Spot Gold Prices for 3-13-2014

Spot Gold Prices for 3-13-2014

Hello my name is Chuck Dougherty and this
is the Spot Gold Prices Daily Wrap-up. The Spot Gold prices for Thursday the 13th
of March saw Gold prices opening at around $1,372.00. Thursday was another good day for gold although
it only gained a little. The reason this gain, albeit small, was a win is due to the fact
that there was US data released today that showed a slight improvement. Not to mention
the profit taking and stops being hit all of which could have easily shoved gold down
by 15 dollars or more. The reason this didn’t occur of course is the same reasons as the
last few days and will be the same for while, China’s poor economic numbers and the Crimean
referendum this weekend and the fallout from that action. We saw the low price of around $1,366.50 in
mid morning US trading hours. A few hours after the close of normal US trading hours
gold prices hit the high of around $1,374.80. From there we ended the trading day at around
$1,372.20 which resulted in a tiny gain in the price of gold of around 20 cents. Thank you for watching this is Chuck Dougherty
and this was the Spot Gold Prices Daily Wrap-up for March 13th, 2014. Please be sure you subscribe and don’t forget
to comment and like us as well. If you need more information on precious metals
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then, take care.

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