Sterling Silver Chain Extenders

Sterling Silver Chain Extenders

See for yourself why more and more
jewelry collections come with chain extenders at the back of nearly every
necklace. Customers love chain extenders because they allow you to wear a
necklace at different lengths to match the neckline of the shirt you have on
each day. A chain extender is typically a wider, open link chain segment that’s
attached at the end of a smaller neck chain or necklace design. The wide open
links make it easy to attach a lobster claw or spring ring clasp at any point
along the length, even from behind the neck. Some people prefer extenders
because it’s easier to grip a length of chain instead of just one small length
at the back of a necklace. So these are also more ergonomic for people who have
difficulty with clasps on neck chains and bracelets. Some chain extenders come
with charms already attached, so they are quick and easy to use. And the little
charm dangles down at the back of the neck and looks really sexy. These are
cool little features. Some have puffed teardrops or little ball beads
and others are plain segments of chain that you can embellish with your own
charm or logo tag. Of course you can also make your own chain extensions at any
length you choose by trimming segments of footage chain.
Check out the Halstead website for lots of different options.

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