Spot Gold Prices for 3-17-2014

Spot Gold Prices for 3-17-2014

Hello my name is Chuck Dougherty and this
is the Spot Gold Prices Daily Wrap-up. The Spot Gold prices for Monday the 17th of
March saw Gold prices opening at around $1,381.90. Gold bull’s took it on the chin again Monday
after both the EU and the US announced their pathetically weak sanctions on a few Russian,
Crimean and Ukrainian officials. The market had been gearing up for substantial sanctions
and the fall out from that but since the action taken was so meager the market reacted sharply.
Between the loss of safe haven demand and stronger US economic data released on Monday,
gold prices lost the recent gains from the whole Ukrainian mess. After one last spike up to the high of around
$1,384.50 in the early morning hours prices began their free fall dropping down to the
low of around $1358.90 after the close of normal US trading hours. From there we ended
the trading day at around $1,359.10 which resulted in a decent loss in the price of
gold of around $22.80. Barring any additional issues with the Ukraine
and Russia investors will put their focus back to the data being released from the US
and China to get a better gauge of the global economic health from the worlds two largest
economies. Thank you for watching this is Chuck Dougherty
and this was the Spot Gold Prices Daily Wrap-up for March 17th, 2014. Please be sure you subscribe and don’t forget
to comment and like us as well. If you need more information on precious metals
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then, take care.

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