Sonic Theory Rebuttal: Silver’s ancestry SOLVED! (Sort of…).

Sonic Theory Rebuttal: Silver’s ancestry SOLVED! (Sort of…).

Silver the Hedgehog and occuring characters, plots game soundtracks art images and universe belong to their
respective owners. Content in this video considered under fair use under US copyright
law in use for criticism parody or satire Be sure to check out the original videos and theories
presented by The Sega Scourge and GamerGuy7dAces Videos and channel
links will be in the description Recently on July 10th two Youtubers The
Sega Scourge and GamerGuyd7Aces have attempted to answer the theory of who
could be Silver the Hedgehog’s relatives or ancestors throughout both
theories including their debates the candidates for considerations were Amy
Rose Sonic the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog
and Blaze the Cat due to their powers appearances references to real-life
genetics and inheritances however the theory discussed between The Sega
Scourge and GamerGuy7dAces have failed to touch very much upon other factors such
as the ones from the Archie Sonic Comics universe instead of just only
Sega Universe Another Error which they encountered was
that they attempted to use real life genetics for their theory in order to
explain the ancestry or relation between Sonic the Hedgehog characters and Silver the
Hedgehog. It may apply to real life but it sure as
hell does not apply to the Sega or Archie Universe . After doing some personal
investigation in general observances of patterns from both the Sega and Archie
universes. I’ve come to the conclusion that the
initiators or prime contributors Silver’s ancestry and family tree fall under
two categories. His ancestry must always consists of one male hedgehog whilst the female could be of anyone from
any species from both past and present and i’m here to explain why So before we begin viewers should take
note that Sega doesn’t specify general term for Sonic and the rest of the
species in the universe in one collective term so we will refer to the
them as “Mobians” like Archie comics originally did. That is before Ken Penders happened. To clear up
initial confusion we can first confirm that Mobians from the Sega Universe do
reproduce in some way as evident by the existence of Cream and her mother, Vanilla that is unless she was adopted and SEGA
hasn’t told us which so far they have not. Another evidence to confirm that
Mobians can indeed reproduces is Nack the Weasel or Fang the Sniper or whatever people call him. Cream the Rabbit and Nack the Weasel will be the most important key in
abridging this theory between universes and give us clarity into the lack of
information or ambiguity in Mobian relations, reproduction and ancestry
which SEGA choose not to disclose for whatever reason. So let’s begin. To begin we have to first
go very deep into how Mobian biology works, how they reproduce, physical and
biological traits and possibilities which encompasses it. Let us begin with Shadow the
Hedgehog as he is known to being the first possible candidate of Silver’s ancestral family tree in original theory based on
back story of his creation, visual observances and logical reasoning, I
conclude that Shadow the Hedgehog… CANNOT be part of the initiator of
Silver’s family lineage due to one sole reason: He most likely cannot reproduce.
And here’s why. Regarding his background in creation
Shadow is an artificial and synthetic life-form created in a lab not just as a
living being or creature but sole primary purpose of being a living breathing
weapon of war. His creation is to serve the same
purpose as James Cameron’s Terminators basically. Shadow is not initially
recognize as a living being but more of a tool or an experiment to an end. We also know that he is immortal and cannot
age thus the need for his capacity to reproduce may not likely
have been a consideration or factor biologically in his creation or function
thereafter by Gerald Robotnik. In this case I doubt he could possibly under any
circumstances be part of Silver’s biological and ancestral family tree. A robotic arm
created to manufacture cars for example is designed to do one job and not reproduce. Isn’t that same as Shadow the Hedgehog’s original purpose? This is of course just a theory based off
of observances, reason and logic and could be untrue. It is more of an absence of evidence
rather than evidence of abscence but either way we don’t really get to see
anything visible dangling between the legs of Mobians in either of the Archie
or SEGA universe for obvious reasons for us to be sure. The inability to reproduce will indeed
throw a spanner in the works of Shadow being part of Silver’s ancestral
family tree…at least for now. But let us take a look at the Archie Comics
universe. Viewers must take note that SEGA & Archie Comics have been through a
lawsuit with ex-writer Ken Penders, forcing the entire comic universe to undergo a
reboot & retcon so almost everything to be discussed may no longer apply to the
new universe. I prefer the Archie Comics universe is
Silver the hedgehog over SEGA’s Silver as it gives us more information and
characters to work with rather than limiting us to just a few possible
characters in the SEGA universe , at least in my own eyes, so let us begin in the Arch Universe it is known that
hedgehogs are common species and so will be able to broaden our options on possible candidates. excluding Shadow and Silver for obvious
reasons, we open up to more male hedgehogs as possible candidates. For this
