Simple wire wrap ring tutorial fast and easy copper ring 2019

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel! in today’s video tutorial we’re going to create this ring this ring is simply made of copper wire seems complex, but as I always tell you, it is not if you are curious about how to do it, keep on watching all you need for this video tutorial are: 0.9 mm copper wire 1 mm copper wire 0.3 mm copper wire and the usual flat-nose pliers, the clipper pliers and if you want also pliers with round tips take 3 wires: two of 0,8 / 0,9 and one of 1mm of diameter, all 20 cm long put the thinner wires aside, now we work with the 1mm one take the thinnest thread of all (0.3) and begin to roll it around the thick thread (1mm) you will need to cover the entire 20 cm thread I don’t know the exact lenght of the thread that I used to cover, but if it is missing a little, don’t worry, I’ll show you later how to add it take the two wires we have put aside and put them one on the right and one on the left of the wire that we have just covered as always, take something cylindrical about the circumference of your finger and start turning the three wires around together see if the ring is the right size, or change it until it fit right choose which is the center of the ring and consider it as a pin around which all the wires must turn clockwise always keeping the wires parallel to each other, make them turn clockwise take a complete turn this is the result you need to get in my case the spiral around the thick wire is not enough to add a new thread, remove the part that is left over from the one already present begin to cover with the new thread. Keep a longer initial part so as to be able to hold it in place and prevent the rotation of the new coil cut the thread that was extra at the beginning take each strand of the spiral and turn it around the main base ring once do the same on the other side here I need to remove a bit of wire coverage coil, because it’s too much cut the threads with 3 or 4 mm of excess. The excess is needed to be able to turn the thread under the ring and make it invisible And that’s the final result! If you love this video please like and subscribe to my channel! Bye, see you soon in the next video!

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