Slime Rancher Beginner Tips

Slime Rancher Beginner Tips

If you’ve just started playing Slime Rancher,
and you’d like to know more about the game other than what you’ve learned in the tutorial,
then this video is for you. Newbucks is the currency in Slime Rancher. You can see how many Newbucks you have in
the bottom left corner of the screen along with your health and energy. Pink slimes will eat any type of food, however,
the diets of slimes can vary. To find out more about a slime, check the
Slimepedia. To do so, press the escape key and select
“Slimepedia” from the menu. Slimepedia will update with information on
the new discoveries you make throughout the game. In the Slimepedia, you can check the different
tabs on your discoveries including a tab about various slimes you’ve discovered. Information about a slime as well as its favorite
food will be displayed here. Feeding a slime its favorite food will cause
that slime to produce double the amount of plorts it would normally produce when fed. You can tell when a slime is hungry based
on its facial expressions and behavior. When slimes get hungry they tend to grow restless
and jump around their corral trying to escape. The slime on the right here is full and happy
while the ones on the left are very hungry. Even if you keep your slimes full and happy,
it can still be beneficial to upgrade your corrals with the high walls upgrade or maybe
even an airnet which can help with keeping your slimes in their corral as well as keeping
things away from your slimes. You can use your house to check mail and to
sleep which advances the in-game time. While it’s not necessary to sleep, doing so
will bring your in-game time to 6am and also reset your crate drops. Crates can be found around the map and when
broken, drop things such as food, slimes, and money. Make sure to upgrade your corrals and buildings,
but also make sure to purchase upgrades for yourself. You can upgrade things like your health, energy,
and unit carry limit. It can also be useful to purchase the Water
Tank and Jetpack upgrades. Feeding a slime a plort different from its
own kind will cause it to turn into a Largo Slime These slimes will produce double the plorts
they would normally produce. For example, the Rock Slime I fed a Pink Plort
to will now produce one Rock Plort and one Pink Plort whenever fed. Feeding this Largo Slime its favorite food
will now cause it to produce two Rock Plorts and two Pink Plorts. There are many different possibilities for
slime combinations to try out. Before selling your plorts, it can be helpful
to check what price each plort is selling for at the time. Feed Gordo Slimes to be rewarded. Some will drop keys to be used on gates throughout
the map which can open up new areas and unlock shortcuts. Make sure to check the range exchange for
item trades. Rather than just building corrals, it can
be useful to create other buildings such as the coop or the garden. You can save up your Newbucks in order to
purchase additions to the ranch. Watch out for The Tarr. The Tarr is created when a Largo Slime eats
a plort different from its two other types. These slimes don’t produce plorts and are
only destructive. They attack anything in their way but can
easily be defeated by water or by being incinerated. If you have the Water Tank Upgrade, you can
shoot collected water at The Tarr to kill it. Another easy way to destroy The Tarr is to
pick it up and throw it into the water. Tarr Slimes rapidly spread and can quickly
ruin a good farm. For this reason, it can be really important
to keep your slimes in seperate corrals. Lastly, if you see a Gold Slime, don’t try
to catch it because Gold Slimes are unable to be caught and will always get away. In order to receive a Gold Plort, you need
to quickly shoot items at the slime before it disappears. Gold Plorts can be sold for a high price. Hope these tips helped you gain a better understanding
of Slime Rancher.


  1. Thank you so much for making this!! I've been playing for a few hours now but I still learned a lot of useful stuff 🙂

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