theory Hedgehogs could include Rob O’ the Hedge
of Mercia, Scourge the Hedgehog, Manik Acorn and of course Sonic the Hedgehog
himself as possible candidates. Not only that, the advent of Archie spin-off
series Sonic Universe and Mobius 25 and 30 years
later also confirms that Mobians and their species can not only reproduce, but also
interbreed naturally. Another amazing thing i was able
to discover is that Mobian reproduction is not random or up to chance like real-life
humans do but has a distinguished and
established pattern. From the evidence given from said comic arcs and issues, we
can see a pattern from offsprings between two separate species and same
species. Let us begin with our first example. Say,
a Pure-Blooded Hedgehog of such as Sonic and a Half-Blooded Chipmunks such as Sally
Acorn- SON-AMY FANS, PLEASE DONT KILL ME – would almost always result in twins
, where the born female is forced to take the species of the mother whilst the born male
takes the species of the father 95% of the time. We can see
this as consistent through other characters such as Tails’ and Mina Mongoose’s kids and even Vector’s son Argyle. Tails’ kids, Melody and Skye Prower also fit this pattern: The male offspring inherits the species of the father whilst the female inheits the species of the mother, but NEVER BOTH at the same time. Want more
evidence? Take Sally Acorn again and her brother Elias Although they may be very similar in appearance, the only thing which gives their species away is the shape of their tails. Sally Acorn has a short stubby tail of a
chipmunk whilst Elias has a longer bushy tail of the squirrel. This is because Sally and Elias’
mother is a chipmunk whilst their father is a squirrel. The theory of Mobian reproduction is
again still consistent with Sally taking the species of her mother due to her being female whilst Elias takes the species of the father. Want more evidence? Taken take Antoine
and Bunnie’s kids, also born twins mind you, but also consistent with my theory. Belle the female, takes the species of the
mother, Bunnie who is a rabbit whilst Jacques takes the gender of the father, Antoine, who’s a coyote. For Argyle’s case, we cannot tell whether his mom was a crocodile
like Vector or even a whole different species due to the fact his mother was never
shown but since Argyle is born both a male AND take species of his father this biological theory of interspecies
breeding still remains consistent. If Argyle was in fact born as a pure-blooded
crocodile with both his parents being crocodiles we will leave him a 50-50 chance of
being a female or male unlike the 95% chance of
being born a male or female depending on the species of the different
parents. In the Archie Universe the other pure-blooded Mobian would be Knuckles’
daughter, Lara-Su who is a pure-blood Echidna with her mother,
Julie-Su, also being an Echidna. Even with pure blooded species we can
also see a distinguishable pattern. Both Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were born from
parents who are both the same species and born as single children whilst Sally and Elias on the other hand were born from mixed-species parents resulting in
twins as predicted. In this case, Vector’s son, Argyle would be a single-child if he was born as a pure-blooded crocodile and if not, you would expect him to have
a twin sister, right? Let’s take a look this time back to the SEGA universe
who are Sonic, Tails and Knuckles’ parents? short answer is, we either don’t know or
SEGA wont tell us. But we know absolutely for sure who their parents
are in the Archie Universe and all three are born from pure blooded parents with no
relatives (twin/siblings). Does the Mobian biology theory still stand? Answer is…yes Now, Nack the Weasel from Archie
Encyclopedia notes that he is a wolf-weasel hybrid if my theory of Mobian
reproduction is consistent, I can confidently say that Nack’s father
was a Weasel whilst his mother was a Wolf, in the sense. But I managed to find
an inconsistency with Nack in the Archie Comics as he also has a twin
sister, Nick the Weasel who defies my Mobian biology theory by
being born as a Weasel like Nack himself instead of a wolf is expected, but Nack
does NOT have a twin sister in the SEGA universe however so the theory MAY still
hold up to consistency so in this case we’re not 100% sure whether the theory still holds up. In this case we may have to
take SEGA’s word for it that Nack is truly a wolf-weasel born of single child. Another thing regarding The Sega
Scourge & GamerGuy7dAces’ original theory is that power is indeed confirmed inheritable…
but only in the Arch universe and NOT in the SEGA universe. Both Tails’ and Sonic’s children in the future inherit each of their powers such as
Sonic’s Super Speed and Skye’s ability to fly. Melody Prower who is Tails’ daughter
in the future is a strange case where she inherits her Super-Speed power from her mother, Mina. The thing which is peculiar is that
Mina was not born with the power of Super-Speed like Sonic did but was in fact,
given to her unnaturally by Mammoth Mogul who’s sort of this…godlike, immortal
being. Short story of how she got her powers – a deal with the devil so to speak. So it appears that
artificial powers are also inheritable. This supports The Sega Scourge & GamerGuy7dAces’ theory
of not only power inheritance but also makes it possibly traceable. But this is where the their line ends; Power
inheritence is only visible and confirmed in the Archie comics universe but NOT in
