Square Dance Pan Red Copper Review | Testing As Seen on TV Products

Square Dance Pan Red Copper Review | Testing As Seen on TV Products

Square Red Copper Pan Review | Testing ‘As Seen On Tv’ Products – I want it to be nice and tight in there. Seventeen, eighteen, (screams) nineteen. Oh my god. Hello you guys. Welcome back to another Vivian Tries. Today, we have a very special product. You guys have seen this brand before and you love it. So today I’m bringing you
Red Copper square pan. I’ve gotten so many requests
for this Red Copper square pan that I thought it’s about
time that we try it. Now I had not tried it in
the past because I thought it’s the same thing as the other pan. But the cool thing about this
one is, in the infomercial, she actually puts it in
the oven and makes pies and all kinds of things in it. Today, we are gonna to try it with an egg, of course we always do an egg. We’re also gonna try it with pancakes. And last but not least, we’re gonna try it with muffins. So I wanna bake tons of
muffins in here, in the oven, to see if they will stick or if they will just
slide right outta here. So you guys know how
much I love this company because their product actually works. Really. Now I do love the Gotham Steel as well, but this company was my first love into this whole copper world. Look how beautiful that is. I do have cabinets full of Gotham Steel because I bought the 10 piece set. (clanking) Holy fuck. The muffins opened. (laughs) What is it with things
exploding around me recently? Oh my god. Well, I won’t have to open these because they’ve already popped open. I don’t know how many muffins we’re gonna be able to fit in there. Now there is a deeper square pan. I did not buy that one because I thought that
was a little overkill. I thought this was perfect. Right? I mean, the other one, if you were gonna make
like roast or something I guess you could use that. But I thought this was perfect. This would work for me. We’re gonna start off with the egg, then we’re gonna do the pancake, last we will do the muffins. My oven is preheating
and I’ve got a bandaid. I broke my nail right
before I started to film. So you guys are gonna see a ugly bandaid. Pan is heating up. Look at all the muffins. How many of these do you guys think I can stuff into that square pan. I’m gonna predict nine. I’m gonna stuff as many as I can and then we’re gonna
bake them in the oven. Come on. It’s not hot enough yet. I think the pan is ready for my egg. Yep. Okay, ready? Here it is. The is the most important
test, this egg test. Right? Great, now I can’t fucking peel an egg. I mean peel? (laughs) Crack an egg. Okay, there it is. Oh, this is my favorite part. You guys, this is my favorite part. Look at that beauty. Look at that beauty. How can you not love this product? I already know these products work. I’m excited about those muffins and putting those in the oven, because I’m not sure if that’s gonna work. There go my fingers. Sticking my fingers in a
hot ass pan to flip an egg. Who does that? I do. Think I’ve done that in every
single copper pan review that I have done. Look at that product. Oh, are you too hot? Okay, gonna turn you down a little bit. Look at it! It’s so beautiful. Okay, I think I’m ready to flip it. Look at it. Boom, like a charm. (clanking) Totally messed that up,
but okay, there it is. It’s a beautiful thing, folks. Look at that. Maybe I can flip it like a pancake so I can get it on the other side. Ready? One, two, three, go! Oh I busted it. Oh that’s not good. (sighs) Sorry about that. That was my fault. I did not stick though. There’s nothing on that
pan but my damn egg. My popped egg. No big deal. I’m gonna flip this guy over. Look at that! Clean, clean. All you’re gonna do is wipe it
down with a little wet cloth and it is clean. This is pretty much done. We all know this shit works. Perfect, look at that. Next, we are gonna try the pancakes. I’m only gonna make one It’s too runny, goddamn it. You guys have told me this in the past. Your batter’s too runny. Sometimes I’m in a hurry
