Sterling Silver Figaro Chain 7 millimeters 20 inches

Sterling Silver Figaro Chain 7 millimeters 20 inches

Hi everyone. Today we are featuring this nice men’s necklace. It’s a sterling silver Figaro chain and
as you can see this shiny necklace chain is perfect for everyday use or gift for any occasion. It has 7 millimeters wide links and it’s
20 inches long. And this is how thick it is compared to a
quarter. It comes with a lobster clasp here, which
we prefer on heavy chains like this. This men’s Figaro necklace has 925 stamped
on it. As you can see there. Which means this is a standard 92.5 silver. It’s real sterling silver. It’s not just silver plated like a lot of
those “other chains”. Here’s a close up look at the Figaro chain. As you can see it has a heavy-duty silver
chain. It weighs about 30 grams and to give you an
idea of how heavy that is. It weighs about as much as six quarters combined. So we’ll put it on our scale here.


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