the SEGA universe at least not confirmed as of yet. For the
SEGA universe we are given nearly no evidence of power inheritance which
throws The Sega Scourge & GamerGuy7dAcs’ theory of power inheritance as a traceable lead,
right out the window. However they are not entirely wrong if we
reference them to the Archie universe. Since Cream the Rabbit and Nack the Weasel
are our only leading connection for both Archie and SEGA
universes, we will heavily base our theory on them for now. It does not appear
whether Cream inherited her flying ability from her mother we never saw
her mother, Vanilla flying with both her ears before only Cream. In the
Archie universe the only pure-blooded Mobian would be
Knuckles’ daughter, Lara-Su who is a purebred Echidna with her mother Julie-Su also being an Echidna. In both
like Light (good future) & Dark (bad future) Mobius, we can see that she inherits her power of
chaos control from her father, supporting the power-inheritence possibility put forward by The Sega Scourge & GamerGuyAcese. But what power if any does Nack inherit? The Skills of a sharpshooter as it says on the Mobius Encyclopaedia? Due to the fact Nack is
barely touched upon or his information updated by SEGA themselves this information may not be a reliable
indicator. But why are Cream the Rabbit and Nack the Weasel so significant? Why are they key to this theory? Well firstly,
at least for SEGA’s universe we know for certain that Mobians can reproduce
, not only that but the species reproduction inheritance theory may also
apply to the same universe. Both Cream and her mother are rabbits
with same fur coloration so we know for sure that Vanilla truly is Cream’s biological mother and not adopted, Unless SEGA says otherwise. The only thing peculiar like Vector’s son, Argyle in the Archie universe is that the other spouse is
missing. Due to his absence we will never know whether Creams’ father was indeed
a rabbit like her and her mother or an entirely different species unless if Cream
took a different species which is not her mother’s, will know for sure cross
species breeding is possible or vice-versa in the SEGA universe. So far there’s not enough official
evidence in the SEGA universe to support this. This leads us to Nack the Weasel. In his
official character profile at it reads, quote “Fang the Sniper (a.k.a Nack the Weasel), this slick wolf-weasel
who has only one thing in mind; Chaos Emeralds. He doesn’t want to rule the
world or anything like that but he knows the price of the glittering jewels will
bring a pretty hefty price from the right bidder. Emphasis on the word, “Wolf-Weasel”. Even in the Mobius Encyclopedia the Archie universe he is also confirmed officially as a
Wolf-Weasel hybrid too however due to the fact he is a very old character who
no longer makes any new appearances we do not know whether this information
is up to date. Regardless, we now have evidence that interspecies breeding is
possible both in the Archie universe and the SEGA universe which broadens our options of candidates as to who may be the starting
point of Silver’s family tree which is at this point well… anyone. So let us narrow down our
theoretical verdicts. Number 1: Shadow the Hedgehog cannot reproduce. Number 2: Mobian interspecies breeding is possible
in both universes; our options are broadened. Number 3: Power inheritance in some form
or another is indeed possible for the Archie universe, but NOT confirmed the
SEGA universe. Number 4: When interspecies breeding happens twins always result. With the male taking
the species of the father whilst the female takes the species of the mother, but never both
the same time. Number 5: Pure-blooded offsprings can
take gender of either parents and are born a single child. Number 6: To begin
Silver’s family tree one of the relatives or ancestors must
most likely have been a Hedgehog at any given time. Number 7: The mother or female side of
the family however does NOT require the presence of a hedgehog and therefore
could be any species. In conclusion since we’re putting Silver all the way
forward some 300+ years, then Silver could have an ancestral relatives not
just from Hedgehogs but possibly from a whole cluster of different Mobian
species, ranging from possibly reptiles to birds and some other speciess in
between. It could possibly mean either up to him or as close parent relatives are
either A. Every relative in Silver’ family tree leading up to him are both Hedgehogs or B. Only the male side of the family is always a hedgehog whilst the female side
could be of any species other than a a hedgehog. So far there is only 1 male hedgehog in
existence in the SEGA universe who is both natural-born and
theoretically may reproduce naturally excluding the Shadow the Hedgehog or
Mephiles the Dark. And the evidence so far leaves us with…(drum-roll please)… Sonic the Hedgehog as the prime
candidate for either the contributor or beginning of Silver’s family tree… …so far. That is until SEGA decides to
introduce other male hedgehog characters into the light. But who is a female spouse, you may ask?
Well for Son-Amy shippers, sorry to say that the female could be anyone not limited
to Amy Rose in this case if the theory of Mobian biology and reproduction stands
consistent. That’s all for now! Agree with this
theory? Disagree with this theory? Confused? Interested? Be sure to check out the
original video and theory presented by The Sega Scourge & GamerGuy7dAces. Video links and channels will be in the description Have a nice day!