to get ready for videos. I’m not really paying attention
cause it doesn’t matter. Nobody’s eating this, it’s just
for demonstration purposes. So I’m not trying to get it perfect. It’s not a cooking show, folks. It’s not a cooking show. Look at that beautiful pancake. Do you think it’s gonna stick? No. Let’s bet some money on it. Five dollars. It’s not gonna stick. I already know it’s not gonna stick. Well I’m excited about those muffins. They’re not muffins. Why do I keep calling them muffins? They’re not muffins; they’re biscuits. Oh man, I could probably put
like a dozen biscuits in there. Oh yeah. Okay, let’s flip this pancake. Everybody ready? Don’t be shocked by the amazingness that this pan is. Ba-bam! Don’t talk shit about this pan. If you scratch it up with your fork, yeah it’s gonna stop being non-stick. If you scratch it up with
some other metal utensil it’s not gonna work properly. So don’t do that. Don’t leave me a comment
about this thing sucks, because it doesn’t. My original Red Copper pan
I passed that on to my mom because she wanted one. So I let her have the original
Red Copper pan that I bought. A lot of you guys have seen that video. Since I had already purchased the 10 piece Gotham Steel copper. I’m not paying attention. I’m yapping over here and
my pancake is about to burn. Look at that perfection. You ain’t gotta prove this one. We know you’re gonna work. Time for the biscuit test. Now we’re just gonna start
loading them in here. Here we go. There’s one. Oh god, it’s still hot from the- Two, three, four. Look at that. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten. I guessed a dozen. Twelve. Fifteen and there’s plenty of space. What I’m gonna do is scoot these guys over because I don’t have that many more. I want it to be nice and tight in there. Seventeen, eighteen, (screams) nineteen. Oh my god. Twenty! Twenty biscuits fit in there! Here’s one right here. Boom! You fit, scoot over. Look how beautiful that is. I’m practically the Pioneer Woman, right? Wouldn’t she make some shit like this? Move over girl, I’m coming for your job. Okay, I think they’re ready. Am I supposed to sprinkle
anything on these guys? 20 muffins going in the oven. Cross your fingers. (clanking) Hey Siri, set a 13 minute timer. – [Siri] Okay, thirteen
minutes and counting. – Thank you girl. I don’t even remember how much that biscuit tin told me to cook them for, but I’ll watch them. My biscuits are not gonna burn. (mumbles) Fuck, they’re inflating. I forgot that biscuits inflated. Hey Siri, how much time
is still left on my timer? – [Siri] It’s running at
eight minutes and 31 seconds. – What do we do? They’re looking good though. They’re not over-spilling. They’re baking beautifully. This is my waiting stance. Shake that ass. Are you guys ready for the big reveal? I’m ready because I can see
them and they look beautiful. Oh fuck, I forgot that
these gloves are not- Look! Ta-da! Beautiful biscuits. Move over Pioneer Woman. Now the real test. Are they gonna just slip out of here? Let’s see. Ready? (clanking) Boom! I’ve gotta put this shit down. (sighs) Hot. These things don’t work. I mean, thank you to
Stevo’s who gave me those. Look at my frickin’ biscuits. Impressed? I’m impressed. Let’s look at the bottom. Hopefully I didn’t burn them. Perfectly cooked biscuits! Look at those. They look a little hard, but
nobody’s gonna eat those. It’s just for demonstration. They look pretty. The pan worked. This pan has not let me down, not once. It’s always performed perfectly. The haters can go hate somewhere else, cause I love my Red Copper pan. I’m gonna give this guy five Vivian heads. Alright you guys, that is
it for another Vivian Tries. I hope that you have enjoyed this video. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye!


