Spaghetti Eating Competition: My Golden Retriever Dog vs. Me

Spaghetti Eating Competition: My Golden Retriever Dog vs. Me

Me and My Dog Eat Spaghetti Competition


  1. Dear friends, did you enjoy the fast spaghetti eating competition between me and Bailey? See also how Bailey eats melon with hands

  2. He's very well behaved but that was a pretty boring video. My black lab would've eaten his then mine in record time.

  3. Bonito video.. perro y tierno… <3.. Pero al menos yo aunq quisiera mucho a un animal… no podría comer junto del mismo plato.. Ya q ellos son diferentes los microbios a nosotros… Q asco…,,,!

  4. I was just about to comment on how Well-behaved Bailey is because he wouldn't lick his Dad's plate even after so many noodle bites offered but that's when Bailey goes Nom Nom Nom 😂

  5. So todo ser humano ..amara y cuidara un animalito asi de esta manera.. Este hombre tiene mucho amor hacia su mascota y si q lo disfrutan se divierten juntos

  6. After a lifetime of being a senior executive in a Bank , I have done work with international relief agencies around the world.
    I have seen 4 year old kids starving and hoping for just a glass of milk or a bowl of rice gruel.
    I have also seen dogs and cats fed chocolate icecream and fried chicken and potato wedges.
    There is something wrong in our world. We are helpless witnesses to some of the most bizarre and cruel happenings in this world of ours.

  7. @Funny Dog Bailley : Mon Labrador " DIEGO " me bat à chaque fois ! ! le tiens à l'air d'être très sympa :

  8. Que triste ver que el perro es el que mantiene a estos dos vagos de mierda… El perro se la cura. Explotación laboral canina….

  9. Hace unos días(sin querer)llegué a este canal y me mata de amor!!!Sigan asi, hermosos los dos.Mis cariños desde Argentina

  10. Que tu mascota coma desde tu mismo plato creo q sea respeto y amor .cada ser en la tierra tiene su lugar . El verdadero respeto y amor seria que una persona diera de comer a un mendigo de su mismo plato

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