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  2. But shadow is a bio android thingy not a machine he has everything a hedgehog would have only that he was modified to be stronger because he was made to be a weapon

  3. I love how when talking about the whole power being passed down thing nobody references the fact that in the comics Silver was trained by Mammoth Mogul, the same immortal crazy guy who gave Mina powers. It's entirely possible that he gave Silver his powers and that Silver's powers weren't inherited at all but were simply given to him by Mammoth Mogul at an extremely young age so he grew up with them and was just as proficient with them as if he had inherited them thanks to his training.

  4. I think if Shadow was artificially created enough to be like a normal hedgehog, with self awareness, fully organic, consciousness and feelings, he would have the ability to reproduce

  5. Woah woah woah. So you can totally discard Nick the Weasel because she doesn't exist in the SEGA Universe, but you can't discard ALL OF THE BREEDING AND EXTRA CHARACTERS THAT DON'T EXIST FROM THE SEGA UNIVERSE?

  6. Here's an issue with that.
    Amy's cousin, known as Rob'O the Hedge, marries a female Echidna and they have a son….. who is also and Echidna, not a Hedgehog

  7. What if Shadow isn't the only artificial hedgehog though?
    Just saying, if it happened once, it could happen again. Shadow may have been the prototype, and they improved the process ever since in their stuggle to win the endless fight against the Ifrit.
    Silver is incredibly powerful, even without the Chaos Emeralds. I think genetic manipulation may have very well been involved.

  8. Even of Shadow was created in a lab Shadow is male and their is one reason why. So Shadow has to have a part to be a male.