  1. Hey girl. I already left a comment but i just thought about something. Were the biscuits fully cooked in the middle?

  2. Hi! I don't know if it was mentioned, but you should try the Red Copper 5 Minute Chef. I believe it has just come out!

  3. Thats cool i need get my autistic son one of them pans. Hes 23 yrs old n i have been letting him cook more to learn 😀

  4. I have the deep one and use it for everything…. I'm a vegetarian and prefer to use my deep pan for everything my kids especially love when I make pancakes in it gives them more room to rise up without overtopping the pan… obviously I'm not cooking roasts or meat in the deep one but it is sooooooo with the money. I got the deep one and the round on sale together at Walmart

  5. Love me some red copper! Better than Pioneer Woman’s cookware. You should try the copper chef square pan w/ induction cooktop. It’d be interesting to see how it compared to Gotham Steel and Red Copper

  6. Okay, I stumbled upon you while trying to rack my brain on which dang pan to buy. Anyway, my brain is still lost on that path, but your videos have me cracking up!!! I am now going to watch your other videos. Good job!

  7. Good call, as always, Vivian. I picked a Red Copper Pan up many months ago. It worked fabulously. I threw out the rest of my skillets and replaced them all with Red Copper. No regrets whatsoever. I love your videos. Keep them coming.

  8. The deeper square pan is great for nearly everything and I would use the less deep pan less often. I think that they're biscuits Vivian! LOL so you making a crepe! Crepe batter is thin like that don't do that.

  9. I ordered this pan from Publishers Clearing and it was terrible. Everything I cooked in it stuck to the bottom and burnt. It was hard to clean so it went back.

  10. I like thin pancake batter because I like thinner pancakes. It makes them more like crepes when it's thin. Vivian, I love watching your videos, but may I please suggest not wasting food? Even if no one in your family wants to eat it, perhaps someone else would, or feed it to some ducks or chickens somewhere, or someone who raises pigs? It's sad to think that food is going to waste.

  11. Vivian your hot! but not as hot as that pan! great review. try try and try again vivski's i'll be back. ps: i was so disappointed there were no muffins, i got excited..

  12. Ordered this since I could blame it on you. Received today. Washed. Pre-heated in seconds on induction (!) burner. Fried egg didn't stick. Slid off, and the plate was harder to wash than the pan. Wow! Next tests: square crepes, tortillas from scratch. Five Marlises. Thanks for your fun videos. Much cheaper than handing over cash for something that doesn't work. Keep it up, Vivian!

  13. Girl, you are going to be our Halloween Costume. I’m going as Vivi- my partner is going as the Red Copper Pan. Bwahahahha!

  14. I still dont trust those gotham. I trust the copper, but i still wont buy it. I dont like my sister touching my things. Those f-ers are dead 💀 to me, hopefully they die soon

  15. I’m reading through the comments.. “I can live without the cursing” “your cursing too much”….. ugh people get on my damn nerves! I love you Vivian! I guess people want a fake ass person doing video reviews. Not this one! She keeps it real! 100%

  16. You’re so brave! I reach with my hands too because I have like chef hands but that’s dangerous for most people. I want one of these pans now but I’m still leaning more towards the Blue Diamond Pan.

  17. People… if you find her language offensive you don’t have to watch or comment for that matter!
    On another note, I want this pan!

  18. I always thought it was bull crap frying eggs or pancakes without oil and not stick when I saw it on the commercial. But now seeing you do it, now I need to get a few of these Red Copper pans. I can save a lot of money by not using a lot of oil.

  19. LOL, Vivian, you are hilarious! Buuuut, if the biscuits are too hard to eat, who cares whether they stick or not? I know it's not a cooking show, but you gotta be able to eat the food or the product is not a success!
    I still think you are great! 😊

  20. Dam Girl !! Don't throw those biscuits away . Give me a tub of Shedd Spread , some coffee and 4 or 5 hours and I'll have um gone for ya – hell yeah !! Before I forget again , I have a fast ass way to peel boiled eggs that I want to share with ya . It doesn't matter how many you boil – just follow this method . I usually boil mine for 17 minutes ( med high between #7 & #8 ) then I run cold water in the pot / pan until the pan gets kinda cool to the touch , you want the eggs to still be warm , then empty all the water out and shake the pan back and fourth , side to side viciously like it owes you money until the shells are broken to pieces . Then , put the pot / pan down in the sink and fill with cold water and peel the eggs under the water and you will be amazed how fast the shells come off . I have peeled a dozen eggs in 45 seconds doing it this way . MAKE SURE THE PAN OR POT DOES NOT HAVE WATER IN IT WHEN YOU SHAKE IT !!! A tiny bit at the bottom is o.k.

  21. It's been a year…do you have trouble with the COATING coming off??? I am. I NEVER used anything but plastic in it and the COATING is coming off…not happy.

  22. Before buying anything as seen on tv I check to see if you've done a review on it. I told my mom about you and have shared it on facebook.

  23. I like your fun spirit and your information,…but your language young lady is horrible. I love God and it is offensive for mention of Him to be used to cuss. Also Vivian, think about what the F word means. It means degraded, debased sex. I do not want to hear a yucky word meaning a degraded sexual act coming out of the mouth of such a pretty young lady. It is degrading to hear it and it is degrading you to speak it. I love you sweetheart, but I hope you please clean up your language.

  24. My husband thinks your a bad influence on me,can't wait to watch your next video,you are so f……. funny!

  25. Normally it takes once or twice to realize your saying the wrong word, but oh my gosh Vivian how many times did you say muffin lmao

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