Simon Cowell’s GOLDEN BUZZER Week on America’s Got Talent 2019 | Part 3 | Auditions | Top Talent

Simon Cowell’s GOLDEN BUZZER Week on America’s Got Talent 2019 | Part 3 | Auditions | Top Talent

My name is Charlotte summers, I’m 13 years old. I’m a singer from where bass bang I started singing since I was 5 years old and since then I’ve been thinking all the time My sister Renee is my best friend. We’re really close. I love my sisters a lot But sometimes she won’t stop talking. I’ve always walked like But it’s like boring when she’s not there Charlotte and I always watch America’s Got Talent when I knew sure that was gonna audition I wanted to cry I wanted to hug her. I’m really happy that that my sister is here and can’t believe it Because I think I’m gonna see him and I’m gonna find her something. I don’t Alright go out there and give it your best My dream is being on America’s Got Silas and tonight in my dream is actually coming true Are you excited? Yes When you woke up this morning, and it was like oh god, it’s my audition day What was the first thing that was in your head meeting you Simon? You’re my I don’t literally I love you so much and doing my best for everybody, but mainly me I Get it you’re the best like And how are you 13 years old, you know that you win a million dollars if you win the show. Yeah, what would you do with the money? I would buy a guinea pig No one’s ever said that I would call him Simon Cowell and then my sister she gets one who will call him Howie The guinea pigs, okay. Well, listen, we’re all rooting for Charlotte. Good luck. Thank you Named Simon Cowell I’m Dom I’m 26 and I am a magician when I was six years old my granddad wanted to find a way to relate to his grandkids something to bond with us and Magic was what he chose and that’s where my obsession with magic began. I Loved it and decided I’m going to be a magician As I grew older I realized working as a magician is not always the most glamorous job After on shows where no one has watched I’ve done shows in the pouring rain. I have endless Horror stories and it got to a point where I question if magic was the thing that I really wanted to do Then last year my granddad passed away It made me think about those amazing times I have when I was a kid and it reminded me why I love magic So I decided to continue the legacy that he created America’s Got Talent is every magicians dream I’m nervous. This is the biggest stage in the world. And I think that you’ve missed the mark You’ve seen some incredible magicians on this show now They’re headlining shows in Las Vegas for me. This could be what changes everything And I really hope it is Ha ha what’s your name? My name is Tom Chambers. I am 26 and I’m from Australia. And what do you do in Australia? I do magic. They have you had a like a really tough gig I know as a comedian I have I was once hired to perform magic at a funeral You can imagine how tense that was. It was like I’m so sorry for your loss But is that your car is that the water was? What did you say when you got the booking? I said how much? So why America’s Got Talent, well, this is the biggest stage in the world Go ahead, okay Folks if you would like to see the appearing glass of beer trick say yes One empty paper bag One traumatic magic gesture One beer coaster That’s not it this is the appearing class track Now they say a good magician would never repeat the same trick twice Well lucky for you, I’m not a very good magician All right. Here’s one for the non beer drinkers bottle of wine in the back For a tiny bottle please bang Come on there we go They say don’t worry in case of an emergency Always bring a spare toaster, but where there’s a coaster. There’s a beer Not there Not being the sleeves except for the coaster, but other than that Absolutely, nothing to hide no heating glasses. No hidden fears except for that one There we go, Naruto back Costa Here we go, no jackets no sleeves no shoo Shoo First of all, I love your shoes so much. Thank you. How old are you Tyler? I’m 11 years old so It looks like you have the violin. When did you start playing violin? Well, I started playing the violin when I was seven and a half and what made you get into playing violin? I wanted to start playing the violin because I was being bullied at school. Oh Man, do you know why you were being bullied? It’s because I had cancer I almost died My name is Tyler Butler Figueroa, and I’m from North Carolina. I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of four and a half Leukemia is a cancer in the blood One day we were out to dinner and we said something doesn’t look right with Tyler he kind of pale So a mother’s instinct said let me get him to the emergency room. They was like, let’s take some blood work and we’ll be back The doctors came in said yeah, he does have cancer And It was the worst day of my life The doctors treated me with chemotherapy When I lost my hair, I was really sad and embarrassed at the same time to go to school They used to make fun of me and laugh at me because I was different they would spread rumors to say that My cancer was contagious and they all wanted to stay away from me One day time I saw a flyer at his school and it said After-school program the free violin lessons because like mom I want to do it mom. I want to do it I was like, but no one our family plays an instrument what and Valley I Would just practice in my bedroom and the more I did it the better I got once he started that class. It was like He was just full of energy the happy