Sonny the Golden Retriever [EP3]

Sonny the Golden Retriever [EP3]

what’s up everybody
I’m Sidney Aarons and welcome back to my vlog and yes it’s that time for Sonny
the Golden Retriever episode three this episode is sponsored by Ellis
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last episode i did mention that I’m thinking about keeping Sonny and i thought I’d go into
some of the reasons why it’s all a bit too easy to fall in love with a dog like
Sonny he’s a soft and sweet personality and but i’m always looking and do the
right thing by every dog that comes into my care but when they’ve been abused
neglected such a Sonny has I always become a little bit more protective of
them don’t have i love them anymore than my other dogs yet it’s that whole
paternal thing that overwhelms me and blocks any clear decisions about the
future for him so moments like that i need to really sit back and have a
clearer think about what the long-term goal is for a dog like Sonny. Sonny was
just over six months old when he first came to me so luckily he was still nice
and young and those behavioral problems never became properly ingrained so
another reason is I’m considering keeping him he’s a very different type
and speed of dog to my other dogs as training one type of dog can and does
limit the flexibility in the dog trainer and I for one always enjoy developing
myself as a dog trainer and one of the biggest reasons I’m considering keeping
Sonny and that’s more of a selfish one is that years ago I had another Golden
Retriever named Barney and those who’ve been following me for a really long time
will remember Barney I used him on TV stage and in my Obedience schools he helped
him rehabilitate other dogs with aggression issues he was awesome I loved him
to pieces and for a whole bunch of valid reasons I had to rehome him I’ve
always regretted and it’s always stuck with me and Sonny reminds me of him big time so
for that very reason I’m reluctant to let him go so training is progressing
really well and as I said in the first episode I would like to build a lot of
Drive for toys and playing tug the reason is that Sonny actually enjoys
playing with a toy or playing tug more than a he likes a piece of food
a Golden Retriever but in this case that’s the deal and because he enjoys it
more he works harder and therefore it makes the training happen or the
learning happen a whole lot faster so I’ve tried a whole bunch of toys with
Sonny but I found with him that he likes the ball on the rope the best so I’m
using a ball and a rope but a short rope as I want to be able to show that the
game of tug is only going to happen in close proximity to me and at the same
time I’m using a leash to block him from moving away as I don’t want him moving
away from me and running around the ball by himself as it’s my goal to intensify
the whole experience in keeping engaged with me the entire time we’re training so as you can see Sony’s coming along
beautifully but to really continue he’s growing in the helping make him grow I
need to change the environment so a few days ago it took him to a local town to
do exactly that and also thought it’d be a really great idea to eat a meal I
didn’t have to cook

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