Simple and Beautiful EARRINGS. How to Make Wedding Pearl Jewelry. DIY Craft Idea

Simple and Beautiful EARRINGS. How to Make Wedding Pearl Jewelry. DIY Craft Idea

Hi to everyone again! Today I want continue the wedding jewelry theme and in this video I am going to learn how to create pearl long earrings from a small amount of materials This tutorial is suitable for beginners and for experienced masters as well. Please support my channel, subscribe, put thumbs up and share this video! I want to ask you to visit my online store. You can order hair vines, hair combs and other accessories from all my video tutorials. You will see the link on the screen and in the description. We will send your order to any country via express or regular mail service. If you will order accessories in my online store, you will support my channel and help me to make new videos. Don’t miss our regular discounts and purchase handmade jewellery today! Well, let’s begin! Enjoy watching! All materials are listed in the past tutorial. The link is in the description and on the screen This jewelry set is available to order in our online store! Watch hair accessory tutorial on our channel and write your comments! I also invite you to see other tutorials about earrings on my channel! All links will be in the description. I hope that everything I have showed in this video was clear for you. If you have any questions, write to me in the comments If you like this tutorial share it in social networks and click on the bell below to get the updates in time! I wish you creative inspiration and beautiful works! Thanks for watching this video! See you next time on Gilda Workshop Bye! :):)


  1. شكرا لك انها في غاية الجمال وانا ممتنة لك على لأنك تترجمينها إلى العربية وانا افهم كل كلامك الف لايك

  2. Релаксирую от просмотра Ваших видео, особенно перед сном;) Серьги замечательные! 🙂

  3. Огромное спасибо за МК!!!
    Волшебные серьги! КЛАСС!
    У Вас золотые руки! )))

  4. Complimenti sei bravissima. Mi puoi dire la tecnica che usi come si chiama .e dove posso acquistare il materiale per imparare grazie

  5. Hi, how long does it take you to make a pair of them? Blessings, I learned with your tutorials, 🙏🏼✌🏼🤗🌷🍃

  6. What supplies do you use, what are the beads in the measurements, exactly what kind of wire is that? It would be great if you listed what the supplies are that you are using in your information under your video.

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