Sorting a Bag of Old Silver Coins

Hey everyone, it’s seeker. And today what we are doing is we are gonna go through this bag of old coins The majority of these coins are silver You can see that we do have some Benji’s. It looks like that’s a Morgan at peace dollar We have some walkers you can see this is the back of a seated Liberty quarter for sure So lots of different stuff in here and what we’re gonna do guys is we’re gonna dump this out we’re gonna go through it and get it all sorted and Value each one of the coins or at least most of them depending on what they are guys What do we need to do that though? So let’s take a look at the tools that I’m going to be using today Okay. So everything I’m going to be using today is right here. Essentially. We have our cpg and red book We’ll be using a red book for mintages and other information will be used in the cpg for a much better pricing system We got our loupe. This is very important to look at coins. This is a 40 power loupe This is the one I love to use the most we have ourselves a stapler Of course, we’re gonna need the staple the two by twos which is what we have right here So we’re gonna put the coins that are of value in some two by twos. We’re gonna staple them down We’re gonna write what we think the grades are and you know go from there So we’re gonna use the red book and the cpg as information to do that guys. So again, let’s get started Let’s look at these coins One other tool we’re going to be using today guys is our coin scope That way you you guys can also see what I’m looking at here for example is a 1971 Kennedy I just happen to have sitting on the desk. We put it under the scope just to show you That we are also using this scope today. Okay, guys. Well, here’s the bag Let’s go ahead and get this dumped out and we’re gonna start going through it. So we want to be gentle I mean these coins are pretty beat up but still you want to be gentle as you can with them and we’re gonna just kind of sort through and see what we have so you Can see here. We got a Barber. This is a Barber half. It’s a 1907 We do have an 1892 Barber half. So that’s kind of cool here. We got a 1923 peace dollar We got a 1922 peace dollar This is an 1887-O Morgan Silver Dollar and we got an 1891-O Morgan Silver Dollar Looks like we have a Benji 1958 now we got a Benji 1953 Benji 1950 got some more half dollars here. So we got a 1914 barber 1944 Walker 1943 Walker 1937 Walker so that’s the big coins Not bitcoins, Big Coins. We do have a Standing Liberty quarter This is dateless and it is a type 2 you can see on the back It has these stars under the Eagle we have this looks like in 1880. Well, this can’t be in 1884 So it’s gotta be in 1834 Bust quarter cant be a 1884 because those weren’t made in 1884 we have ourselves in 1897 1900, 1899 1907 we’re looking at Liberty nickels here by the way, 1901 1909 1912 I don’t know if there is a mint mark or not If you guys don’t know the only Liberty nickel to have a mint mark was 1912 we got in 1899 1905 1901 1901 again 1907 looks like in 1898 dropped that one 1902 1911 and a 1902 another 1911 and an 1893 and guys just by looking at these You know at a first glance It doesn’t look like we’re gonna have much in a way Liberty Nickels just because of the condition 1909 and 1904 Alrighty, we got another barber here in 1914 unless I already saw then I didn’t put it in the pile for some reason we got An 1892. This is a barber Put that right there Alright, so here we go. We got a bust dime that’s a n 1834. That’s kind of cool. We’ll put that next to the bust quarter Here we got a seated Liberty quarter. This thing is absolutely destroyed. In fact, let’s use our scope for the first time Right there that literally is nothing so you can tell that it’s an 1859 and it does have arrows But and arrows and rays so it has arrows and rays I don’t know if that year had all arrows and rays we’d have to look but this thing is absolutely destroyed I mean someone drill the hole through it looks like attempted to repair the hole that was drilled into it and Yeah, you know, all right. So we do have a Mercury 1923 we have a 1912 barber dime 1897 barber dime Here we go. Seated Liberty half dime. This looks like it’s an 1857 see the Liberty half-dime also 1857 seated Liberty half-dime 1853 with arrows see, this is Canadian Yeah, I think that’s Canadian. It’s hard to tell what it is. Just not to run my Barber’s I think we got an 1898 barber dime. We got ourselves an eighteen. I’m sorry nineteen hundred barber dime This is another Canadian. This is 1902. Kinetic Canada five cents. That’s their half dime see we got an 1854 with arrows. Is that right seated Liberty? Okay we have an 1857 seeded Liberty. These are half dimes right here. And it looks like the final one. We have a 1906 barber Dime, so what we’re gonna do is we we know what