Steph Curry Crying In Locker Room After Warriors Lose Game 4 NBA Finals

Steph Curry Crying In Locker Room After Warriors Lose Game 4 NBA Finals

Commentary being done by the commentator(people excited) Commentary being done by the commentator(people excited) (Crowd cheers) I’m out here on the court, it’s lit in here. If y’all not here, y’all better be tuning in. (Pre-game huddle or prayer) (Singing) Jone barbecue foot massage (running) (Fans Cheer, music plays) (Slow-mo yelling) (Cheering) For a good start let’s go DUBS! (Crowd chatter) (Fans cheer) (Cheer leaders dancing to music) (Crowd chatter) (Fans Cheer) They reversed the call, they reversed the call. It went off Kyrie’s head. (Fans cheer) (Guy cheering) (Fans cheer) (Smash) Oh, no! (Crowd chatter) Uh oh! Uh oh! (Fans cheer) (Fans cheer) (Fans cheer excitedly) Way to go, Draymond! (Defense cheer) That’s the guy I bought my tickets from. Kyrie Oh, no! Three point play by Kyrie! (Cheering) (High pitched scream altered by SnapChat voice filter) Run forward, into the basket! Andre Iguodala (Inaudible) (Cheering) Point Dray (Cheering) Let’s do this! Girl: One minute left and it’s tied. Boy: Aww, come on, Curry! Hey, What a game! What a game! They got the ball, Kyrie. Oh, no! (Very passionate cheering) Let’s go Cavs. Let’s go Cavs! 10 seconds left, Steph Curry got to make that 3 pointer to tie the game up or its… I don’t know Lebron just went in dunked it, foul, now he’s hurt his wrist, I don’t know! (Cheering) Yeah baby! Yeah! (Cheer of excitement) Girl: We just won! Leave ’em out there celebrating for the first time ever, you gotta give credit when it’s due. (Screaming of excitement) Yah, baby! Woooooo! Those are some… (Laughter) Man… (Laughter) You see how small he made those trophies look? (Multiple cameras click) Oh man… I don’t think it’s hit me yet sorry I’m still in.. I’m still in game mode. (Crowd chanting) Let’s go Cavs! Let’s go Cavs!


  1. I remember this boy gaht damn. Mfs was relentless with the jokes. Why was they mad at ayesha though. All she tryna do is get recipes for her cookbook and everybody wanna be mad at her

  2. Y'all tripping if you think Cavs ACTUALLY won this series. Lmao. Blind refs won it for Lebron. NBA is a corrupt organization that made sure Lebron could continue his "legacy" because he couldn't do it himself. All those stupid non-existent fouls called on Curry with him being not a hundred percent…. This series was a full-blown telenovela/drama.

    Warriors lost, yes- but look what happened afterwards. Warriors got stronger and made smarter decisions drafting players. Curry got his revenge and Cavs got exposed and then swept like dirt. Yeah, that was all fun to watch.

  3. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ookkk ur last ring no more ring for Cleveland rite but ma golden State warriors has 3 ring about to have 4💍💍💍💍=GS swept ur weakass ass LAVLAND

  4. 2016:Cleveland Happy when they won
    2017:Cleveland Cries
    2018:Cleveland Cries very loud
    2019:Cleveland Fans Cried Very Loud They Never went to playoffs

    No offense✌

  5. There are so many crazy people on this earth who dont accept a fails on there life so they mking fun to other people who doesnt do anything to them
    Edit:sorry for my bad english

  6. Im Fan of GS but i realize sometimes curry is to mch u konw i think u know look are they i ean the CAVS they are praying so much for the winnig they didnt waster their time because they know if ever win or lost they got god blessings and i dont realy know fo curry theyre just dancing and excited for getting the tropy sorry for my language im not from noth or south i just saying also im not christian or i dunno just yah i mean i just want to say maybe I MEAN I HOPE CURRY'S TEAMAMTE WELL PRAY AND IF THERE GONNA LOST I HOPE THEY WELL ACCEPT IT IM SORRY FOR SAYING THIS BUT I AM A REALY REAL REAL REALY FAN OG GS IM JUST CONCERN SORRY.

  7. 3-1 lead, hometown, celebrating too early, against a city that hadn't won a championship in decades; and they done fucked it up.
    You mess up THAT bad, no way can you call the Warriors the best of all time. Even if they were 73, it doesn't mean jack shit if they lost the championship. LMFAO!!!

  8. Just shows you how hollow shallow and super ficial ppl are unless they have character thats rooted in the core which morals and values spring from like a geyser in Yellowstone park!

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