Stingray Leather Bracelet Tutorial

Hi there. Sandy here. Welcome to another jewelry
making video at my YouTube channel and my blog KeepsakeCrafts. net. Today I’m going
to show you how easy it is to take some leather cord and make a really nice classy bracelet.
This one would be nice for the guys in your life as well as the gals. So the nice folks over at Endless Leather
offered to send me some of their leathers to try out and use in a project to show you
so I have some really interesting leathers here. First of all this widest one is stingray
leather. It’s kind of cool. It actually has a bit of a sparkle to it. And then I have
a braided leather here. This one is just regular cow hide. It’s a 5mm braided cord and this
one would actually be very nice for your Pandora style bracelets as their braided cord is a
similar diameter. And then I also have this 1mm cord, which is kangaroo leather. So they
are kind of interesting and I decided to combine the three into one bracelet. Now I’ve gone
ahead and gotten started because when you’re building a bracelet like this you need to
have one side glued in and the glue dry before you continue on to the next. These are the gold plated 8mm end caps that
they also have at Endless Leather and on each one I have a 6mm jump ring and then I have
a gold plated clasp. If you were making this for a guy and maybe this is a little bit too
glam for them you could certainly find gun metal plated or something a little more subdued.
Now what I went ahead and did was I took two strands of the 1mm kangaroo leather and one
strand of the 5mm braided leather and I braided them together just in a three strand braid.
Do your best to keep it even as you’re braiding and as I was working and experimenting and
trying to figure out how best to put this together, I didn’t want to mar the leather
and so instead of using tape or something harsh, I just used rubber bands to hold everything
in place and then all I’m going to do for this design is I’m going to take this braid
and just wrap it around the wider piece of leather and I’m going to try to do it in a
nice even spiral. I did try braiding all three leathers together, but because this one is
so much bigger it didn’t wrap around the others. It stayed stiff and ended up looking kind
of messy so I decided not to do that, but I think this looks really cool. You can try
all different colors and combinations mixed together. Honestly if you wanted to make a
plain bracelet for a guy you could just use the stingray leather and then you can choose
a slightly smaller end cap and you’d be all set. Really simple and quick, but very on
trend and cool looking. Now I’m just going to check the fit here.
What we want is for this, the actual leather to be about the same size that you want the
bracelet and then when you cut it, the clasp will add just enough to account for the thickness
of the leather. If you were to measure the length and then cut it that length, when you
bend it, because this material has a thickness, the inside diameter is smaller and your bracelet
is going to be too small. So you do have to account for the thickness of the bracelet.
So I’m just checking here to see where I want to cut it off and I think right about there
and I’m just going to use a pair of scissors and just take your time. Kind of work your
way and it cuts fairly easily. Then I’m going to check that I’m happy with where my wraps
are and I’m going to pop this rubber band off and open it out and once I’m happy where
all that is I’m going to trim this leather off to the same spot and then I’m going to
use the rubber band, this will be our sacrificial rubber band, put it down further than the
cap is going to go and now all you need to do is mix up some two part Epoxy and this
is the Epoxy that they sell at Endless Leather. It has a really long working time, like two
hours and is fully cured in about 12 hours so it’s nice that you don’t have to rush and
it even comes with a little mixing container and a little mixing paddle if you want although
I’m usually happy just using a scrap of paper that I pulled out of the trash can and a toothpick.
And the way this stuff works is you just mix equal parts of each one and then mix them
together thoroughly. Since there’s so much open time on this I like to mix for a good
minute and make sure they’re very thoroughly mixed. Once you have it thoroughly mixed, then you’re
just going to take your toothpick and carefully get that Epoxy down into the bottom of the
cap and also onto the sides. You want to put enough in, but you don’t want to put in so
much that it oozes out because that’s just not an attractive look. And then just kind
of take a look in there and look at your piece of leather and if it looks like a little too
much you can scoop some out and then you just press your leather pieces in there. Make sure
it’s in there nice and tight and then let it sit until it’s fully cured and then you
can cut off the rubber band and your bracelet is done. So for links to all the tools and materials
that I used in this project you can click here and go to the accompanying blog post.
Here’s another look at the project we made today. Be sure to check out all the wonderful
interesting array of supplies they have over at Endless Leather and maybe make yourself
some jewelry for a gentleman in your life. Thanks so much for watching KeepsakeCrafts’
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