Silversea Silver Spirit Being Cut In Half!

Silversea Silver Spirit Being Cut In Half!

In this video I’m going to tell you about
the most extreme makeover that a cruise ship can go through! I’m Gary Bembridge
of Tips For Travellers. We’re going to take a look at the Silversea
Silver Spirit being cut in half, pulled apart and having a whole new midsection
added to create a bigger, longer and more glitzy ship. Grab your hard hat and let’s
go take a look at the Silversea Silver Spirit being cut in half. Here we are in the
shipyard. It’s a magnificent sight. You have the huge Silver Spirit in the
drydock and alongside is an already made midsection, forty-nine foot long, ten
decks high that’s going to be inserted into the middle of the ship. It’s an
incredibly fast process. The ship arrived in the drydock about five days to six
days before what you’re seeing here now. The process that we attended to see was the last bit of cutting. Once it was cut, there’s a series of little trolley
devices underneath the front of the ship which takes the full weight of the
ship, and then begins to move slowly pulling apart the ship. It takes almost a day to actually move the ship apart as they do it really really
slowly. Once it’s far enough apart, they then bring it on these little motorized
trucks. The midsection is 49-foot high. It’s ten stories high. It’s absolutely
enormous. They just slide it into the middle of the ship,
push it back together and then begin the process of welding the ship back
together. And then they begin all the interior fit out and during that process
a whole lot of changes. They are adding 34 new passenger cabins, 20 new crew
cabins but also importantly during this process they will increase the number of
restaurants from 6 to 8. They’ll be adding the Arts Cafe, extending the pool
deck, revamping the spa and the fitness area. The ship itself I think looks
fantastic with the mid section. It looked a longer sleeker ship. So why on earth
are Silversea not just building a new ship. Well this whole project,
including refurbishing the whole ship and some technical changes, is going
to only cost only (I say only!) around about $70 million US dollars. Now that sounds a lot
of money, but if you bear in mind building a new ship can cost up to $500
million and above dollars. So it makes huge sense if you want to expand capacity and really change a ship to cut it in half and
add a section. So that’s why cruise lines like Silversea do this process. One other bizarre side effect, that I discovered, of actually lengthening a
ship is it actually will be able to go faster and become more efficient. It’s
something to do with the physics of going through the water. It’s more
streamlined and so actually it becomes a more efficient ship. It’s a magnificent
experience seeing a ship in a drydock being worked on, cut apart and
moved apart. It is quite incredible. I hope you found that interesting. If you did, I’d
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  1. Good video Gary.
    Have you ever done or can you do a video on TUI cruises and ships please….I'm particularly interested in the explorer ship… thanks

  2. Hahahaha, this is called a 'cut and shut' in the motor trade and is very illegal and this is going on the sea??

  3. Very fascinating!  It reminds me of WW2 documentaries showing prefabricated sections of war ships being put together and welded.

  4. Yes, Gary, it was very interesting. Extreme naval engineering! By the way, how many ships were cut and enlarged in such pattern before? How were they living – faring afterwards?.. …And we sometimes struggle to cut – slice a loaf of bread, or a piece of cheese, or the watermelon…

  5. Great video. The first cruise ship I ever went on the RCCL Majesty of the Seas was cut in half and a 100ft midsection was added in in dry dock years ago.

  6. yes, but during rough seas, all pressure goes on that middle part. And imagine the ship breaks apart at this middle area?

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