Sodastream Crystal Titan Silver Review: Is it worth the money?

Sodastream Crystal Titan Silver Review: Is it worth the money?

Today I want to show you my new Sodastream
Crystal Titan Silver with two glass carafes. I bought the Sodastream for the same reason
most people will buy it: I don’t want to carry huge boxes of water into the 5th floor
anymore. I am very critical about the taste of sparkling water, therefore I was very excited
to test out my new Sodastream. The Sodastream Crystal Titan Silver comes
with an CO2 cartridge so that you can directly start to produce your own sparkling water.
In my Sodastream package I had one additional glass carafe, so I am now fortunate to have
two of them. Let’s have a look what comes with the Sodastream. This is the manual. These are the two caps for the carafes. And here you will find the CO2 cartridge.
You can produce 60 liter of sparkling water with it – that’s at least what they say. And then there is
the Sodastram Crystal Titan Silver itself. It is very well packed, so it won’t get
any scratches. Additionally you will find the glass carafe and there is another glass
carafe inside the Sodastream. Voilà! The Sodastream comes with a big warning, how
you should or shouldn’t use it. You are just allowed to use it with water, you have
to push short and strong several times and you should wait for 2 seconds before you open
it. The old Sodastreams I remember from my childhood
were all very ugly and functional. However the Sodastream Crystal Titan Silver has a
great design. The silver color gives it a very elegant touch and makes the Sodastream
look like it is made out of brushed aluminium. With it’s puristic design it will fit in
every kitchen. For my liking the glass carafe looks a little
bit too much like your grand-mom has designed it. With its curved design it does not fit
to the puristic design of the Sodastream. But this is just a minor flaw when you compare
it to the whole design. To make your first own sparkling water, you
have to put the CO2 cartridge into the Sodastream. First you have to peel of the plastic seal
and then turn off the cap. Open the back of the Sodastream by pressing down the black
latch. Now tilt the Sodastream so that you can insert the CO2 cartridge. Turn the cartridge
until it is locked. Then close the Sodastream again. Now the Sodastream is ready for its
first use. Fill one of the carafes with water until the
mark you can see at the bottle. Open the Sodastream, put the carafe into it, close and lock the
Sodastream and press the button at the top short and strong several times until you hear
this sound. Now wait for at least two seconds and then
open the Sodastream. Take the bottle out of the Sodastream and et voilà: A bottle of
pure sparkling water. I was very happy with the result. The sparkling
water had a great taste and giving me the possibility to influence the amount of CO2
in the water is a great asset: I do not like to have too much CO2 in my water and I can
easily regulate it by pressing the button not too often. My résumé for the Sodastream Crystal Titan
Silver: It really makes my life easier by producing sparkling water at the touch of
a button. The water tastes great and the amount of CO2 can be adapted to your personal taste.
The Sodastream is easy and fun to use and The design of the Sodastream itself is very
puristic and will fit into most of the kitchens. The only minor flaw is the design of the glass
carafe, which looks a little bit old-fashioned. If you like the video, please give it a thumbs
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  1. great video and very informative .. try working on your pronunciation of Karaffe or Carafe next time ..

    danke trotzdem


  2. I like the design of the bottle. The bottle design is watch attracted me to this peculiar system, also that is glass.

  3. Anyone have problems opening this kind of sodastream after adding the CO2 to the water? I find it gets stuck and i have to fiddle with the latch until eventually i hear a “ssss” and a bit of gas is released – and then in can unlock and open the chamber to get the bottle out

  4. Nice video. Bought this Sodastream model second-hand and this video had everything I needed to get started while being pleasant to watch and easy to understand. Don't like the form of the bottles, but maybe it's more about the function and the ridges help prevent the glass from slipping when wet.

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