Silversea Silver Muse Cruise Ship Tour and Review : Best Cruise Ship In The World?

Silversea Silver Muse Cruise Ship Tour and Review :  Best Cruise Ship In The World?

Hi I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers and I am going to take you on a tour of probably the most beautiful, most luxurious ship that I’ve ever been on! It’s Silversea Silver Muse. I’m going to show you all the features of the ship, the facilities, the dining options, and of course the suites as well. So let me talk about the different types of accommodation on board. It’s all suites and the Owner’s Suite is the grandest of all. It’s a one-bedroom suite, it’s very palatial and there’s an adjoining veranda suite so it can become a two-bedroom suite. The Grand Suite again is another magnificent suite, it had a real wow factor. It’s a one bedroom suite that can be made into two. The Silver Suite is also one bedroom suite. I really liked it. It’s avery comfortable suite and it’s pretty magnificent! And then you have three classes of Verandah Suites. You have a Deluxe Veranda Suite, Superior and Classic – and the real difference between the Veranda Suites is their location. So the Deluxe suite is mid-ship and in the quietest part of the ship. So let’s talk about places to eat now. There is no main dining room on board the Silver Muse. Instead there are eight dining venues, six of which are included within your fare – plus of course there is 24-hour room service. The first of the restaurants is a Silversea classic, La Terrazza. This is an Italian restaurant and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the day it has serving stations it’s self service, and at night it’s an a la carte restaurant. Atlantide is a restaurant that I loved. It’s a fish and steak restaurant serving incredible cuisine with beautiful fish and great steaks. It’s a great venue. Indochine is another great restaurant, and this serves Asian food – fusion food. It has Thai food and Indian food. An innovative restaurant is a place called Silver Note. This combines music and food, serving Tapas style food and there is music there in the evening. It’s a really fun and great concept. If you’re looking for more informal dining, there’s two places that are very popular. One is Hot Rocks. Hot Rocks in the evening does Silverseas famous hot lava stone cooking, where you cook your own food outside. It’s a great venue and during the day it has much more casual food like burgers and that kind of stuff. Spaccanapoli is a famous road in Naples and this is the name of the pizza restaurant, which is an outdoor restaurant serving incredible pizza. The pizza here is absolutely magnificent! Now there are two restaurants which you have to pay a cover charge, which at the time of making this video is around sixty dollars per person. The first is a French cuisine restaurant which is called La Dame which is a partnership with Relais and Chateaux, which is across most of the Silversea ships. The other one you have to pay a service charge for is Kaiser, this is a Japanese restaurant it serves sushi and in the evenings it also does teppanyaki. So let’s talk about bars and lounges. Well the most popular lounge / bar on the ship is the Panorama Lounge. It’s a quiet place during the day but at night it’s really where everyone heads to after the show and after dinner for drinks and music. An innovative and new thing to Silversea is the Art’s Cafe. This particular venue showcases lots of eclectic art, has lots of art books and will actually have art lectures. It serves food morning, lunchtime and into the evening when has little chocolate treats. It’s a beautiful bright venue. Right next door to the Art’s Cafe is a Silversea classic which is the Connoisseur’s lounge where you can go and smoke. So quite unusually for cruise ships these days, there is a place inside where you can actually go and smoke. But at night it’s really for cognac and cigars. Right up on the top of the ship overlooking the bow is Tor’s Observation Lounge. This is a great venue and there’s a library there so you can take books out and have a read up there. It’s beautiful during the day because can just sit there with great views over the bow of the ship and the ocean. They also have a cheese and wine up there around about nine o’clock at night if you’re feeling a little bit peckish! Another place to go and hang out is actually in the atrium reception area. So in the area where you’ve got the reception and the excursion desk is a great big lounge area with a bar. It’s a bit of a hub and is great again in the evenings for meeting people and having drinks. So what else is there to do on board the ship terms of entertainment? There’s the Venetian lounge. This is the main show lounge where the Silversea singers perform shows, but also things like enrichment lectures are also held. In terms of outdoor activities there’s a fantastic pool deck up on deck nine with a great size pool, lots of very comfortable chairs and loungers and there’s a running track. There’s also a spa and fitness center which has barber, hairdressers, nail treatments as well. If you’re looking for other things to do in evening then there is a casino. It’s a small casino. There are shops selling things like branded goods, watches and that kind of stuff. There’s also a card room. Another thing that’s quite unique for Silversea on Silver Muse is that there is actually an activity room designed for children. So at peak periods when there are a lot of children on board there will be facilities and activities for kids. So hopefully as we’ve gone around the ship you agree with me that this is a magnificent ship. It feels very luxurious. It feels very plush. It’s a beautiful beautiful ship and I absolutely loved it. Hopefully this video tour has given you a good sense of what it is and helps you to help you decide if this is a ship for you. If you like the video I’d love it if you left a like for the video, and of course I’d love to your comments. 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  1. Fantastic video, Gary! Let me say I'm really proud that such a jewel was built in the neighborhood I've grown up in…

