Galapagos buoy.


  1. Amazing adventure!!! Such a once in a lifetime adventure. It's too bad that they have a robotic woman's voice narrating the video

  2. You think perhaps the makers thought people would forget which ship was being shown here? How many times does robowoman have to say the ship name (in a weird way)
    The only way to watch this is turn the sound off.

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