Square Stitch Bracelet

Square Stitch Bracelet

This is a video on how to make the square stitch bracelet. You will need two pieces of gimp that are both the same length. For my bracelet I had each of my pieces of gimp at seven feet long. You definitely want to be conservative with how long you cut your pieces of gimp. If you cut them too short you won’t be able to finish your bracelet. So, use more than you think you will need. You also need to use enough gimp for the bracelet to fit around your hand. So, don’t just base it on how wide your wrist is, because the bracelet needs to be wide enough for you to actually put it on. In addition to two pieces of gimp you will also need a paper clip; and you’ll see why as you get further into the video Let’s get started. Take one of your two pieces of gimp, bend it at its center and drop it over your index finger. Take the strand behind your finger and wrap it around to make a second loop. Take your second piece of gimp and bring it under both of those loops. And then pull it through until you reach its center. Take your left strand and bring it across to the right, going over and under the loops. Take the strand on the right and bring it across to the left going over and under the loops, and keep it on the bottom side of your finger. Now, slowly pull the strands off of your finger and tighten them. Now you’ve started. Now for your second stitch flip the lanyard over, and do a square stitch on this side. Now don’t make this one too tight, because as you’ll see when you’re finishing the bracelet you’re going to need to be able to loosen up the first stitch that you made. So leave this one, this second stitch, a little bit looser than you would if you were just doing a normal lanyard. Once you’ve done your second stitch, just keep going on this side, and make regular square stitches. We’re not going to flip it again. Connect your lanyard to make a bracelet. So you can see my lanyard is coming along, and I’ll just show you a few more stitches. Now you can see what it looks like when the top and bottom are not mirror images of each other. You can see that they’re both the same pattern. In this case, if yours looks like this you’ll need to add one stitch or take away one stitch. So I’m going to take my last one off. And now you can see they are mirror images of each other. So yours will need to be mirror images of each other before you move forward. Next, you’ll be taking the strands in your last stitch and running them through the stitch at the beginning of your lanyard. This strand on the left, will go through this loop on the right. In my example it’s the purple loop going up and down. This strand at the top, will go through this loop in the top left corner. For me it’s this red loop. This strand at the bottom will go through this loop in the bottom right corner. For me that loop in red. And finally, this strand on the right will go around and through this loop in the bottom left corner; mine is purple. Now you’ll probably need to loosen the strands in the stitch at the bottom of your lanyard to get the strands at the top of your lanyard through. I recommend using a paper clip. It’ll take a little patience, but you can use a paper clip to loosen up those loops and after a minute or so you’ll get it. So, there’s the first one. Now I’ll loosen up this loop. Now I’ll do this loop on the top left. And finally, this loop on the bottom left. Now tighten all of your strands. And then let it stay like that for 30 minutes. After letting your bracelet sit for 30 minutes you can cut off the excess strands and you are done with the square stitch bracelet.


  1. it is not hard  and i am only 12 years old also his red looks like orange and it is going to be a present for my bff and it is sooooo cool

  2. i remember these being popular when i was in secondary school when i was about 14 years old and 10 years later they seem to be kind of popular

  3. Those of you saying "it doesn't work" then ur doing it wrong you saw him do it so obviously you messed up no need to be rude.

    GREAT video thank you I appreciate it!

  4. stop say mean comments because the people who say mean comments get your ass off this video and never come back stop it

  5. Skip to 14:00 if you want to see how the ends go together. This is a good tutorial but spends way too dang long just waving materials around at the beginning.


  7. i finally learned how to do boondoggle thanks to this video now it is on to learning how to do the twist stitch

  8. omg thank you so much!!!!! this is the best! i was not making a bracelet, but this was my first time! this helped me out ALOT!!!!

  9. I've been working on this for 5 days straight. i promised a friend i would have it for her by friday and today is thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Man I must be a goddamn brick or something because it took me ten tries just to make the first square. I was yelling so much my dog was getting concerned. Then I got absolutely screwed by the fact that he said use 7 feet of lanyard and now I’m knee deep in plastic cord for the next year or so I guess. This will never be done, and I’ve accepted that I have to drop out of school to finish this project. This is a project meant for 5 year olds and I can’t do it at all. Wow

  11. This dude is hella slow… Real life it does not take that long… He slow & take the long wat of explaining… Please work on show & telling… People know how to rewind.

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