Stock Markets Recover and Gold Prices fall back after a Trump Victory – why?

Stock Markets Recover and Gold Prices fall back after a Trump Victory – why?

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Thursday 10th November 2016 and we
address the issue as to why stock markets have recovered and gold prices fallen back
a day or so after a Trump victory. Despite a Trump Presidential win, Asian share
markets have surged back after Wednesday’s sharp sell-off.
Many, including us, expected a market fall and it did not materialise but for a few hours.
Yesterday: • Dow Jones ended the day up by 1.4%.
• The S&P 500 was up 1.11% • Nasdaq was also up by 1.11%
• Japan’s Nikkei 225 index rose 6.7%, more than recovering losses from the previous session.
• Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index added 2.1% • Australia’s ASX index up 3.3%.
• France’s Cac index and Germany’s Dax both closed about 1.5% higher after erasing losses
of more than 2%. • In London the FTSE 100 index dropped 2%
at the start of trading, before recovering to end the day 1% up.
The US dollar also rose throughout the day and continued to make gains in Asia this morning
with the dollar index now standing at 98.5 Chief economist at IHS Markit, Nariman Behravesh,
said: “after the initial shock, investors seem to
feel that a Trump administration could be good news for US businesses, with lower taxes
and a reduced regulatory burden”. Even Gold has fallen back below the $1300
level, currently standing at $1288 but silver so far has remained quite robust falling only
20 cents from its weekly high of just over $19.
Things are not so good for Mexico however. In late afternoon trade, the peso was down
by around 8% at roughly 20 pesos to the dollar, its lowest value against the US currency in
history. The Mexican stock market was also down by more than 2%. Trump’s policy to
build a wall between the two countries and tear up trade agreements has certainly hit
home. So what are we to make of this situation when
all believed that a Trump victory would cause financial chaos?
Well at first it did with markets and the dollar falling and precious metal prices rising.
However, the reversal is down in our opinion to three key factors:
1. Trump after winning, gave a conciliatory speech thereby suggesting that perhaps as
President he won’t be quite as radical as feared from his robust campaigning.
2. He does not take office until 20th January 2017 so, for the moment, policy is same as
usual and remember, and we are being just a little conspiratorial here, we are coming
up to Christmas Bonus time and such bonuses are only paid out if trading has been healthy
and generally markets have risen – so there is a built in impetus to keep talking the
markets up within the trade. 3. No-one actually knows what Trump’s policies
are yet in terms of detail, and so it is difficult for the markets to gauge their effect; after
all a number of economists and analysts do not believe that Trump can actually implement
much of what he has said. Once these details are known, then we will see the true reactions
of the markets. There are of course other factors, however
we wish to issue to our subscribers and listeners a word of caution. The higher the markets
go over the next few months, the further they can fall when sentiment changes, especially
if Trump does put into effect some of the harsh measures, which will be necessary, to
achieve what he claims he wishes to achieve. So for now, and until his inauguration, we
may witness some gains, but be sure in the early stages of a Trump Presidency we also
expect some pain. So any fall in precious metal prices should, in our opinion, be seen
as an opportunity for those whose portfolio is light to redress that balance.
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  1. Maybe the Republicans winning both the Senate and House of Representatives had quite a lot to do with the positive effect on the stock markets?

  2. option hedges do expire.. I wonder if there's any maths whizzes who could plug in the Greeks onto that percentage bounce.. another point silver is a large export of Mexico which really should've made it cheaper.. it hasn't..why?…oh let's not forget the Fed rate rise effects on the market in the foreseeable future

  3. with increased government spending required to kick start the economy and add tariffs on imports together with corporations passing on a possible interest rate rise, significant inflation seems a unavoidable consequence

  4. Pondering that this might be the last leg up in stocks. Euphoria? Could tack on a couple hundred or more SPX points. Most people have their 401k already in stocks through fund mgrs, so don't know how much further up to go.

  5. The dollar like all fiat currency will fall and many analyst forcast that collapse coming sooner rather than later. Just keep in mind that it won't be because of Trump, but rather due to the failed policies and practices of his globalist predecessors

  6. Maybe the speculations are wrong and nothing has been done or will be done by Trump wining. When has a politician ever done all they promised? And do you think Trump is a man to fulfill all that he promised?

  7. I live in Mexico. In my opinion, the dropping peso isn't a big deal (yet). Most things cost the same here as when the peso was at $14 or $15 per dollar. Also it stimulates tourism and some construction. Americans are more excited to spend money here because of the favorable exchange rate. I work in construction and many of my clients are anxious to start long awaited projects or spend more time here on vacation than normal. The bottom line is that a kilo of tortillas or tomatoes costs the same today as it did last month or the month before. I understand that on a large international business level the weak peso may have more of an effect, but to us little guys… goes on the same as before.

  8. the election is flashy and distracting, the banking house of cards could fracture at any minute. one would be horrified if they could see just how tiny the difference between another normal day and complete calamity. Japan shows us that this plate-balancing act can indeed go on for decades. Expect creative blackswan type X factor to play. and as always, I stand by my 700$oz silver prediction.

  9. Long pharmaceuticals and biotech, underweight bonds, gold bottoms before 2017. Financials looking good. Industrials strong but overvalued. The Trump victory is the beginning of the euphoric "blow off top" as Wall Street looks for lower tax rates and preaches the end of the earnings recession. S&P to 2300 before recession late 2017/early 2018.

  10. Ah glad i missed this video ; gold down another $45 –I am running out of money to buy these great buys ; tired of averaging down! Oops just went up to $42 down —am on my way to fortune.

  11. The big money knew he was going in..! And once again led the world to sell the US and buy gold witch was true for a couple hours….. Then Complete opposite..!

  12. There's a simple reason why the market did what it did on Wednesday. Within the first few hours of market open, the market was on its way to crash and gold was on the verge to skyrocket. Someone had to step in to break the momentum early on before sellers became out of control, cough the FED. Wednesday is proof that the market is manipulated today. To assure public confidence, the government had to have thrown in enough buy orders to outpace the sellers before there were too many to keep the market dropping. The result was the market increasing and as people saw stocks starting to rise, nationwide panic was averted. There will be a time eventually when the confidence in the market will not be able to be controlled, probably when we eventually have a bond crash finally starting the greatest depression ever created which the government has been trying to put off for as long as possible. It's inevitable.

  13. Noone is mentioning the Italian referendum which could lead to an italian style brexit which could cause havoc in the markets. Keep your eyes open on 4th December

  14. The markets are simply globalist manipulations and nothing is as it appears. The globalists are hanging on to their slipping power with their nails and Trump's victory is not much in the bigger picture…except the exclusion of a known criminal from the presidential office..

  15. Just in! Look what happened when Michigan did a recount… KJV…

  16. gold $1000 soon great entry point indeces on the rise 2017.
    dow jones 22000 by year end.
    trumps brings stability he knows how to turn money over.

  17. gary franchi had a nice guest on that i thought had a good idea, grains of gold sealed in plastic and stamped. i' m sure with protection measures . so we can get away from some of those banks that want to ban cash

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