Statement from Brandon’s Chief of Police regarding Police Officer Stabbing

Statement from Brandon’s Chief of Police regarding Police Officer Stabbing

The events of the late afternoon of
November 30th are a stark reminder of the risks faced by members of the Brandon Police Service and indeed police officers all across our country. I had
the opportunity to visit with our injured member and his immediate family
last night at the Brandon Regional Health Center. I am pleased to report that he
was released from hospital later in the evening but the reality is that things
may have turned too much worse for our brave hardworking and dedicated officer.
I believe I speak on behalf of our entire police family when I say we
breathed a collective sigh of relief when I remember was released. There are
many other officers working late yesterday who are involved in the
investigation of the two separate yet conjoined incidents of the suspected
arson in the 1200 block of Rosser Avenue, followed by the stabbing incident
involving our member. I also had the opportunity to speak with other members
yesterday evening as well. The professionalism displayed in the
face of these incidents especially when one of their own members reported to be
done speaks volumes about the dedication that
our officers bring to work with them each and every day. Now our primary focus is on the after care of all of our members involved in the events of
yesterday evening. In incidents such as these there are always other supporters from
who’s actions and words we draw strength. The Police Service wishes to thank other
emergency responders such as emergency dispatch, ambulance dispatch and the responding crews from Brandon Fire and Emergency Services. In addition, I have received a
number of emails, texts and other messages from the police and civilian
communities at large showing their support for our injured member and all
police personnel involved yesterday evening. I wish to thank everyone who has
shown their support of the police service by word and/or act With any incident of this nature there also is required a necessary inquiries to be made into the circumstances leading up
to how these events unfolded. The police service will be conducting a thorough
review of these events will be working in conjunction with an offering all
assistance to the Province of Manitoba Workplace Health and Safety
investigators. Finally I wish to thank the media for showing patience and
understanding as we work through the circumstances of the events of late
yesterday afternoon. We will continue to try and keep you informed as the
investigation progresses. Thank you very much!

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