Hello hello! I know it’s been about three
months now since my last one and I promise I am planning on doing these
more regularly going into the future. But life’s just been crazy, you know? It’s
just, a lot of stuff happened. And if you want to see some clips of the stuff that
I was doing since my last vlog, I’ll insert them at the end of the video. But
today I wanted to start a bunch of different bracelets and I thought I
would bring you along for the ride. So we are in October now and of course because
of that I wanted to do a bunch of spooky patterns. So for the challenge of the
month I picked out two different patterns: one is a skeleton and one is a
pumpkin pattern, to make together. And I also want to do some other spooky
patterns just for myself. So I’ve also been trying to sort of push myself to
create more alpha designs since I’m not that great at doing them. So that’s why
both of the challenge patterns are alpha as well. So we’re gonna be starting a
bunch of new bracelets today, although as you can see my box of unfinished
bracelets is not empty, I still have quite a few unfinished bracelets in here
and quite a few of which are actually the arrowheads that I haven’t finished
yet. I’ve only finished two of them and also sort of the polkadot chevron
bracelet. So I want to do one for each color, I’ve shown you that before, but
yeah. This is one of the – this is one of the patterns for the challenge of the
month and I’m doing it with a sort of sparkly thread for the orange and that’s
sort of the theme that I want to go with. I want to use a bunch of my new sparkly
yarns. So let me show you what I’ve got. So basically I don’t have a really great
way of storing my thread. Some of my thread is in boxes that I’ve shown you
before, other threads are just like in bags and stuff. But I have my yarn stored
in here. So I have a bunch of different sparkly Alize yarn, which I did a
video on and I’ll link that somewhere so you can check that out if you want to in
more detail. But I’ve got a bunch of that sort of sparkly yarn here and I really
want to do something with that. I really want to use this black or maybe this
black because it’s also sparkly but more subtle in sort of like a background. So
something like a space pattern with that as a background. So I think I’m gonna be
using this one actually, so I’ll put it aside.
This one is white. I’m thinking maybe that could be also used somewhere, but I
don’t have any specific plans yet. I’ve also got all these sort of multicolored
ones, this is the Alize Diva, never used them before. A lot of these I
haven’t used yet because I was still catching up on the competition winners
and I was still catching on patreon bracelets. I didn’t really have the chance
to sort of create something for myself so I’m really excited to use these. These
are also new ones that I got. This one was sent to me by @hm_zokko and I’m
really excited to try these as well but I don’t have any specific plans for this
yet. I want to get out this one because this one I’m going to be using for the
skeleton. I want to do the skeleton bracelet with just a normal black
background, but with this sparkly grey for the bones of the skeleton. So that’s
gonna go off to the side. This one I’ll show you later what the
pattern is, but basically it’s a pattern with a bunch of moons and I want to use
that for the background, for like the stars and stuff. Other than that, I don’t
know where exactly I want to use all these, but I definitely definitely want
to have all of these be used because there’s so many of them and they’re so
pretty and I’m so happy that I have them. I’m really excited to try them out, I’ve
also taped everything down here because otherwise they get tangled
and messy. So yeah, I’ve got a whole sort of drawer filled with yarn.
Over here, under my Kurzgesagt calendar that I’m not using right now. I didn’t get all my
lights out cause like this is just a vlog, but I have a bunch of these I
got in Russia. I showed it on my Instagram story but I didn’t show it
here. So these – alright so this is by the brand Kirov (Киров).
I got these in Russia and these are just like packs of gradients.
And I don’t really have any specific plans for them yet either, but I think
they might come in handy for something later so I’m just gonna put those aside.
I also went out with a @simari_handmade on Instagram. We met up while I was in Russia and
that’s where I got these as well. I went out with her and she recommended this
brand. This is Kamtex (Камтекс) also from Russia. It’s basically 100% cotton yarn and it’s
the same thickness for bracelets. So there’s quite a lot of it in here so
this color I’m not running out anytime soon. And I also got other colours for it
so I’ve got yellow, purple, this is a beautiful multicolored one.