I was like, oh my god. I got my son back When I play the violin it helps me forget about all the bad stuff. I Just didn’t want to be the kid let cancer The kid who plays the violin I Just want to commend you for taking something that’s probably been one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to go through and Turning it around and finding something that brings you joy Wow Wow Wow, by the way before I start how are you feeling now? I’m feeling really proud of myself If you don’t mind me asking Tyler, how is your health now? Well, I’ve been in remission for almost four years An extraordinary young man, we hear too many stories about people being bullied But I can tell you one thing. Most people are bullied because They’re better than the people who bully them. I Think you have such an amazing talent such a personality and I would like to say something on your behalf to the bullies They shake it yeah Very proud of myself and I feel very happy Tom was at the very bottom and look at him now what Americans I’m Michael Paul. I’m a bird trainer and I specialize in birds of prey The bird I brought today is a very special bird What makes it beautiful is also what makes it very dangerous the beak the claws the wingspan He is quite smart, and we have a particular bond that allows me to Go outside certain comfort zones to try different things out But the other side to that is I haven’t really had him in this kind of environment She smells the bird in there do you smell Willie in there? Working with birds of prey there are a lot of risks many injuries are possible and have happened when I take off the cloth on The cage how will the animal respond to the lights and the moving cameras and the crew? Even with training it is not hard to trigger a bird of prey If they’re feeling like they are in danger they might want to attack I have two goals tonight one is to make sure the audience of the judges are wowed. Hi and Two that the audience and judges are safe Welcome. Thank you. What’s your name? I’m Michael Paul. And where you from? I’m from, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania What do you do for a living I have had many jobs but through all of that I have always been an exotic bird trainer an exotic bird training. Yeah Wow Okay, wait, so what are you gonna do for us today? I brought one of the birds that I’ve been training for quite a few years and I hope you like it well Thank you I’m gonna ask everyone to just have a slightly quieter demeanor at first so we don’t spook the end This is uh, this is Willie Willie say hello say hello Say hello Wow, very good there very good. I’d like you to welcome Willie of course by saying hello Willie Good they’re a nice job, okay This animal seems very docile in captivity But in the wild he is known as a bird of prey but on an eye I’m Jewish You’re a little out of control remember there so that now folks when animals are in a new environment the biggest problem is obedience so what a lot of zookeepers and trainers and veterinarians use Is a little hypnosis and this is not a very heavy Transplant when I say Singh he will sing when I say sleep. He will sleep when I say crap Disturbia lobby is your few just ignore bird things. Hey, I am a master Impressionists, that’s what my species does You do jokes. I do intentions. I got it. I could do jokes. I’m sure you could could you do a nun passion? Yes, yes I could do an impression go ahead do it What do it Do an impression. Yeah, then you tell me who I’m doing. Okay. All right. Let me think Kim Kardashian You are tweeting without thinking Donald Trump She she animals it’s a props you catch you All right now listen I have an impression, okay, I am NOT a professional it’s line All right. Tell me who this is. Ready here. Who’s this? I Did not have sexual relations with that woman Elton John I’m gonna do one more and we’re done if you don’t get it fine. There’s like the most famous person of all okay Freddy Yeah, who said this? I’ll be back Jesus Christ Number one it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, and number two number two Simon we call completely love, right? I think there’s gonna be a parrot there and then that thing comes out I mean visually my son Erik would love it. So you kind of appeal to five-year-olds and made 35 year olds That was so much fun. I was laughing hysterically I actually loved it so much I Think you just changed your life tonight. You are so good and so funny at what you do So far this kind of act hasn’t really been my my jam But you made it my jelly. My jam my apple butter it was Let’s take it to vote Simon I’m gonna say yes That was My name is marina and I’m guessing you’re a dancer. Yes, I am a dancer and marina, how are you? I’m 21. Okay, why we decided to come on the show this year when I moved to LA I I wanted my dreams will come true and to be seen on this show and You those people who can realize it I Get it. And what’s the ultimate dream Marina? I want to perform I want To become an artist. Okay. Well the stage is yours I’m so excited. I love anything Gabrielle, what do you think? That was amazing? Howie the contortions were great, but graceful and scary and icky and Wonderful. You’re a true artist. Thank you I Love like you Stood out it was strong and powerful but graceful and elegant and you have made yourself known on America’s Got Talent If you deceive me Exorcist the directors car now The play is a very good friend of mine Issues in the Exorcist and and the director’s cut is like