SOLD OUT | CRKT Copper Squid by Lucas Burnley

SOLD OUT | CRKT Copper Squid by Lucas Burnley

What’s up guys. Lucas Burnley here.
I’m up in Tualatin hanging out with CRKT. We’ve been talking projects, plans, scheming, all of this stuff that makes these collabs so much fun. And we got a little something
to show you, so come on back. Alright guys, we’re here. This is something that we’ve been working
on for a little while now. We’re super appreciative for all of the support
that you guys have been showing the Squid over the last few years and we wanted to do
something special to say thank you. So, limited edition Squid. Black stonewash, 12C27 blade,
and a copper scale. The next part of this is that inside the limited run, we’re going to do ten Copper Burnley Tickets. If you get one of the Squids with the ticket,
you’re going to send it in, redeem it with CRKT, and your going to end up getting a very
cool Mystery Box with a bunch of gear from CRKT and the Burnley Brand. Hope you guys dig it. Thanks for all the support.
See you around. For the official rules and details, you can
go to You can also find us on Instagram
@crkt_knives and @burnleyknives. See you guys around.


  1. Waste of money on overpriced toys, last I checked owning a knife has nothing to do with style, it has everything to do with utilitarianism and functionality. Purpose of use, not flashy useless toys. Snap out of it people. I was once like that, now I have about a handful of knives that have actual purpose and are backups, if loose or break one.

  2. I love that CRKT doesn't simply make great knives, but they are always pushing the envelope by doing cool collaborations and special limited edition items like this! I'm a big fan.

  3. Is the copper coated or finished in anyway, because otherwise it's just going to leave that nasty smell on your hands , isn't it?

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