we got kind of we’re gonna set these aside I mean, we’re gonna keep them on the screen here We’re gonna set these aside though like so and we’re just gonna kind of go through stuff that I think is gonna go pretty quick and then we’ll go to These slower things so we got these half dimes here. So we already took a look at this. This is that 1854 I’m sorry 1859 arrows and rays Seated Liberty quarter. This thing is absolutely destroyed. I mean there was really nothing good about this except for the fact that it is silver so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take a look in the red book for that one really fast and just see what the Mintage is just out of curiosity Okay guys doing a little bit of research. I was able to determine that that’s actually in 1853 not in 1859 So 1853 was the year that they had arrows and rays on the coin It was to designate obviously a change in the amount of silver that was in the coin. So we’ll take a look and Show you on the book here So we got on the red book its 1853. This has a manage of 15 0.21 million at g4. It has a value of 25 dollars according to the but guys we’re not even gonna bother with the cpg for this because this is Again, this is just 100% destroyed. So there’s there’s nothing we can do with that one. But you know, it’s cool So I’m not even gonna bother putting this in a two by two We’re just gonna throw this aside and we’re just gonna put it in a bag of junk silver for silver mill Alright guys, the next thing we’re gonna take a look at is our stack of Liberty nickels here now I’m just gonna do a quick eyeball glance at these essentially what I’m going to be looking for is to see if I can read the word liberty across the Headband of any one of these let me go ahead and show you under the scope what that looks like, okay So the headband right here. She has the word Liberty written across her headband right here. All these are already common dates I know that when we were just originally sorting the bag But we’re gonna be looking to see if we can read Liberty if we can’t then these are just gonna be put into a little bag of Liberty nickels that I have a bunch of okay Well, we’re gonna go ahead and keep the scope up on the screen And again, I’m just gonna look really quickly. So we’re not gonna take too much time on these All of these are common dates even the 1893 is a common date and so far. These are all just heavily circulated Yeah 1902 1898 none of these you can see even one letter of Liberty on all right So the 1901 let’s just start under the scope really fast It’s really close. It’s really close The back of that is too circulated. We’re probably gonna go and pass on that as well 1901 note we got 1905 1899 so 1912 do we have a mint mark? That is the only year they had a mint mark and no there is no mint mark if you guys are wondering The mint mark I will show you would be about right here So if this had a mint mark, it would be right near this left dot Nothing in that one. We got 1901 1909 1907 might be close Grab, well, we can read the majority of Liberty on this 1907 so we’ll look at that in a second. We got in 1897 1900 and 1899 and these are all just heavily circulated and okay guys over in the scope on this one. We are really close We got L and then the eye is missing and then you got B ERT and you can see most of why Unfortunately for it to be fine. You need to be able to at least read the entire Word liberty and we cannot see the eye and we can only see part of the why but we can’t see the eye at all And that’s the biggest thing. So this is about a V G condition And to be honest with you, the rest of the coin does kind of match you can see it’s really flat around this area And then right here we got this big gash No, the gash isn’t part of its, you know natural grade as far as where but you know It is damage to the coin that scratch right there Well take a look at the reverse really quick I mean the back of this coin is pretty much in line with what a high VG Low, fine would be but again the front of it, you know, I don’t see any major problems But the front or the obverse of this coin Unfortunately, you know, we are not going to get a fine out of this because we are missing that eye So what I’m gonna do with this 1907, we’re gonna put that in a two by two but the rest of these coins We’re just gonna put into a little pile and we’re gonna put them in a baggie and just mark them Liberties and then we will add them to the other liberties later. So we did get one Okay, guys the next thing we’re gonna take a look at is our pile of Morgans and peace dollars So there’s not a whole lot of them and we can get through them pretty quickly. We have an 1891 o4 the Morgans and an 1887 o so we’ll take a look at those first now both of these coins these years There are only really key dates in better grades They’re