Very beautiful colors here. And light blue, dark blue, red which is
beautiful and deep, this multicolored one, this one as well – I really like this one,
I think we could think of a really cute sort of pastel bracelet with these. I don’t
know specifically what though. But I also have these. So these were given to me as
a gift from my mum and this is the Yarn Art Camellia. I think she got these
in Russia as well and she gave them to me as a gift. So these are sort of metallic,
they’re really sparkly. They’re a little bit thinner than the normal sort of
strand, but I used them and they’re fine in bracelets, they turn out okay. I’ve
got this beautiful gold and more gold because you can never have enough gold. I
also have this beautiful silver, which I don’t have any plans for yet at the
moment because I don’t really know where I can use it. And I have this beautiful
orange and this is the one I’m using for the pumpkin. This is really, really
cute. So I do have a lot of supplies and finally I’m like done with all the
competition winners, with most of the patrons – I still have two I think, I need to
send out, but I can finally justify sort of making my own stuff and not actually
doing it for other people. So let’s get into that! So I have a lot of saved
patterns on BraceletBook. I think I have like 300, yeah, there’s a lot of them. But
basically what I do is I save all the patterns that I like when I’m
sorting through them and now since I’m a moderator on BraceletBook as well, I see
patterns before they’re submitted and if I approve them, I also save them to here
when I like them. So now I have like early access to patterns that I like,
which is pretty cool. But yeah, basically I have a lot and I want to just like
sort through this and pick out some of the patterns that I really want to get
to soon and yeah I definitely want to start this one and
for this one I want to use this yarn, which is the sparkly one as the
background to sort of imitate the stars. I want to do this one as well, but in the
middle as well sort of use some kind of color-changing string. This one is really
beautiful, I need to think of a color combination for it. This one is cute. it’s
very tiny though I prefer thicker patterns, but I think I’m gonna make this
one regardless. I want to start this one a lot, I really like it. This one is super cute as well, I really like these colors actually and I don’t really want to
change them. And then this one is the one that I’m gonna be doing, but I’m probably
gonna do this variation of it so with black and white. And with this I
also want to use this sparkly thing for the background. I was thinking of maybe
using this sort of sparkly grey for the background of like for the grey here, but
I think I’ll be just too many sparkles and I might just want to leave it for
the background. And then of course we have this and we’re also gonna be
starting the skeleton pattern, which I don’t have up, but I’ll get up in a
second. So picking colors is always hard for me
and you guys are constantly requesting like tutorials and stuff on how I pick
colors – it’s always a process. So I’ve got Adobe Color up on here and I’ll leave
that linked in the description. Basically, there’s a thing called color theory,
which I’ve also actually studied at university so that’s helpful university
education, but basically there’s a bunch of different ways in which you can
arrange colors. The one that I’m looking at right now is complementary, which
looks at two opposite colors on the color wheel, but there’s also other ones
like monochromatic or triad, which looks at three different colors sort of on
each of the thirds of the color wheel. So you basically can look at these, that can
give you like sort of ideas for color combinations, but when it comes down to
the nitty-gritty, you have to just like sit down and sort through your
collection and figure out what colors go together. So right now I’m looking at a
purple color gradient and I’m thinking of doing some kind of like green and
yellow with it, but I don’t think that these necessarily go with that well. Like
specifically these colors, so I’m sort of still figuring out what colors I want to
do. So I did my organizing my collection video where I organized all my threads,
but since then I bought a lot more and they’re just like in bags like these. And
all the yarn you just saw how I store them. All the other stuff has been just
like boxes like this and it’s all just messed up together. And actually, I
personally don’t mind that. Like I did that video, I organized everything and
yeah, that looks really cool, but I find it more stressful to be honest to sort
through colors when they’re on bobbins. Because I then need to put the bobbins
back to where they were and had to have it look pretty all the time. I’m cool
with it just being a mess, honestly. I don’t mind that at all.
I just sort through this, I pick out the colors that I like, I sort of try them
on together and then I throw them back in. I genuinely don’t mind that so, you
know, a little secret into my world. Also, you might have noticed these Anchor
multicolored threads. I haven’t tried them yet. I’ve got this
pastel rainbow and this sort of other rainbow, but this is a bit too dark of a
rainbow for me. So I’m also thinking of where I can use that. I think I’m going to settle for this. Sort of
like a green to yellow gradient, with a purple to sort of like lilac gradient as
well. So this is for this pattern and I’ll leave all the patterns in the
description for you. So for this one I’m thinking of doing a deep red, a sort of
bright red and just like an off-white for the border. So for the planet one I
actually like the colors that are in the pattern. As I said, I want this for the
background, but for the pattern I’m gonna go with in this yellow for the actual
planet and then this for the ring around it. I think this is like a really bright,
almost neon orange. I don’t know how well the camera is picking that up, but like
this is really, really bright. So I think it stands out amazingly on the black and
also the yellow. So I’m actually really happy with that color combo. I’m
just gonna leave it here. For this one I really want to go with the multicolored
for the middle, but I’m not sure if I want sort of like a black or white
outline for the outline. I don’t know, picking colors is a little bit difficult to be
honest. I want to go for a multicolored, so let’s find the multicolored first.
