Soldering Copper Pipe (Quick Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

Soldering Copper Pipe (Quick Tips) — by Home Repair Tutor

So which kind of gas should you be using to
solder your copper pipes? Now I’m going to answer that question in
a second. But if you know me and you’ve watched my
other videos, you know that I love PEX. I’m a huge believer in PEX, and you can
watch that video right here where I show you some of the quick tips on how to use PEX in
your home. But for today, which gas should you use? It’s Map gas, and I’m going to show you
why here in a second. Don’t get me wrong. Propane will definitely work. I almost thought I was dreaming this up, but
it’s called Fat Boy, and it is big. The problem with that though is if you don’t
have big hands, this is cumbersome to hold, especially when you have a flame coming out
of it. So this is good, but Map gas is better. I also like the fact that you can get an automatic
starter for Map gas. You can find these at your local home store. Just turn it on and off. So this is on, you just press it, and it turns
on. I know it’s hard to see because it’s bright
outside today. But trust me, this is on, and this is off. So just some general principles before I show
you the Map gas. When you cut copper pipe, you need to debur
the inside. This is a Ridgid No. 15 tool. This is the deburr on it; just a triangular
shape. You need to debur the inside here and remove
all this. Now you also need to clean out this burr and
also the first one inch of the pipe. So you can use one of these pipe cleaning
tools, or you can use emery cloth like this. Either one will work fine. You should also clean out the inside of the
fitting. You’ll need to apply Flux to the outside
of the pipe; you don’t need a ton. You’ll also need to Flux the inside of the
fitting. Just double check that you don’t have any
brush hairs on your copper pipe, and you can slide your fitting on. Obviously I need a new brush; this is looking
pretty bad. I use Silvabrite 100. I bought this at my local plumbing supply
warehouse. It’s pretty good solder. I like to put a little crook on the end of
it, just a little hook, so you can get up underneath. And then again with Map it burns really hot. When you start to see the Flux sizzle, that’s
when you know that you should apply your solder. What I like to do is heat up the pipe first
for about two to three seconds and then place my flame directly on the back of any joint. That way when you heat that up, the solder
will be drawn into the joint because of the Flux. And as you can see here, the solder melted
really, really quick because of the heat of the Map gas, and that’s the general way
in which I like to solder. It’s never a bad idea to wipe off the solder
with a clean cloth. So there you go. Map gas is so much better heating up copper
pipe and soldering than propane. I do have another video, like I said at the
beginning, that shows you how to solder copper pipes with propane. You can watch it right here. But Map gas is definitely the way to go. Now here are some additional tips. Number one, if you’ve never used Map gas
or you’ve never soldered before, buy ten fittings; buy some extra copper, and practice
in the driveway, somewhere where it’s safe and you’re not going to burn down your house. Do that before you tackle any kind of soldering
project in your home. Number two, if you’re completely uncomfortable
soldering call in a professional. Call in a plumber who will get it done for
you in no time. It will cost you some money, so make sure
you save up for whatever project that you’re working on. But if you’re not comfortable, call in a
professional, all right? So stay safe whenever you’re soldering in
your home. That’s my number one tip for you. Now down in the comments let me know: Do you
have a certain torch that you like? Do you have a certain Flux that you like using? Or solder? We’d really like to hear from you because
oftentimes people have different preferences, and there’s no way for us to really know
about that until we dig through all these different forms. So tell us down below what your favorite tools
are when soldering copper pipe. That’s it for today. Hopefully you like the quick tips. Take care. I’ll talk to you soon.


  1. Just some advice but you can use the self igniting torch head on the propane bottle too. Also they make skinny propane bottles. Mapp gas is better for sure. Just letting you know that the two can interchange torch heads.

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