Simon Cowell’s Son Wouldn’t Get the ‘Golden Buzzer’ for Dancing

Simon Cowell’s Son Wouldn’t Get the ‘Golden Buzzer’ for Dancing

Hello, Simon. That made be emotional,
watching that. Well, it makes
everyone emotional. To see you cry is,
like, a rare thing. I don’t imagine you cry often. I think three times in my life. Is that true? No, it’s not true. No, but there was
something about that guy that night, where
it just hit me. Yeah, well, it was sweet. I mean, I think everybody– everyone knows that
you’re really a sweet guy, and you are just
brutally honest. So I think it was
great to see that. Yeah, and this guy we’re
talking about, Michael– his story is like– he’s
adopted all these kids. And he’s a nurse, and he
works with young kids. I mean, just when you think
you can’t get any nicer, he gets nicer. Yeah. And it just hit
me in that moment, what it would mean to him
to do what in the show. Yeah, and he’s doing well. He’s doing well. He’s still there. He’s in the final tonight. And he’s got a shot. Yeah. Do you think you know
who the winner is? Ellen, you know, this
year, honestly, I think there’s five
people who could win it. Yeah, you have a
lot of good people. We’ve got some
really good people. We’ve got this British girl,
Courtney, who is incredible– 13 years old. She’s like possessed by
Janis Joplin or something. Yes, yes. I mean, seriously. Michael. We’ve got this group
called Zurcaroh, which is about 100 kids who all
do some somersaults in the air. I mean, it is, thank
God, full of talent. Yeah, just when you think
that you can’t– every year, there are people that
are just crazy talented. Well, we’re stealing
each other’s talent at the moment, you and I. Yes, we are. Yeah. I mean, it’s like who gets
there first, you or me? We’re trying. Trust me, I know. There was someone that we
actually wanted and somehow didn’t get and got to you. And I’m furious about it. How about we just do a
deal and we share them? We should. Let’s do that. OK, done. All right. Bye. Done. All right. So you know you haven’t
been here in five years. On the way down in the
car, I said to Lauren, I’m trying to remember the last
time I came on the Ellen Show. And I said, I think
it was two years ago. And then I found out
it was five years ago. Yeah. Yeah, so thanks for the invite. Your son was not born yet. We gave him a little car. You gave him a car. Yeah. We gave him a toy
Bugatti, which– does he drive it now? Yes. He’s a little bit
too big for it. But I just can’t believe
how quickly time goes. Yeah. He is precious. I mean, that is an adorable kid. Yeah. You know what? He’s sweet. I remember teaching
him how to share when he was one and
a half, because he had a bottle of milk. I said, let me have
some of your milk. And he was like, what? And I went, trust me,
sharing gets you more. And I taught him
please and thank you. And look, he’s
naughty like I was. So sometimes when I
talk to him, I say, Eric, whatever you’ve
done, I did 20 times worse. I get it. And that’s how we communicate. But he’s a sweetheart. Yeah. And he’s got good style too. Does he dress himself? Yeah, we have arguments about
who’s the most handsome. He thinks it’s him. I said it’s me. But literally, we’ve
got to the point now where I’m ordering pajamas. He now has to wear the
same pajamas as me. That’s adorable. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he really
has changed you. You know that, right? 100%. And how it’s changed me
is that you look at life, hopefully, through his eyes. So whereas before, I would
watch the news or just something miserable– you kind of shy away
from that because you want to see everything
through his eyes. So you want to be happy. So I watch The Flintstones
in the morning. I watch funny movies, like
Flubber, in the evening. And apart from just
him being here, it’s given me a
different outlook. And he’s very good when I watch
the shows back– you know, who he likes– he’s got good taste. Really? Yeah. Well, yeah. That would be a great
show for him to watch. Now, does he have
any talent yet? Have you seen anything? Well, he won’t mind
me saying this, but his dancing is terrible. I mean, I actually
said to him, Eric, you are the worst dancer in
the world, which encourages him to do these weird dances. In fact, last weekend, we
had some friends around, and him and his three friends
put on some performance as if they were doing AGT. And I said, that’s not going to
get you the Golden Buzzer yet. I would rather he was my side
of the desk than the other side of the desk. So maybe he’ll do that, then. Maybe he’ll become, like,
a producer or something. I’d love him to. Yeah. All right, because
we can’t sign him. We both just agree
we both can’t. Right. So I’m going to
trust you on that. But I would still
like to see him dance, just in case you may be wrong. Because you’re very strict. That’s a deal, actually. Yeah, let’s do that.


  1. How do you say for everyone out there that for you that I am I have to change my shirt because the inside as if I am my mother might say something so itโ€™s better

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  3. I do like Simon nicer.. cause I remember he was on American idol and he was so mean.. but now on this show he is a lot nicer which I love

  4. Simon Cowell is honest he can not lie he tell it like it is some people don't understand that about him they can not handle the truth

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  9. His son: sings really good
    Simon:*comes in with a golden buzzer* presses it* confetti goes everywhere* Simon: JANITOR

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