I have a bunch of multicolored ones in here, let me just pick them out. Basically, for this pattern I originally
saw Kami do a bracelet like this and this is the beautiful bracelet that
she had. So this is what like sort of inspired me to actually create this
pattern. So she’s using a beautiful multicolored thread for the middle and
then a sparkly one for the background. I don’t already have that many sort of
like multicolored ones that I really like. I like these, but I don’t think that
they’re really – I don’t know how to describe it, I’m not like in love with
them if you know what I mean. Like these Prism ones. I think they’re really cute
and I’ve used them before, but I’m not like in love with them so I’m not burning
with passion to create with these at the moment. So I’m gonna put these
aside and once I’ve done that you can see that I mostly have multicolored Prism. So I’ve got a bunch of like DMC ones as well, but this one I’ve created
one with this recently so I don’t want to do it again, I want to do something
new. The pink ones I don’t think will really work here so I’m gonna put these
aside as well. Maybe this one? This one could work, but I also want to use one of
these maybe? Okay, I’m gonna put this aside. This one was one I got sent
through the mail, so thank you Peter. I don’t think this works for this is either. So
maybe this would work? But I also kind of want to do this maybe? Maybe this? I’m
gonna have a look at what sparkly yarns I have to match this. Okay, so upon
raiding my closet, which took so long my computer screen decided to fall asleep.
I’ve decided to go with this one for the inside, this one, which is sparkly
sort of salmon I guess color, I don’t know how to describe this one and then
probably like a brown for the outline or something like that. So I’m gonna put
this aside as well. This one I’m gonna put off, I’m not gonna make this one.
Yeah and for all the other ones I’ve already done the colors, so let’s get to
cutting. So I started a bunch of patterns, I’ve
got two of these, which look pretty much the same and I mean they are the same at
the moment, they just have one string difference. So once I actually get to
making the pattern I need to very carefully realize which ones which
because literally the only difference is this one has I think 11 and this one has
12 strings. I started this one and I am so happy with my color choices because
look at this, that is so cute! I love that this thing sparkles, I love
it! I love the color combination of this! I’m super excited to start this bracelet,
I think it’s gonna be so cool, I love it. I have this one, which is the tiny little
red one. There’s so little strings, I’m so not used to making tiny ones but this
one. And then also this one. I started – I started this one as well for this
pattern. I thought it would end up with more, but I only did five. That’s still quite
a lot though. Five is more than enough. I should get into doing these as well. But
before I go, I thought I would give you a little bit of update on what I am
reading. So since the last vlog I finished Crazy Rich Asians it’s now on
my shelf. And I started reading the next book in the series which is China Rich
Girlfriend. I’m now on page 120 and I have just finished the first part of the
book. So there’s three parts to this book, I finished part one. I absolutely loved
Crazy Rich Asians, I thought it was a really fun read, I enjoyed it a lot. I did
I feel that the ending was somewhat anticlimactic or like a little bit
dissatisfying, but then you have to realize that it is a trilogy, there’s
more books to it. So I guess that made sense that not all the questions were
answered, not all the plot lines sort of got to a finished point, but I guess
that’s kind of the point we have a series. So I’m now a third into this book
and I’m really enjoying as well. It’s in the same style, the same humor. I’m having
a lot of fun with it as well. So yeah, I’m definitely loving it, but I am not
reading as much as I want to be reading. I feel like I cannot justify reading
because I always have so much stuff to do. Now that I’ve also started university,
I’m trying to do my channel twice a week you know posting videos two times a week
also doing like live streams and other stuff, I have a husband now who’s with me,
I feel like I always have stuff to do and I can’t justify reading. But I
need to. I need to read because that is such important downtime for me. I need to
be able to have that time where I just sit down and I read. So I haven’t read
anything in about like month honestly. I haven’t read anything at all. So this is
inspired by @katriss.reads on Instagram who’s also @masterskaya_nasa, she has a
friendship bracelet account and also a reading account. She does these daily
trackers on her Instagram story where she posts this tracker and indicates how
many pages she’s read each day of the month and I decided I want to do that
too. So I sat down and I designed my own reading tracker with my friend’s iPad. And this is what I ended up creating. If
you want to download that and somehow use it for yourself, I’ll try to have it
linked in the description so you can download it from somewhere, but it will
also be on my Instagram sort of story highlights and you can screenshot it
from there if you want to. I’m gonna start posting this tracker every single
day and indicating how many pages I have read on that day on my Instagram story
so if you want to catch up with me there you can do that. I think that’s enough
for today, I’ve done quite a lot. However, I do have a bunch of other vlogs
planned. I wanna make each vlog sort of like unique and a different theme to it. And I
have a lot of stuff planned out already. So let me know if you’d like to see that.
Before I go, here are just a few clips of my summer holidays. So for some context,
my family, who are my parents and my younger sister, came to the UK over the
summer they stayed in a cottage in Wiltshire and I came to visit them and
there were a bunch of different animals so here are some clips of that. So thank you for watching, I hope you
enjoyed today’s video. I post videos on Wednesdays – I post videos on Wednesdays
and Sundays and sometimes I post bonus videos as well. And I will see you next
time, bye!

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