Steve Kerr reacts: Warriors Co-Owner suspended for shoving Raptors player

Steve Kerr reacts: Warriors Co-Owner suspended for shoving Raptors player

finally the Golden State Warriors and all of their U of a connections were hoping to take a two games to one lead the NBA Finals but after Wednesday’s lost they’d find themselves instead trailing meanwhile there’s more controversy after Toronto’s Kyle Lowry got some unwanted contact from a fan along the sidelines and it turns out that the fan is a minority owner of the Warriors started when the Toronto and his player was chasing down a ball that was headed out of bounds Lauer douve after it and his momentum caused him to crash into the front row and right into a fan sitting in the second row check it out that’s when the fans sitting nearby reached over and shoved him in the shoulder and that is a big no-no come on was it long before the fan was escorted from the playing area the Warriors confirmed today that demand Mark Stephens is a minority owner of the team I didn’t really even know the story until this morning I know our organization has put out a release and I will let the release speak for itself it’s really not you know my jurisdiction but you know I will also personally apologize to to Kyle and and to the Raptors that’s unacceptable I know our team and organization is addressing the you know the situation and we’ll act accordingly you don’t want to see that in our game and hopefully it doesn’t happen crazy stuff just like athletes sometimes the fans in the stands their emotions take over a bit in this case more than a fan a minority owner as well all right Paul thank you we’ll be right back stay with us

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