Stainless Steel vs White Gold Watches – Does it Really Matter?

This is Watch Your Style. Today we’re gonna be discussing stainless
steel versus white gold. So you know, it’s an ongoing debate usually
between stainless steel or white gold because it’s obvious. They look very similar. But the value on certain models changes dramatically. So, I would say that out of the brands that
we carry and that are most popular in the watch collection world, the brand that has
the most options in white gold is gonna be Rolex. So then it comes to this debate, stainless
steel or white gold? I mean, for example, with the new Pepsi that
just came out in stainless steel where it’s going at double the retail price, where it
retails for $9,000, but you can’t pick one up for less than $18,000. I mean I kind of would almost rather pay the
$26,000 to $27,000 Oyster band and in white gold, because you’re getting a precious metal. So it’s that whole debate kind of like white
gold or stainless steel that’s always a toss-up for most people. Another example is the Sky-Dweller. With the Sky-Dweller right now being over
retail, it pretty much murdered the sales of the white gold Sky-Dweller. White gold is a particular precious metal
that is popular among the clients that kind of want obviously a gold watch, but don’t
want it to show. Where I’m from in Miami, white gold is probably
the slowest seller because people when they pay that premium, they kind of want either
the rose or the yellow. They want to show the gold. But white gold is a little bit more…I want
to say, more popular with the people I guess that just want to keep a low profile and want
to just fly below the radar. So, for me it puts you in that position on
some watches, it’s like, should I just go stainless steel or should I go white gold. Another thing is that some of these Rolex
models…and I’m focusing mostly on Rolex because they’re the ones that have the most
unique white gold versions available as opposed to AP, Patek and other things like that. But, what happens is is that believe it or
not, the stainless steel version always ends up coming out nicer than the white gold version. So then I guess it just boils down to if you
want to have that white gold watch where you know it’s gold and for you, you know what
it’s worth and you know the status of it in the Game, and it just doesn’t say that much. For example, like I mentioned earlier, I love
the Pepsi GMT in white gold. It’s one of the few that I like, but you see
the Submariner in white gold doesn’t really do it for me. Also, the Yacht-Master II in white gold doesn’t
do it for me either. It’s kind of strange how on that model they
kind of gave it that platinum looking bezel just like the stainless steel version of the
Yacht-Master I. I don’t get it. It kind of looks…they made the white gold
one look like the stainless steel, where I think that perhaps the white gold version
should have had the blue ceramic bezel. So I guess for me it boils down to the look
of the model and the price, because if the price of the stainless steel is inflated and
it’s closer to getting to the price of the white gold, then I rather have the precious
metal. But the look is also very important, so for
me I guess those are the factors that I would take into consideration before pulling the
trigger on a stainless steel watch that looks very close to a white gold version in price
at least. Another thing that I thoroughly enjoy is when
I have on a white gold watch and people think it’s stainless steel, so that’s kind of like
the effect that I like. They’re like, �Oh, you know, that’s a nice
watch in stainless,� and I’m like, �No, it’s white gold.� It also happens when you have a platinum watch. Sometimes people would assume that it’s a
white gold watch, then you hit them with the whole platinum line. You know, there’s a difference in color between
white gold and stainless steel. Stainless steel is always gonna look a little
bit more white, whereas the white gold is gonna have that little off-color. I for one like it, but that tends to be my
favorite thing what I was mentioning, like for example, a white gold Day-Date II. Yes of course, Presidential band, it’s obviously
a Presi, but to the untrained eye, it might just look like a stainless steel Datejust
II. So some of the things you want to think about
when you’re choosing a white gold watch is, what you’re gonna use it for? For example, if I was gonna be using it a
lot for work and if I worked in an office setting, it’s a perfect watch that obviously
would show the status, but won’t be too flashy. Won’t upset people or show off a little bit
too much. So for me, that’s one of the major advantages
to a white gold watch, is you have the value and the precious metal there. So one thing I wanna talk also about pricing
is that, usually the white gold versions of any watch has a higher retail, but for some
reason in the resale market in pre-owned, it’s always gonna be less and that’s mostly
gonna be because people just rather spend the money and get rose or yellow. That’s what always tends to happen with the
white gold watches. So feel free to comment below how you feel
about white gold watches and if you liked this video, please like and share. Also, subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric. Watch Your Style!

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