one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen that was crazier but fantastic Marino Okay, we have two votes oh Yes girl marina you have four yeses congratulate I’m cheering for you looking happy. Alright What is your name, my name is Carmen Carter and how old are you 55? Thank you and what do you do for a living I’m a full-time singer So mostly like background singing. Is that what you do for a living? Yes. I’m a background singer You hear my voice, but you never know my name. This is like that documentary about backup singers 20 feet from stardom So why Amin’s you had to brake so far? What? So when I first started in the music industry Someone wrote music for me and they had a company fly. Someone out to hear me sing He told the person that wrote the music for me. She’s wonderful, but she’s too fat so I kind of just went in the background after that Singing is Who I am is something I do but it is Who I am You feeling it how you feeling means getting a long time to learn but it was a struggle become a singer When the record exec told me that I was too fat to be a lead singer It really deflated me in that moment. My biggest dream was done and it killed my confidence But I still need it to work. So I asked a friend if she had any extra work for me singing background And from that moment Unfortunately, that’s where I’ve been on my life Over the years I stayed busy singing I had two beautiful children, and I’m so grateful that my singing could provide for my family But it’s always been that what if after years of my family hearing me talk about it. They’re like go for it They’ve been telling me to come on the show for years It doesn’t matter what size you are what color with shade where you’re from you still can go after your dream Here I am 55 years old. This is it. This is the last hoorah. I’m gonna show everybody what I can do and I’m excited You’re standing on that star and now we’re about to see stardom happen. All right, let’s go Don’t ask me But you know you knew Don’t try to change Thank you, what did you think of it Gabrielle Gifts and a blessing and you are a star. Nobody will ever put baby in a corner ever again I’m a big believer in artistry. It’s not just about hitting those notes It’s about connecting to the people that are out here and you know what? Nobody will be forgetting your name You know, I cannot believe that it’s taken you this long to come 20 feet beautiful Don’t change anything about yourself Simon There has never been a person who has ever bought a record they love based on how old or how big the Artist is you didn’t come out here as a victim You came out to prove a point and 4000 people gave you a standing ovation. I think you have an amazing voice amazed I’m gonna ask all my fellow judges to vote right now and let’s all vote together because I don’t think there’s a question one two three How are you I’m nervous. You’re nervous. I know it’s a big stage. What’s your name? Kevin Schwartz. Hi Kevin and were you from Kevin? Madison, Wisconsin, okay. How old are you? 49 and what do you do? I’m unemployed. I’m trying to be a comedian. Oh, really? And what made you decide comedy? There was a comedy club that was right right down the street and I was looking for an excuse to get out of my house. I Would say that so far Fear has sort of ruled my life Comedy has been a way of trying to take back control When I was little my parents noticed that I had severe anxiety My family moved around a lot Which I think me too everything worse because I was always the new kid and I was this dorky unathletic nerd One time my classmates spent a week not talking to me pretending I was invisible After college my anxiety got even worse and I stopped leaving my house altogether. I Was diagnosed with agoraphobia. I Was just terrified to leave my house Month after month and then year after year I just went on and on and on and there’s a day-to-day awareness that life is slipping by Many years later my psychiatrist gave me tasks like go outside Then it was stay outside for five minutes. Each step was painful But eventually I could walk around the block. I’ve always been interested in comedy. There was a comedy club three blocks away My psychiatrist made me go there and write jokes, and he said need to get you up on that stage It seemed impossible. I Went up. I was just so scared People said they could see how scared you were but you made it which meant the world to me I’ve gone to open mics and small things like that. But going on the America’s Got Talent Stage is a huge opportunity to reach out to the world It’s still with me this fear, but instead of just watching other people live. I want to live Alright, I don’t want to make you more nervous than you already are they good luck Let me tell you about the first time I blacked out And that’s all I remember I Don’t always cry myself to sleep I have insomnia Today I saw twin pandas That bears repeating I Used to have a problem with grammatical tenses, but Not yet Just Married makes it sound like they’re already disappointed Isaac Newton died a virgin That means I have one up on history’s greatest scientific genius Because I’m not dead I Went to the grocery store, the sign said no food or drinks inside So I went home What does that feel like believing Um, I I felt like it was a little bit of a rough start and then honestly You got me I can get very distracted. So the fact that they were these one-liner jokes were perfect and But I I loved it. I thought it was really really funny. Thank you very much. Good job Gabrielle, I