actually pretty common in low circulated condition like you have with this one. This one is roughly about a VG It’s just really dark but you have no room where none of the letters are wearing into the rim at all So even though this is really dark it looks like it might be a lower grade It’s actually not this is around a VG condition wise and we’ll look at that at the scope and then right here guys This is an 1891. Now this one here I would put around a fine – a very fine and we’re gonna take a look under the scope really quick with this one Just to get a better idea of what this actually is. So let’s get over to the scope. Alrighty guys looking at the 1891 We’re looking at the obverse right now and from me looking at the obverse like this It really does look kind of like a VG I mean all this area right here is worn completely flat and you can actually see the dirt that’s been collecting on the where right here around the cheek behind the eye and places like that It does look a little bit better than fine around here. But right here is just totally worn down So it almost looks like someone kind of just rubbed this with their thumb a lot like it was a pocket coin Onto the reverse. So what we’re looking at on the reverse is definitely a fine If you look here you still have detail like separation than the feathers over here on this wing over here It is a little bit flatter which is definitely Unfortunately disqualifies it for being a VF on the reverse. This is definitely a fine on the reverse You got a fully flat breast. So that’s that’s definitely in line with what a fine would be as well So this one right here guys The like I said with the obverse, you know, we got VG details right here but the rest of it looks to be in fine condition and then on the reverse, I mean This is definitely a fine on the reverse So I’m gonna go ahead and give this one a fine as far as the greatest concern at least to me I think this is definitely a fine coin Okay, guys, according to the red book in 1891 Oh has a mintage of 7.9 54 million at fine It doesn’t actually list fine in the red book the red book starts it very fine So unfortunately, we’re not gonna be able to do much with that. But we’re gonna grab the cpg Okay, so with the cpg we have your 1890 100 at fine it puts it at about $30 at retail So I would imagine that if you bought this coin at you know at wholesale you’d probably be able to get it for around 24 $25 $30 at retailers were to put to that Now remember when I said the 1891, oh and the other one that we’re looking at as well is one of your key dates but only in better grades and that is because if you look over here at 2m s60. It’s 234 dollars to 60 at m/s. 62 and over 400 at m/s 63 so that just goes to show you that this coin is definitely what you would consider a key date and uncirculated grades But in low grades, unfortunately that does not Does not warrant being a key date. Okay guys with the 1887 Oh looking at this one. This is definitely a VG This is just completely worn flat on the back again completely worn flat on the face So right here you can see this is the same detail We were seeing on the other one with the worn flat area right here But remember we said the rest of it had more of a fine detail Well, this one is just completely VG this one would not get anything past that so we’re gonna give this one a VG and we’re just gonna throw this into Basically a bag of call Silver Dollars So this one I’m not gonna worry about putting in a two by two But since we are going to give this 1891 a fine grade, we will go ahead and put it in a two by two All right, everyone the next thing we’re going to look at are the two peace dollars now we’re only gonna spend a couple of seconds on these because clearly they are heavily circulated and 22 and 23 are just Common dates so nothing really special in there. It does look like we have an s and a D So the 22 is an S and the 23 is a deed Let’s just flip over to the scope and take a look and verify that So yes, we do. So that is an estimate market here and A demon mark there and as far as the condition of these guys, I mean, these are definitely circulated, you know anything under like a AU or X F on a peace dollar is really just a call at this point just too common for these common dates So we’re just gonna go ahead and take these two silver dollars and we’re gonna put them in our pile of coal silver dollars Alrighty guys, there you go. That is the first of this series looking through that bag of coins That was too long to do one video. So we’re splitting it up into multiple videos Let me know what you think in the comments though guys and over there We left you a couple of videos to check out and above us. You can check out coal stacks calm and subscribe We will see you in the next one guys

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