Slime Rancher. REAL GOLDEN POOL!

Slime Rancher. REAL GOLDEN POOL!

hey hey hey hello for everybody guys my name is jim ascii and today we will play in a wonderful game slam ranger guys in Russia people know me as the one of the most creative and the most experienced player in slam Ranger so today I decided to make a video in English so I will make some and I will make some mistakes in spelling pronunciation excuse me please it’s just my rashness and soul sorry sorry today we will make something real a real good stuff guys we need to make a really beautiful I suppose a really beautiful fool and I mean it would be gold – guys let’s go to my saves I wanted to take some stuff from this ok we need we need a few items guys first it’s for sure it’s gold Eva’s for a pet oh we need a lot of them I think 28 first for the start is ok then we need our gold ornaments the format’s yes and new parts ornaments – I don’t have a lot of them but I suppose it would be enough then if I have something gold I will take it – but okay do we have something here or for now I oh yeah okay quantico pumpkin ornament is pretty good but it’s not or what I want right now maybe even more why I don’t want to take these guys I don’t want let’s make Gordon poo not 20 cool but Gordon I have a lot of ideas for this so we will pick what we have right now okay what to our farm and then we need to find a place for our pool let’s try to do this okay I suppose that in laboratory with laboratories pretty good place for golden pool but I have even better place let’s go to the audience farm I suppose and there would be AB the best and the best place for our last night okay okay my golden portal guys it’s it’s a face just a face okay let’s go I wanna see a golden pool in my game please okay so what I would do we have here let’s let’s try it I don’t know what we will have at the end but I want to do this for sure we should have okay let’s start a full day start I wanna place my golden echoes all along there something like this we will make it as beautiful as it possible guys I don’t know what we would have at the end but I wanna try the best solution for my idea is to have a lot of echoes because our 11 we have 11 echoes for now it’s not enough we will go to my echo farm and try to find more maybe hey guys if I we golden ornaments and in you box ornaments – by the way I have deluxe edition of the slime arranger guys and I have unpacking video of my deluxe edition so if you didn’t see this you should see it’s really interesting okay go let’s go – there are ruins and there we will find my bag confirm it’s here sorry for my accent I know that I’m not the best English speaker but I just want to try to let my foreign stuff that they can’t understand in Russia in Russian and the image which would be much more interesting okay let’s have some stamina please and let’s go here guys what this is a what I was talking about let’s have all this echoes and do we should travel all around the ruins and try to find it more because it’s enough I wanna see more [Music] maybe we’ll have gold echoes here I see some no still we have a mind blue it was eleven green was green and a red echoes and just walk haha I forgot about these guys we have hello Vegas beer I was making s to worry about golden ginger but didn’t remember that they care for some people too negative yeah just perfect guys we have we can use this by the way what is this just what see soleus okay okay we will use it to battle item for now I wanna have as much as many yeah perfect guys just perfect seventy-three golden AGA’s I really didn’t remove about this it’s so cool to care for such a little places where yeah a little bit more but no goldeneye I want I want you to see this that Oh golden eggs in ruins each are just a rare feel then I will travel here and I should open this gate because it’s so uncomfortable to go but I suppose it’s from the another side yes yes by this maybe this one okay okay one minute we need to travel here [Music] Green that girl right now but maybe later maybe someday we will make a green life don’t think so golden who is much more it oh by the way in the comments bodies just don’t like when tarts makes up to get back to my if slimes no no no no no no I can’t allow this okay let’s go to the teleport I mean we can’t go up okay we can’t go here it’s the perfect solution em cuz the perfect thing is that I have no need to go all around here to go to the teleport its and in my app farm we have some more efforts let’s go here um watch what I wanted to say guys in the comments you can say is my English really really really bad or it’s just fine and they can do it better no by the way you can still push like button and link Belle Belle Reve go something like this I will try to make a little more in video see you ladies okay 7:33 a golden egg as it’s just perfect I like this just a let’s try to make it I’m not sure why might go here please a little box or tip just let’s try to do it as much beautiful as I can for now we want golden echoes on these things I don’t know how to call this one I like a music in the audience farm it’s so calm just just want to stay here in fact but I need to go to them back in my farm drop my coordinates just not in my farm in safe farm here please I won’t just drop a blue green and red echoes because I don’t need to tell these ones where do I have this something like oh just drop it here I have a lot of green echoes and I need gold no no otherwise I wanna make the best golden who ever by the way on my channel I have a lot of videos where we make different rules let’s try again so what do we have we have a 60 Golden Arrows guys let’s try to just make it as much beautiful as I okay than this one just continue doing what they started while I do what I do guys let’s talk about future of my English videos I know that I have a more than 100 thousands people who talk Russian and before of course of course I will make some titles but I wanna English people but you can have your own opinion and tell me your opinion well I wanna see it from oh wow it looks really great in my way I think you should all write in the comments what do you think about this in the at night it’s really a much more beautiful than in the day guys because it’s such a such a bright place with such a lot of group elements I like okay let’s just try to make it a less here and more there I need a lot of a little more please just a few of them okay I like it then we need to use my golden ornaments for sure it’s the worst part because we need to do it really really really carefully because in the another way we will just mesh okay I like then golden ornaments are just gold and you box ornaments I already talked about them we have a lot of ornaments how would we fold this stuff by the way I think that we have not enough Echo’s let’s try I have an idea I have an idea okay golden ornaments let’s start from them we will make a little more interesting video that I was maybe it would be it wouldn’t be enough maybe yes we don’t have enough why but we can use them box ornaments but I wanna symmetry in my in my one two three four five six something like this 1 2 3 4 I don’t know we just we don’t okay let’s just use our new box ornaments because I don’t have enough golden ornaments and I can’t find it right now and just can’t fight it let’s one of them will and here we will use that when you box ornaments it’s okay they’re pretty similar to each other so and looks pretty good it’s not what I wanted okay let’s try again I think already it’s pretty good you guys are really good because it looks like a tree I suppose but it’s not already I wanna make it a little bit better if you don’t know in slammer nature there are a lot of moods and I have I have abused this by the way but right now I wanna show you just one mode we will use this one and we will use let’s go here and we will use these comments [Music] I remember it correctly my eyes guys every sees okay it’s not ready for now we need to do it better one second I think now it would work just let stripe spam go slime I think that welcome rate is pretty good but what hundred and fifty would be even better let’s type and this is my girl before guys yeah I like it really like it’s okay that there are a lot of golden flames but these golden poo is I just found out this just a look at this don’t look at my FPS right now beautiful as this one okay a phone up and 24 so forth so much oh please guys I just my legs come in well if you like this video guys just push like button don’t forget about bail button and subscribe brother of course it was Chan ask and if you like my video for now it’s all see you soon bye


