Smart Golden Retriever At Your Service | Kritter Klub

Delivery dog, Ttokssuni I can’t go because I’m busy So you have to deliver to aunt’s chicken store Got it House —>Aunt’s store Ttokssuni you’re here? Good job bringing it Good job Amazing dog! Going back to give her money Owner: She’s reliable Owner: I feel like she’s my daughter Does she know all the stores? Ttokssuni, go to the dress alteration shop It’s right here! Ttokssuni, go to the shoe store Such a smart dog Deliver this to the thread store Florist —>Thread store Thank you! Taking the money Goes to the flower shop to give back the change Gets delivery fee Good job ! Go get yourself some milk Yay! I’m going for some snacks now! She always comes here when people give her money Why aren’t you leaving? She didn’t give her change back She is really a smart dog! Did you get the milk? Delicious This is why I run errands

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