Spot Gold Prices for 3-18-2014

Hello my name is Chuck Dougherty and this
is the Spot Gold Prices Daily Wrap-up. The Spot Gold prices for Tuesday the 18th
of March saw Gold prices opening at around $1,359.10. Tuesday we had more profit taking although
gold prices didn’t move real far. The US housing data released Tuesday was mixed and didn’t
help much so right now it seems people are waiting for the next batch of data and the
close of the Fed meeting so they know which way to react. Right near the start of normal US trading
hours we saw a spike up to the high of around $1,362.80 before dropping sharply to the low
of around $1,352.30 not long after. From there we ended the trading day at around $1,356.80
which resulted in a small loss in the price of gold of around $2.30. Thank you for watching this is Chuck Dougherty
and this was the Spot Gold Prices Daily Wrap-up for March 18th, 2014. Please be sure you subscribe and don’t forget
to comment and like us as well. If you need more information on precious metals
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then, take care.

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