    Don't think I'm gross, because of this.😁

  9. I agree with this theory for these details, but I’ll only state one. Power inheritation is the key detail here. Sure it isn’t garunteed for this to be true, but I agree that shadow most likely won’t be able to have an offspring, leaving only sonic because it was shown that silver has the ability activate chaos control, leaving only 2 other possible people. Knuckles ability of chaos control is false due to it originating to the master emerald gifting him a minor form of it due to him being the guardian of the emerald, making it so it is not as powerful as what silvers been shown to use, being able to activate a true super form and us multiple emeralds to time travel, while knuckle’s super form is significantly less powerful, as known by the differnentses in there abilities, knuckles ability only being a slight power up. Tails only can use the emeralds power with assistance of either the super emeralds power or Sonics assistance. Sonics ability is pure and very powerful being very similar to silvers, even being assisted by him to time travel. Sonic also is the main character and has something known as the constant center. A hedgehog character with unknown ancestors comes back in time, and has a very powerful and rare ability that only the main character in the series seems to truly have for a natural reason. I wonder who his ancestors are.

  10. Silver's ancestors are Sonic and Amy from Sonic Boom xD (I mean, it could happen, since it's pretty obvious the two like eachother, but please don't take this seriously)

  11. Amy and sonic got a daughter then marry with shadow the they have a baby then there baby had a wife or husband and got a baby and marry again then marry again then silver is made. Problem solved!

  12. I still think shadows the father, we don't know wether or not he can reproduce, its just an assumption. It would make since considering that shadow has the tuft of fur on his chest and has powers closest to silver arguably, the mother could be either rouge or blaze since rouge has white fur and blaze has gold eyes.

  13. I thought that you would also give a candidate for Silver's ancestors from the comics. You build the theory in a way that you had some really good established rules for the archie comics that it seems to me almost like a lost opportunity. I know the point of the theory was to stay consistent with SEGA's universe but the theory could have been more interesting. However it's a great video none the less.

  14. tails, his son , and cream taught themselfs to fly. It's not a trait. It's only a trait for having the chance to fly.Tails and his son have 2 tails to prepel into the air. Cream found out how to fly with her ears before her mother. (That dosen't mean everything else is wrong because it's not.)

  15. so far I'm thinking this. since sonic had a son named manik acorn, so maybe manik acorn could possibly marry a female that could be a hedgehog that can make a color of white fur. I'm just saying this….maybe manik acorn could be silver's father….i'm just saying…I'm not sure if it's true…if I'm wrong plz tell me

  16. Fang the sniper is not half wolf or a weasel but a jerboa. I don't think Shadow is a hedgehog but a porcupine

    What if silver is half Hedgehog half porcupine

  17. Your missing on one key factor. Sega characters are heavily inspired by Dragon Ball Z. Which means that Sonic is goku,Shadow is Vegta,anddd Silver could possibly be the son of Vegta. I mean in Sonic 06 when Silver was fighting Shadow. He has shown to have the ability of using Choas control,like Shadow in his first try.

  18. I'm ok with Amy not being the mother but i have one problem sonic and sally no just no. In sonic underground Sonic's mother is a hedgehog and Sonia and manic are both hedgehogs and sonic is also a hedgehog so Sonia and manic can't come from sally and sonic. Sonic, Manic, Sonia are from a hedgehog family. Just thought i would through that out there

  19. Why aren’t we just considering the possibility it ISNT one of the characters we know now? Why does it HAVE to be someone we know?

  20. personally, i'm one to believe that silver is of sonic's descent but speed skipped a generation resulting in him being rather slow. Silver of course doesn't know this and neither does Sonic

  21. Your belief of shadow not being able to reproduce is a logical fallacy, a claim made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence

  22. Clearup: Nack has a sister, Nicoletta or “Nic”. Also, Sonic has had a lot of his family revealed. His Uncle Charles, or Chuck, is obvious, but there is also Bernadette his mother, and Jules his Robian (robotizised Mobian) father. As well, we have seen Knux’s family. All the way back about 600 years. Sooo… yeah. Also, the Advisor Line of fire ants is traced back to the current advisor’s great-grandfather, and the Acorn royal line was traced to Elias and Sally’s deep breath great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Alexander Acorn. That is TEN greats and THIRTEEN CONFIRMED GENERATIONS (plus the future one)

  23. The only thing I’d disagree with, is the fact that it’s WELL KNOWN, that Amy has a hobby of Tarot Card reading. And there have been hints that she has potential ESP abilities.