  2. Wow! We want to score one of those suites!!! What a beautiful ship, this is really making us want to take a cruise.

  3. You must have the best job ever doing this. Keeping motivation with travel and good food while you get good video content and helping cruise ship companies get more customers. I wish I could change my life and do what you do. 🙂

  4. Looks wonderful! Luxurious suites and great public areas. Like the idea of no main restaurant, with many choices instead!

  5. Thanks, great information. You said there will be a lot of children during peak time. Really? I always thought there are nearly no/ not so many children on Silversea ….

  6. I'm traveling on the muse on the october 66 day cruise around south america; I'm solo. do you think there will be other solo traveller on board?

  7. Fabulous video! We are sailing on this ship in February 2018 from Buenos Aires to Rio. Can’t wait! I did read that the passengers have not been pleased with the food. I will find out for myself! Thanks for posting.

  8. The Silver Sea Silver Muse is indeed beautiful. I love the cabin choices. The decor is very classy and looks so comfortable. I like the ALL INCLUSIVE part. You said gratuities are included. So does that mean at the end of the cruise you don't leave tips for your butler? I assume you don't for the food staff as I would want to try out all the restaurants. And should your tip those who bring your room service meals to your cabin? Thanks in advance, so glad I found your videos. So many choices of smaller cruises which is what I'm looking for. The enormous ships have no appeal for my husband and I. Good quality food, nice drinks, a few laps in the pool, lazing in a lounge seat with a good book, and maybe a massage sounds amazing. A couple trips onshore but not to many. We have a very hectic schedule at home, my husband works entirely to hard, and we are looking to relax, relax, relax.

  9. Your Video was very informative and you covered all the areas and aspects related to a cruise ship. I am a Cruise Agent & this video will be very handy to share with my guests to encourage them to take the Silver Seas Cruise. I will be sharing your Video with them. Thanks

  10. The wife and I have been Crystal Cruise enthusiasts for quite a while but we are looking forward to giving Silverseas a go. Thank you for the video and perhaps more high-end lines are in the works?


    This was our first cruise and we spent approximately $18,000 for two people in the Veranda Suite – flight included from SFO, (stayed in Room 903) and we thought the ship was gorgeous! We enjoyed the Butler service! The ship was clean and well appointed.

    The staff seemed to be on month 7 of their 9 month contract (so if you asked they'd tell you they were missing home), however, I thought the service was pretty good from most of the staff.

    FOOD NOT GOOD! I was really surprised that the food was so bad! The first dinner we ate at The Grill, the salad was fresh and the steak was the worst I've ever eaten. Then we got grilled prawns and they were mushy and disgusting. I returned them and the waiter told us that all the shrimp were frozen (obviously freezer burnt shrimp), NOT WHAT YOU EXPECT FROM AN ULTRA LUXURY CRUISE! Unfortunately, the food that was prepared and served was honestly terrible! We ate at all the restaurants including Kaiseki (aweful and precooked seafood) and La Dame (was just okay) don't bother with them, they are not worth the extra money for sure! We spoke with other guest on the ship and they too thought the food at the restaurants was terrible. Room service is not great either. The only thing that was good was the lunch buffet…where you pick what you want (and you can create your own salad, etc.)

    Fortunately, the accommodations were priority to me and we enjoyed visiting the various cities on our cruise. If food is important to you then this is not the ship I'd sail upon.

    THE POOL: Too many children and the water seemed to have a high concentration of salty water – quite disgusting. We only tried it once and that was enough of a turn off!

    Next time I'll do better research (there are many reviews showing that the food is terrible on Cruise Critic) and unfortunately I didn't see them or I would not have selected Silversea!

  12. I went in to look at Silversea ships and there you were. I so enjoy listening to you talk and tell about the cruise ships. As I remember from the past, these cruises are a bit pricey and do not leave from the East coast at all. What a beautiful ship and I truly wish I could go on it. Maybe in my next life. HA HA!!!!!!

  13. Excellent information. We are booked on Silver Muse in a few months and it’s our first cruise. Great to see all the venues and restaurants.

  14. I agree the ship looks magnificent! I've never heard of them before so I'm a little hesitant, but I'll do more research. Thanks for the video!

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