think all of us have seen so much stand-up comedy and your act I mean you came out here and you killed You gotta know you’re a star Simon the first half I’m kind of thinking this isn’t going great and Then the second half was really funny I can see that you were really nervous, but you were so wonderful. I love you and welcome out of the house. Thank you We got a vote I’m gonna start by giving you your first yes Thank you, yes, we’ve got about four thousand yeses here How are you in the way Jim And you’re obviously the translator. Yes. Okay. Can I ask the guys names and ages, please? This is Edson. He’s 54 years old and this is Leon. He’s 84 years old Wow Yes But Julia and just said the movie up she’s so right Donna Jean to fill me up. Mm-hmm Doesn’t get it. Okay, and where are you from Brazil Rio? And Why have the guys decided to come on America’s Got Talent? They met each other 14 years ago, and they had a lifelong dream of performing so they decided to work to get an act together Okay. Well the stage guys is yours, okay Hey, I’m Seth word and 30 years old, I’m from Los Angeles California and I’m a performer I Auditioned last season of AGT, but it didn’t go as I’d hope what’s your name, please? America’s Got Talent was this huge opportunity. I felt like I am blown It’s it would this is the worst act we’ve had. It’s for knows goodbye. I Stopped performing all together and went back home. I needed to get to the place that I Connect with the most and that’s nature. That’s when I realized I did have something powerful to deliver I just did it wrong last time and so I am back with a new Talent that I want to share with people. This is gonna be one of those good days, I think This is my chance for redemption and isn’t that what life’s about? failing so miserably But coming back even stronger I’m excited to show that judges the new heights that I can reach a Caterpillar last year. Wait a second. That’s the same guy. Yes. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m set with the drafts Okay, so you were a caterpillar whatever that thing is last year and now you turned into You know what I’m not gonna ask you any questions cuz I tried that before so good luck. Oh Thank you so much Simon You know a lot of people know that your ass give birth standing up but not many people know that Sometimes when the trout falls 11 feet from their mother’s uterus that he lands on his head That’s me. The story’s dead draft. That’s what this is going anywhere Helping English You know what’s been a long day good luck You know a lot of sales been all the limelight Doing all sorts of cool tricks and stuff. You’re so skinny into my walruses can do the same stuff You want to see my first trick? On this Okay Are you okay? Are you alive? I’m gonna be totally honest with you at first I didn’t get it. Well, I’ve changed my mind Was ridiculous, but I happen to love you and I think America is going to love you I know this is nuts. But yes I wonder how we are those like fantastically stupid but I liked it and well done for having the guts to come back because this one Actually got me so I’m gonna say yes – yes, sir. You only need one more. Yes. Yes enough for me you need I Said no It’s been seven hours 13 days Since you took your love away I go out every night and sleep all day Since you took your love Come nothing compares to you Wow the flower set your pretty baby Oh Good evening. What’s your name? Retriever and I’m from Japan. Oh, wow, so you flew in to be on America’s Got Talent Okay, and what do you do for a living? And that’s how you make your living in Japan Can I ask one question Yeah, is this your stage name? Yuri on retriever is my stage name, how did you come up with that name I Have a bet Do you know retriever of course and golden retrievers? Yeah, I have a cat So, what does that have to do with retriever if you have a cat he’s name is retriever Whoo that we know would you compare yourself to I only respect three people in the world? my mom and my dad Julian I like your taste. It was a mistake Oh my gosh Oh What the bloody hell was that Julianne you gave her a buzzer when every move you just watched was inspired by a exactly responsible I did learn the choreography quite quickly, so I would have liked to seen a little bit more but a little bit less I Think it’s safe to say that we could all have done that Son Kenny and you guys have the same hair too You are so cute, it’s too late to suck up. Let’s be friends Gabrielle, please. I want to know what your double-sided tape is because it was hanging on girl Let’s go I’m gonna start I love you. Yes Gabrielle retriever I am sorry. It’s a no Ma’am ma’am you man? Okay. Yes me I tell you what. I am prepared to do. I am prepared to pay Julianne to give you dancing lessons But it’s an oaf announcer The garden buzzers not working unfortunately biggest chance for the other apps Now this is why I couldn’t do Terry’s job I Want to tell you I had that exact same hairdo in high school, yeah, I’m gonna tell you that right now Is that I Am a woman of my word. So open your legs like this. Okay. So now I’m trying to make a figure eight this way and This way now faster faster faster faster hand on the hip Happy to meet you, too. Thank you for just a moment. Thank you Stop right now now has a boyfriend


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  5. Simon is often a prick, but recently shows there might be something good in him as well. He's a walking talking paradox.

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