Sparkleberries Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another jewelry making
video brought to you by Today we’re going to use just a couple of
tools and a few specific supplies to make this juicy cuff bracelet.
Today’s bracelet is simple, it only needs a few supplies and a couple of tools but those
supplies are rather specific. The first thing that you will need is bracelet memory wire.
When you buy packages of memory wire it will say it’s for rings, it’s for necklaces and
it’s for bracelets and you want to cut yourself pieces that are your preferred bracelet length
plus an inch and a half. When you cut memory wire don’t use your
regular wire nippers, you’ll ruin them. This is very hardened metal.
You can buy special memory wire snips or you can do what I do and ask your husband for
a junky old pair of pliers, you can see these are a wreck. So it doesn’t matter if they
get a little bit more nicked by the hard wire. The next thing that you’ll need are spacer
bars and you can usually buy them in sets like this package had six and they’ll have
different amounts of holes. These have three holes so I’ve cut three pieces of memory wire.
Then, you’ll need beads and you can use any beads you want. The only limitation is that
they all have to be the same size so these are all six millimeter beads. They don’t all
have to be the same shape, just all the same size, otherwise it won’t work.
I spent quite some time pulling out beads that I thought would look good together and
when I finally settled on this combination of the two oranges and fuchsia and the red,
I just said, “Mmm juicy! It just looked yummy.” I’m going to mix all of these beads together.
There, now doesn’t that look delicious? So then the only other tool that you will need is
a pair of round nose pliers. If you’re using three strands and six millimeter beads, you’ll
need about 80 beads, but it all depends on how many strands and the size of you beads.
And then, for each of your pieces of wire, just take your round nose pliers and make
a loop in one end. Now it can be a little hard to make loops in this hardened wire but
you can do it, you just have to kind of muscle it around and do that for all three of your
pieces of wire. Once you have all your loops made, you can
just go ahead and start stringing on your beads. And I’m going to start with one of
the wires. I’m going to have three beads at the end and then each spacer bar will have
four beads in between it. And I’m just going to pick up whichever bead my hand comes to
next and I’m not going to worry on trying to make random, it will be random.
And make sure, these spacers have rhinestones on one side and are plain on the other, so make
sure that you always put each one on facing the same way, so our spacer bar and then four
beads. As far as finishing the ends of memory wire,
you actually can buy little caps that are made just for memory wire ends that you can
glue on which may be a slightly nicer look but I do like knowing that my loop is very
secure and no beads are going to fall off. A little glued on piece can fall off, but
a loop isn’t going to. Alright, so I’m just checking to make sure
I put those on the right way and we’ll just continue.
I have one strand all strung, and you can see I have my spacer bars going the right
way and I checked the length on my board and it’s just about right. I did allow a bit of
extra wire just to account for the size of the loops. And also, if you have very thick
beads, you may need a slightly larger bracelet. But now that I have this done, I’m going to
cut this off with about half of an inch here left after the last bead, I’ll get my big
honkin’ ugly pliers. Watch out for those because this is hardened wire, those things go flying.
And then we’ll just make another loop. Now, what you do for the next one, so we’re
to string three beads on the end. And then, go through the middle hole of the spacer bar
and then repeat, four beads and through the middle hole of the next one and keep going
all the way around. And here’s the end of the second row and just
repeat and make sure this is pulled out snug before you snip your wire and repeat to cut
it off. Don’t poke anybody’s eye out with flying pieces of wire. Make a loop
and then repeat one last time to add the third wire and the third row of beads.
Now I just wanted to show you something here. The third row can be a bit difficult just
because you’ve got all this hardened wire trying to go its own way, so I’ve found what you
can do is actually work near the end of the wire. And that way, you don’t have to twist
it and kink it to get it through. So I’ve got my four beads here and I’m just
going to put that end through and then pull it up enough to string on my next four beads.
That will keep you from distorting your wire as you’re pulling it through the last one.
And you can just pull it up snug to the very last. Add the last three beads and make your
last loop. And there you have it, a cuff bracelet. What’s
nice about using the memory wire is that the size is adjustable. If you like you can use
jump rings to dangle charms off of the loops or if you make it a little bit bigger you
can make it a bangle and connect these loops together with jump rings and/or charms.
Here’s another look at the bracelet we made today. I just love these bright, happy colors, wonderful for summer and of course you can make them in any colors that you love.
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