Singing Sensation Celine Tam Gets GOLDEN BUZZER On World’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

Singing Sensation Celine Tam Gets GOLDEN BUZZER On World’s Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

Hello. Hello everyone, my name is Celine Tam. I’m 11. I’m come from Hong Kong. Hello, do you know me? Hello Na Na sister! How are you? I really miss you! Long time no see. I also miss you. I think it’s been around 3 years that I met her. At the ‘Magical Child’. At that time she was smaller, about 8 years old. Now she grow into a small little big girl. What kind of show are you showing us today? The kind of show I going to show today is the song I originally made called ‘Who I Am’. Wow! The song she composed by herself, David! Wow! I can’t wait to hear you sing, so please, this world got talent stage is yours. Right now. Thank you. Good luck. You said well. She’s big now, she was small. I was under the impression she likes to smile. She also sing right? Yes. One two three. She was 9 years old and went to America to participate. It’s the America’s American Got Talent. I’m Celine Tam. I started singing in the age of 3. When I sing, I can meet the other side of me. In the past I would sing other singers song but this time I would like to sing my own song. This song is called ‘Who I Am’. When the first time I let my mum listen. She was shocked. Asked me why I’ve written this song? In that time when I saw her lyrics. My heart feels some sort of pain, really. I know that I haven’t grown up yet and there’s a whole world waiting for me. I’m done with all the drama. All the secrets you said to me were blown away. I’m done with the friendship. There’s a world waiting up for me. Things has been going wrong. Don’t know it was meant to. I ask myself who are you? This is not meant to be. Who I am. ×7 This is not meant to be, Who I am. Make me imagine when, Stars are shining bright. Listening to the birds tweet tweet. But this is not meant to be. Who I am. ×7 This is not meant to be, Who I am. Who I am. x7 This is not meant to be, Who I am… Thank you. Bravo! Let’s welcome, Wang Zulan. Whoa. Whoa! Whoa, David. Whoa! David. x2 This little girl, you have such a bright future ahead of you, And you sing, perfectly, in tune. I love that. Thank you. Because we haven’t met 3 years. 3 years ago, when I’m in the ‘Magical child’. Mmm… I still haven’t have a child. Now when I meet her I’m already a mother. I expect her to sing again, But I worried she don’t have the voice before. After she sings, Your notes is more powerful and better than before. I think, after I saw her perform, this is the best performance I’ve seen. Thank you Na Na sister! Celine, when you participate at American Got Talent. I’ve already seen you. In that time, I feel so proud of you ‘Cause both of us come from Hong Kong And we have similar story. I really do think you are great, But this song you’ve written, Very complex. Why is it call, ‘Who Am I’? This is because I realised so many people don’t understand other people. So I written this song to tell them, Who I am? I’m me. Just be yourself. No matter what other say, just be yourself and live with full of happiness is all that matter. Do you understand, how good you are? I don’t wanna judge myself, that I’m really proud of myself But I’m going to judge you, okay? You are, amazing. I have not seen anything like this. Since, I saw, Celine Dion sing when she was 18 years old. Thank you! You know what? I love the name Celine, And I’ve heard about all about you Is it true, you have a sister, with a particular name? Yea, Uhm, I do have a sister name Dion, so- Celine. Dion. Yea. And, do you love Celine Dion? Yea, I really do love Celine Dion. But did you meet her? Uhm, well, face to face not really but like I’ve heard her sing live. This uncle can. I am going to make it my mission. For you and Celine Dion to meet. Omg… You want both of them to meet? That is my job. Because she deserve, I’m telling you, You are going to make it around the world. That a promise. For me to you. For me, when you hit that high note it was just like, it amaze me and admire me so much. For the first time that I saw, A very young Celine Dion sing. How much, magic, she was to me, and you Are the kind of same magic. Thank you so much! Celine blew me away You not only show me your song talent And I really appreciate your Song’s lyric, Your mature attitude. When I was 16, I started Took film. Then at the age of 20. I have been doing things that have nothing to do with the movie for 2 years. I feel that I have nothing to do with the movie as an actor. After the transfer, the last emperor suddenly won 9 Oscars award. Then some film producers invited me to take films then l get the movie contract again At that time, I realised, oh, I know who I am. I’m an actress again. So this kind of thing, lost, confused, then find yourself back process. I believe Celine, among your life, It will happens in your lifetime many times, but life is like this. It’s a journey to find, who I am. And. The whole world Is in front of you. And, god Bless you. In your song you sing, Who are you, who are you. Now I want to tell you who you are. You are a fairy shine on stage. You belong to the stage! You really are a fairy. I’m very excited, I want to… Press this golden buzzer! Really. You got your 2nd time, golden buzzer. Got the first golden buzzer, in the United State. Then here, got the another one. Congratulation, Celine Tam! Congrats Celine Tam, to pass through the ultimate peak. We look forward to you next performance in this show, in July 12th World’s Got Talent Finale. David, this is Dion. That’s Dion! Say hi to David. Please Junmei sister, Tan Yuyu. Send straight to the channel. This subtitles took me hours as I tried to translate by myself and make sense of it. I’m giving myself a pat in the back. So I guess I should try to say subscribe this channel for more content? I’m Sylveon Paw, and check out mine as well. Yea, bye.


  1. I got goosebumps. I took noticed of her since agt and i always admired her strong and beautiful vocal. And now she grown up to a beautiful girl with more powerful and amazing voice. God bless u celine. Bright future ahead for you dear🌹

  2. I got goose bump when Celine sang, wow she is a great singer at age, wished that there is eng sub what the ladies judges comment about her singing.

  3. こんな素敵な曲を作れるなんて素晴らしいな。歌も格段に上手くなっているし。考え方が何より素晴らしくて、どう育てたらこんな風に育つのだろう…。

  4. アジアスターに貴方は妖精ねなんて言わせるこの子は天性の歌姫かもしれない

  5. 感動して涙が出ました。

  6. She has great talent. I fear she can't bear it. I hope she will be happy with her talent and that everyone will love her for herself, not just her voice. The title of the song is suitable
    احيانا لانستطيع مجارات مواهبنا

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  10. 「who I am」ん所鳥肌すげえ

  11. Селин спасибо большое и удача в дальнейшем вступлени, только в период.

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