Spot Gold Prices for 11-12-2013

Spot Gold Prices for 11-12-2013

Hello my name is Chuck Dougherty and this
is the Spot Gold Prices Daily Wrap-up. The Spot Gold prices for Tuesday the 12th
of November saw Gold prices opening at around $1,278.20. This is probably no surprise to anyone who
has been paying attention the last few weeks but things were bad for gold again today.
The price of gold remained relatively level during early morning trading. In the beginning
hours prices rose to the day’s high of around $1,282.50 before dropping sharply down to
the low of around $1,266.10 where it met resistance. Prices rose slightly and we ended the trading
day at around $1,270.50. This resulted in a loss in the price of gold of around $7.70. The lower the price of gold keeps going it
seems the more China and India buy it up. This is most likely one of the main reasons
the price didn’t dip further last week. Thank you for watching this is Chuck Dougherty
and this was the Spot Gold Prices Daily Wrap-up for November 12th, 2013 Please be sure you subscribe and don’t forget
to comment and like us as well. If you need more information on precious metals
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then, take care.

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