Simon Cowell All Best GOLDEN BUZZERS on AGT & BGT

Simon Cowell All Best GOLDEN BUZZERS on AGT & BGT

[ Quiet cheering ] [ Cheers again ] This is all we want, Stormtroopers dancing. Play that Sax. Gangnam Style. Wow! He’s thinking about it, he’s thinking about it. Who would’ve thought stormtroopers would be getting the golden buzzer. From the Dark Lord himself. Guys, girls. I don’t know who you are. I literally said, if we could find stormtroopers who can dance. Seriously, I said that this show is going to go to a different league. My dream has come true. Thank you! I’m so glad that you were allowed to come onto this show by the dark favour and audition for us. Because you were brilliant you shun some light into this day. Well done. Hihihi. I just love the fact that Simon went to me, “I got the Stormtroopers.” Hahahahahahaha. That was brilliant. It’s very refreshing and really happy for you. Well done. No surprise that the real-life darth vader voted for his troops. It was brilliant, but I do worry that Simon Cowell may have lost his mind. I don’t care you but you know what, the dark side has taken over. Congratulations. See you in the finals guys. Okay. like a small boat I’m your son Sending big waves into motion like how a single word can make a heart open I Might only have one match [I] can make an explosion And all those things I didn’t say we’re wrecking balls inside my brain I will scream them loud tonight. Can you hear my voice this time? This is my fight song take back my [son] And I’m totally cares [nobody] like a small boat [on] the Ocean sending [big] waves into motion like how a single can make a heart open I might only have one [match] but I can [make] an explosion you know you have gone through an obstacle far greater than anybody much older than you could even imagine going [through] and Then you come to this point And you make choices and you made the choice of singing that song and that’s your fight song yeah And it was so heartfelt and so inspirational. I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much It was amazing your tones and the way that you fell off the note was just on Point couldn’t have gone any better for you. I don’t think You do have a beautiful voice, and I can’t believe they only 16 years old. [I] mean, it’s Incredible well done. Thank you Callistus, I love everything about you so much Just you know what I? Just had this feeling when you walked I can’t explain it [just] [your] spirit the choice of song your voice I think you’re really special [I’ve] just got this [really] incredible feeling about you. Thank you. I really do that means so much going from here a Lot coming from Simon. I think everyone in this room felt there, and I think [that] look you were nervous. I could hear that um But you know get past this stage. I predict great things are going to happen for you. There’s something about you. Thank you Sorry, I’m gonna do this and [we’ll] Yeah to go back All right Go to Dr.. Lane truly special Somebody said you [got] a new friend Does she love you better than I can? There’s a big black sky over my town [I] know a bit. She’s alone Stilettos and broken Bottles, I’m spinning around a circle And I’m in the corner watching you kiss her And I’m right over here. Why can’t you see [me]? And I’m giving in my I’m not the guy taking home I Keep them she know my own So far away, but still from here the lies come the music dies Be you don’t see me standing Here, [I] just came to say goodbye I’m in the corner watching you kiss her I keep dancing on my own Far away Still soon in the last room the music dies Be you don’t see me and Danny oh my god [Kalem] you completely sucked us all in it was so special and after what happened with your sister as well I’m so happy for your family well done Simon fantastic choice and congratulations to you You do have the most extraordinary voice you sound like you’re already there You know I cut I can’t see how it could be any better And I know it was tricky because your sister didn’t get through and brilliantly is right by your side and sharing And you know this is your moment. You absolutely [shawn] thank you. It was incredible. Thank you so much. [oh] It’s great. You know I’m no expert on singing, but you know in someone’s taking you on an emotional journey You’ve got a real talent for interpreting lyrics and I think you’ve got a real recording voice as well. Thank you so much Simon [I] [never] ever in all the years. I’ve done this show heard a guy with the talent you’ve got seriously and the version was Sensational and that shows to me that you’re more than a singer you’re an artist yeah, and that’s why you got that Check it out. Oh, no here. We go Please help me guys. I feel so alone. [I’m] just a kid. How can I take it all? When you tease you writing this song trying to fit in my dua? Below I wake up every day don’t want to leave a home [while] [mama’s] asking me Why always alone [too] [scared] [to] [say] to skip the heart I walk in the school sweater, Amica I’m just looking at someone looks rested one of the bed. My life’s a mess the nature call me then but real bad I want to tell my [mom] and she having trouble with my dad. I feel so trapped is I wasn’t I come to school Don’t Wanna fight. I wanna learn so please the bully tom. What a junkie. You know I have no dad. I’m living alone Yes, I am hopeful for today. Take this music. Did [you] [sleep]? like these tender And he’ll make away That’s okay. Just me [why] Do you think I think let me go, but never have to play? I ain’t got no money you take all our head when they give it to you at central my bags I feel so skipping you shout me down you pick me push me throw me to the ground [when] I ask you Yo, whatever done you hit me again. I make fun of my mom oh Yes, look for today. Take this [news] check it out. Let it take you away Happy whoa, whoa? And he’ll make away I know That’s okay From a bag yo, [Mr.]. [poli]. Help me please Let’s extend it. Please boy. You don’t want to do my money boy to me You see will it take you away every Hopefully or food and he’ll make you wait. I know I’m using easy That’s okay. Just people Seems like we hardly need [to] Critique you went oh well, but let’s have some comments, Amanda I’m just so happy for you your voice is beautiful we all The minute you started that first they actually brought a tear to my eye it was really really move we share it with you I won’t be rapping so yeah, thank you so much Two young kids like yourself to come out and sing about something that really affects you do it in a style That’s completely yours is a really rare thing That’s why you’ve got that Golden buzzer steak Well, you know what I’ve heard a certain monstrous song today, and I just was literally Losing the will to live [you] [know] what I? Listen to Every Word This stuff happened in your life. I got bullied wit when I was young, but not anymore. Yes, no, it’s all gone Oh yeah, [I] take that breath cool to be here. I really do I Really really ptoo Yeah to throw me out dog

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