Sprint Magic Box Gold: Installation

Sprint Magic Box Gold: Installation

Hi! Welcome to Magic Box Gold, by Sprint — a wireless small-cell that helps eliminate indoor coverage holes and improves data speeds by more than 200% on average. That means better video streaming, a faster
experience with apps and more! Magic Box is also one of the easiest do-it-yourself
installation experiences you’ll ever have. First, place it near a window and plug it in. The unit will start working on its own. Just watch the touch-screen for progress updates. The device setup process might take several minutes. Magic Box will then check your signal strength. If your signal isn’t strong enough, try setting up near another window. When Magic Box registers a strong signal, hit “continue” on the touch-screen to connect to the Sprint Network. When the entire process is complete, the date and time will appear on your screen. There are a few menu options on your Magic Box Gold that you might want to access. Tap the touch-screen once and you’ll see
your connection status. Tap these lines to get your menu options. These are the ones you’re likely to use. Change the way the date and time are displayed. Power the unit down. Or reset your Magic Box to its factory settings. This is helpful if you need to move your Magic Box, as it erases any other location in its memory. For more information on using your Magic Box
Gold, go to sprint.com/magicbox. Magic Box Gold. One more step in Sprint’s journey toward
a brighter future for all.

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