    Now it’s more likely that Silver is a result of random characters that may never be introduced, but if we WERE to use the main CANON cast as candidates for the start of his bloodline…. Sonic and Amy is the most reasonable answer.

  24. It couldn’t be sonic because when Sonic dies any of his children would not exist ,but Silver is still alive.

  25. I'd say Rouge and Shadow Rouge's DNA is why Silver is white and for the knesis abilities (flying) is similar to flying and the hedgehog bit is shadow

  26. Well I don't necessarily think that shadow is exactly related to Silver as a father and son thing but I do think is Shadow could exist in his lineage cuz he comes like 50 years before Sonic the Hedgehog and the basically silver comes like a 200 years after with that being said Shadow is the only one who has immortality and his chaos Powers can be connected to Silver psychic powers which is why silver is able to use Chaos Control like Sonic and Shadow as explained in 06. (even though that that games not canon due to its ending)

  27. For a second there I thought you were going to say Nac the weasel and cream the rabbit were going to silvers great great grandmother and grandfather

  28. Bravo. It should be noted for the naysayers. Yes sega universe is a different universe. But it also should be mention that silver is from a ruined future.

  29. Buuuut, doesn't Sonic have a triplet brother and sister? (Sonia, and Manic). Or is that not cannon at all outside of the other non-cannon stuff you're spewing out.

  30. If you put sonic and Sally together you get 30 or 25 years later and they have kids so what if silvers ancestors are either one of the kids

  31. The theory of shadamy makes absolutely no sense, “but shadow is immortal” but Amy isn’t, silver lives 200 years in the future so it’s not possible that it’s Amy’s son and plus I’m pretty sure no one is gonna think about banging while the world is ending. The DBZ parallel is a poor excuse, and even if he was their son he doesn’t even recognize them in 06 or even call them Mom or dad

  32. The comics aren’t exactly canon tho. So Sally x Sonic is and never will be a thing. The canon relationship is Amy and Sonic, even confirmed too. The games are the only canon lore in the series. There is an official Sonic timeline too.

  33. It's important to keep in mind that intially Nack was a jerboa weasel mix, hence the eccentric four fingers instead of five in his debut, as jerboas obky have four toes. It could be possible based on his original species that his mother was a jerboa?Nack be a huge exception though because he and his family still seems to break three rules, with the mixed species, sister and four fingers. Maybe his father had another child with a weasel and they are only half siblings? Idk

  34. If you spend nine minutes in the final boss fight of Shadow the hedgehog, Eggman will contact Shadow and tell him he isn’t an Android but the ultimate life form created by his grandfather, meaning the same from adventure 2.
    I might agree that shadow is probably not Silver’s father or ancestor, however I think shadow can reproduce since he is a living breathing hedgehog and male even dough he was made in a lab.
    In sonic universe, he marries Sally but only for a short time before sonic becomes the king of Mobius. That shows that Shadow can reproduce with a female even tough they didn’t have time to engage yet.

  35. N,l,o,e:shadow can't be silver's dad because he can't reproduce because he is artifishal
    Me:in steven universe, rose quartz is artifishal and she gave birth to steven universe, so N,L,O,E EXPLAIN!

  36. No. Silver parents is celica rally racer or alex kidd parents

    Edit: I don't know some female mobian doesn't care about clothes. I'm not going sex but I always see male don't wear clothes. This is cliche for male in furry genre of franchise

    Edit2: I just realized that amy doesn't wear panties during classic age. I found this on shenmue and the model is same as stf

  37. Skye is younger than Melody. i don´t know how canon the wiki is but it says that Skye is 8 and melody is 14, they cant be twins

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