Simple wire wrap copper and blue earrings – orecchini blu

Simple wire wrap copper and blue earrings – orecchini blu

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! in today’s video we’re going to make… these earrings they are very simple all you need are: a 0.7 mm pearl of the color you prefer 1 mm diameter copper wire a hook for earrings matching the chosen wire of course you also need the usual pliers like the round-tipped one pliers with flat tips and the ever – present wire cutter well! if you are curious to find out how these super simple earrings are made, keep on watching! Let’s start! Take 20 cm of 1 mm thick thread and insert the 0.7 mm diameter pearl 2.5 cm away from the beginning of the wire consider the shorter wire as a fixed pivot and let us turn around it the longer wire let’s do half a turn of the hub let’s go around the whole pearl to get back to the hub above now let’s take another half-turn around the pivot let’s continue the circle around the pearl to reach the pivot again during work, the thread can move, adjust it with pliers repeat the same procedure twice turn the remaining thread twice around the hub cut the excess thread. WARNING! Do not cut the pivot! tighten the thread with the pliers so that it doesn’t sting at this point you should have something like that with the round-tipped pliers, make the round hook cut the excess wire fix the final form with pliers at the end we attach the earring hooks here is the finished result! if you like my video and my blue thumbs, put a thumbs up and if you want, subscribe to my channel! Bye! See you in the next video!


  1. Molto carini questi orecchini…sicuramente proverò a farli,e quando li farò vedere in un mio video ti citerò! Bravissima come sempre…like per te 👍👍👍

  2. Giulia! You have English subtitles! Fantastico! I love these earrings – I will try to make them – I still love the ring I made from one of your tutorials. Couple of years ago now. Please let the subtitles stay won't you?
    You are a brilliant teacher X

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