  1. Поменяй в настройках язык игры, если ты и дальше будешь делать видео на английском.

  2. Как же вы не поймёте, Чинаски сделал это видео чтобы привлечь английскую аудиторию.

  3. Кто то: Че он сказал?
    Я: Учи англ
    Кто то: не могу 🙁
    Я: ну тогда включи субтитры

  4. Чинаски снимай побольше таких видео на английском языке и с русскими субтитрами я так очень хорошо запоминаю и учу английский )

  5. Ребята, ролик экспериментальный, это не значит, что все будет на аннлийском:) если что просто включите субтитры

  6. Господи. Класс!!!!!😃 Только нельзя сказать "Something really good stuff", можно или "Some really good stuff" или "Something really good". И еще 5:12 не eleven, a twelve. But, if I don't count this and the accent, this is just brilliant 😉 And I suppose you could make English videos to improve your English (да, знаю, тавтология, но не могу ничего поделать 😁)

  7. понимаеш я смотрю все твои ролики.
    Но мне ненравится такое
    но я буду тебя смотреть даже на арабскам и китайскам

  8. Когда ты говоришь отдельные слова, которые в целом у нас тоже упортебляются, типо "ооо" "окей" и прочее, на секунду кажется, что они сказаны на русском.

  9. Кстати, когда ты говоришь слова тихо, их сиановится трудно разобрать. Я понимаю, что это видео для англ, аудитории, но русской части тоже интересно было бы посмотреть. И для русскоговорящих это ОЧЕНЬ непонятно.

  10. Чинаски ты маладец ну я еле успеваю читать а плохо знаю англиский

  11. Почему столько людей в комментариях пишут, что не понимают, что говорит Чинаски. Он использует простые формулировки и можно даже интуитивно все понять. Это насколько надо не знать английский

  12. Пожалуйста пожалуйста неделай большие видео на английском

  13. Видос на английском, но комментарии на английском от зарубежного камьюнити я так и не увидел😂

  14. Надеюсь ты переведёш and вылыжиш на ютуб.👌😀😀☺😃

  15. Сделяль бы и игру на English знаю неееееееее дебиииииииит неправи

  16. Можно делать и русские и английские видео одновременно так к примеру делает Jonh Brain, но не всегда(не реклама канала)

  17. You're doing great! Yes spelling not perfect but still you know English very well.

    (Наконец-то могу потренировать английский)

  18. In the beginning a thought you were joking but no . this is a cool video.
    Please like me.
    если перевёл значит понял что делать

  19. Я в написанном тексте мало что понимаю, а ты так круто на инглише говоришь!

  20. а ты ведь можешь сделать второй канал на англиском и перезоливать видео на англиском

  21. Я не хочу читать. И пожалуста снемай русские ролики плис .не снемай на англиискомпжпрошу

  22. лучебе руский аглиские могут вкльучить суптитры

  23. Мне кажется тем кто говорит по русски можно учить английский

  24. Как круто я правда не очень с английским но субтитры помогают рили😉😉😉 снимай больше сламиков и английский КЛАСС😍😍😍

  25. Я говорю на английском и на русском и ещё твой не такой уж и плохой!

  26. Всё понятно без субтитров, но кое где произношение не очень. В общем супер!! Сделай, пожалуйста, ещё видео на английском

  27. Hi Chinaski! This video is really cool, I think it was very good idea, because you could have more subscribers but, as i can see your subs don't like this video, good luck! (to tell the truth i'm from Ukraine, i'm 11 years old and I think my English is very bad xD)
    Edit: Reply me in English pls <3
    2nd Edit: i didn't use google translate, google translates very bad

  28. У тебя настолько русское произношение, что я все поняла почти не зная языка) это мило)

  29. Май инглиш из вери гуд. …. Лондон із зе кепитал оф зе грейт британ

  30. А мне понравилось! Только ты мешаешь британский английский и американский английский!

  31. Чинаски больше некоких видео на англиском инач я никогда небуду смотреть твои видио.

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