Soul Calibur VI ► PLATINUM Trophy Overview and Tips!

Soul Calibur VI ► PLATINUM Trophy Overview and Tips!

Hello everyone this is Sanadsk! And today I am back with another Platinum
Trophy Review, where I talk about the trophies of the game, how hard they are, and a general
overview of its difficulty. And today, I am going to be talking about
Soul Calibur 6! So without further ado, let us start! So in Soul Calibur 6, there are multiple modes
that you can play, and the trophies are split between all of these modes. The main ones we have are Libra of Souls,
Soul Chronicle, Arcade and Online Play. I’m going to be talking about each of them
separately, then conclude with the general thing. So, let us start with Libra of Soul. This is the main story of the game you can
say, and it follows a bit of a weird system. The character you play as is created by you
at the beginning of the mode, and you everyone knows how robust the character creation system
in this game. Like you can make literally anything you want,
even Magikarp for God’s sake. So the system of it is that you are placed
in the map, and you start progressing and unlocking missions as you travel through the
world. There are main quests, side quests, and many
different things to do in this mode. This will be the most time consuming aspect
of the game, as it is quite long. Although, you can skip the dialogues and basically
only play the fighting parts. And that was a bit of my problem with this
game. The story is told through text, which I can
understand that some people find it interesting, as it feels like you are reading some sort
of book you can say, but to me personally, I started skipping every dialogue after the
first hour or so. I just didn’t really prefer that system,
but there are some cool stuff like choices that are offered to you in the story. It is very similar to how the Infamous games
work, as you are offered with either a Good or an Evil Choice, and it starts building
up in your personality. The thing is, there is a trophy for beating
the mode while being Good, and another for being bad. You can play the mode a second time if you
want but you can save before the final boss fight, and you can use the Astral Fissures
Sealing fights to change your “personality” to the other side. As for the general difficulty of the mode,
it’s not exactly easy, especially in the later levels once you get to Level 40 and
Level 50+ enemies, it’s gonna get really tough. You will deal small damage to them, but they
can literally wreck you with a couple of hits. In terms of styles, I found Geralt’s style
and Nightmare’s style to be very good, especially their Forward Triangle moves, which do decent
damage and can very easily get Ring-Outs if it’s not disabled in the fight. There are two particular fights that I saw
alot of people were having problems with, and these were the late Azwel and Groh fight. They do stupdily high damage, and their AI
is really tricky to defeat, as they can literally read your buttons. It took me close to 4 hours to beat Groh. Make sure you also change your weapons, as
the damage difference really makes a huge difference in the higher levels. In terms of time for this mode, which is what
you will be spending most of your time playing, it generally takes 10 to 15 hours, but if
you skip the dialogues, it’ll take much much less than that, but you will be losing
the story aspect if you do that. You need to also complete the side missions
which give you some super strong weapons and some other general trophies like the Astral
Fissures, which can be a bit tricky as these fights have perks that are given to the opponent,
and they can sometimes be super overpowered, but once you are over with the Libra of Souls
trophies, you have done a very huge part of the Platinum trophy. Next is going to be the Soul Chronicle gamemode,
and this is basically the timeline of the Soul Calibur game. You will be playing with all of the characters
of the game. It still suffers from the same problem as
Libra of Souls, which is the text-based story system, but if you are only interested in
the trophies, you can also skip everything and just play. This mode isn’t particularly hard, and you
can actually finish it before Libra of Souls to get used to the gamemode and the controls. Next is the Arcade mode, and you will need
to do two runs, one on Easy, and one on Very Hard. The first one is because you have to get a
Gold Rating in the mode, and it depends on the time you took to beat all 8 enemies. If you use Nightmare or Geralt and spam the
forward Triangle moves, you can literally finish the entire thing in 5 minutes. As for the Very Hard one is because it unlocks
the Legendary difficulty, which has a trophy for it. If you have completed Libra of Souls and you
are completely used to the controls, it shouldn’t be very tough, but it still isn’t very easy
too as you need to be very careful and efficient with the character you chose. And finally, we have Online Play. Thankfully, the online trophies aren’t super
hard. You need to play 50 games, and only win 10. This is actually very good compared to other
fighting games. You just need to grind and you’ll get there. As for other general trophies, they are mostly
self-explanatory and you can pretty much know what they require from the actual description. Some of them can be boosted by using a second
controller, but through your playthrough of Libra of Souls and Soul Chronicle, you should
have a good amount of them. So yeah, in general, the game isn’t exactly
hard, but it is a bit time-consuming, and some of the later bosses can really make you
wanna break your controller. The text-based story didn’t really click
for me at the start, but I also didn’t want to skip 10 hours of story content, so I had
to rewatch everything on YouTube after I was done. If you like that system though, it’s gonna
be super enjoyable for you, as the fighting system in the game isn’t really complicated
and it’s easy to get into, even if you aren’t an expert in Fighting games. So I hope you all enjoyed this video and found
this helpful, make sure to like and subscribe for more upcoming content. Bye Bye


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  2. Pretty weak. I was expecting tips for dealing with Astral Fissure missions. By far, those are the hardest thing in this game. Unlocking Legendary Mode can be cheesed easily by using Inferno.

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