Spot Gold Prices for 3-21-2014

Spot Gold Prices for 3-21-2014

Hello my name is Chuck Dougherty and this
is the Spot Gold Prices Daily Wrap-up. The Spot Gold prices for Friday the 21st of
March saw Gold prices opening at around $1,334.40. After a rough few days this week gold prices
calmed down today with people buying on the dip. In the early morning hours gold dropped
down to the low price of around $1,330.10. After a spike up to the high of around $1,341.50
right near the start of US trading hours gold prices traded pretty flat and we ended the
short trading day at around $1,334.70. This resulted in a tiny gain in the price of gold
of around $0.30. Today it seemed like people are uncertain
as to what to do with gold at the moment. You still have tensions with Russia, mixed
data from the US and not to mention more Chinese data so next week should be interesting. Thank you for watching this is Chuck Dougherty
and this was the Spot Gold Prices Daily Wrap-up for March 21st, 2014. Please be sure you subscribe and don’t forget
to comment and like us as well. If you need more information on precious metals
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then, take care.

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