STRIKE GOLD + SILVER IN $2150 ABANDONED STORAGE i bought an Abandoned storage unit

STRIKE GOLD + SILVER IN $2150 ABANDONED STORAGE i bought an Abandoned storage unit

storage auction we buy lies and sell
memories where every mystery box is a complete surprise and puts us one step
closer to retirement what’d I just say everybody a minute ago a tease no I said
I can feel them don’t see any gold yet but that doesn’t mean that it’s my
something they’re not good feeling just a sec Boston Boston no story in two
pieces is no known silver dish costume jewelry they’re golden in their boxes
box number kidding me what’s all jewelry looking go it’s cute though hmm it says 14 planet baby oh this is
one a case yeah they feel you offer this chin key to the city is go Mike we’ll
never lose the sunglasses again the big shebang but dang but damn can you tell
us by the kinetochore go now go
it’s not plated I could go to silver not off the G it is actually so right there
Saturday silver this is Mexico silver though no Acapulco it’s like 80% silver we have to pull the silver out after
gold Rolex oh that’s right a jump back 18-karat lord have mercy on our souls 84
was one but I would like to point out start that before we were going through
it I pointed out that I’m very good at choosing the boxes and then I chose to
all four of these because I felt like they were jewelry in there and that’s
where the jewelry was I just want the record to show that 84 was this is 80
yeah but 84 1 they started with 80 maybe leave the Greeks and gold ranches huh
let it go point that’s cool oh that one piece is known there’s several pieces
not here just because it’s it’s such a start this one it’s gold this is military once an eagle
that’s cool yeah I hate to make them anything don’t hate me because I’m so
good at this game silver silver say look don’t you play so
we played in diamonds Lord I ask for a lawful and still that a
decent home no but we don’t keep food and nothing in there oh yeah you’re
gonna see that it’s inevitable it’s impossible for that to be none you know
does a lot of people somewhere along the line have them so far so important what
is that it’s the Hamilton that goes inside
oh it’s 14-karat gold look in the back says 14 care not started 18-karat what’s that one say 24 does it really that’s gold since 24
says nine to five so it’s time for careful with Ebola STF kay what is it shut the fuck up hot
that you may shut the fuck up like oh my god so far this is different we pulled
out of the nineteen hundred and ten dollar unit give me some platinum now we’re going to
double check this before we sell it but this is a rough little those rings could
be a platinum you never know pretty sure this one right here is platinum those
are gold watches here’s one little portion of the costume jewelry from
those five boxes just pops enjoy so here’s another second batch of
costume jewelry laid out once again from those five boxes of jewelry we did that
had all the gold and silver it’s just letting you see the costume here
earrings for days like to spread it out like this for y’all just for a video as
well like to do a second run because I always order the things not necessarily
on purpose but you know try to be serious I’ll just pull it all out I
overlooked in the first run uh-huh that’s gold I overlooked in the first
run of those boxes costume jewelry laid out and that’s everything talks and joy
there’s nothing real special and I think was like names and so forth but
nonetheless it all adds up doll here fly doors there with all the gold we found I
think I want to say literally the gold probably got I sold silver today for
like 400 plus we sold a bunch over the weekend it probably got well over two
grand and gold and silver I don’t know the exact number cuz we’re selling it by
the pieces and so forth but I think the gold and silver pretty much put that
unit completely in the profit after it all added up or good little scrap out of that unit


  1. Can't watch you anymore you show no respect for these items it clearly obvious you just want gold I've unsubscribed from your channel and won't watch again. Total lack of knowledge toward costume jewellery you just tossed these aside when a lot of the items could be worth more than some gold items plus your comment ( come on lady don't leave us hanging like this) was sick she probably past away .learn to show a little of respect.and lastly who ever said that their really good at knowing jewellery clearly doesn't

  2. Seems to be a storage box of a burglar, stolen al this stuff out of houses , no one has such an amount of jewellery in such different boxes 😁😎🤔 if you are good guys , try to find the real owners . But I am afraid you are dumb selfish YouTube's guy's

  3. hi, I am a major costume jewlery buyer, and I agree, so much of that jewelry is so beautiful. If you sell it you'll make good money. Its sad That many people think costume jewlery is just junk, but it's not. It's very interesting , alot comes as collections and are collectors. So don't kid yourself, you have more then you think.

  4. Yall looking for gold but not fully inspected the diamonds and gems especially the green and red ones Burmese Ruby and green emralds are sought after like crazy you boys got lucky teall

  5. Gotta remmeber some pieces hold a different value rather than wieght and classification some of those peices could have been from a famous actor or artifacts from another country you get my point it colud have held a different significance just saying.

  6. Well I give you one more chance. Your head slowed down and I didn't get dizzy. I'll watch more like this. If you don't like my comments oh well. I'm just telling you like it is. Get yourself a camera person, that will help.

  7. looks like a lot of the junk I had in storage but no foolish enough to leave the good stuff in a storage locker. Lot of 925. Lot of Mexico silver. Nice stuff though

  8. WOW! An absolutely AMAZING find! I only wish you would not have disregarded the costume jewelry! You sold it for only $200+ dollars! OUCH! Could have possibly been THOUSANDS of dollars! Costume jewelry has huge money potential! I saw a lot of quality vintage pieces that you totally disregarded. I think you really ought to purchase 3-5 updated collectors guides on costume jewelry! Also, try to be careful with how you handle the jewelry okay? Great Find Guys! Kind regards!

  9. If I had to bet ,I would say the person that had this unit was a professional thief. Way to many different jewelry boxes for one family.

  10. this is just a warning, beware of family and you closest friends on the jewelry issue. In my life time those are the people who have taken my valuable possessions, not strangers, just saying. God help them, they need it and after all in the long run possessions don' really matter that much, but it would be nice to be able to provide for my closest family members instead of always doing without.

  11. Please dont dump those custom jewelries . Dont focus only with gold and diamonds. There pretty stones and vintage stuffs you got there. And there are all valuables including white golds and sterling silver.

  12. So you just chuck a Bulova watch and one with the UK royal family crest on the case, but WOW here is a bit of GOLD worth a few dollars scrap

  13. u guys ack like fucken poor people when they find a one $$$ shit stop grabbing the fat hand with the red stone ring ass

  14. هؤلاء الرجال يأخذون الصناديق العشوائية ويفتحونها قبل ارسالها للناس وهم يبحثون عن الذهب
    هذا يعتبر غش وخداااع

  15. You better stop taking video,you're wasting those vintage pieces… suddenly you become an expert of gold and silver? Cracks my head….

  16. Tudo isso e abandonado ou vcs que acham ou alguém esquece e vcs depiusitam em uma garagem até virem buscar ai se não vier será de vcs explique não entendi

  17. Vc ganham acham esta abandonado perderam ou vcs vendem não intenso vcs conhece ouro diamante prata sabe quando e um rolex. Eu amei tudo isso

  18. I noticed you had several pieces that weren't Stamped and you tossed them to the side, Just to let you know Not all Pieces of Jewelry are Stamped if they are made here in America and are Not going to be Sold out of a Store or Out of the Country they DO NOT have to be Marked by the KT weight so If it looks like Gold but not Stamped You should Check it anyways! Have a Blessed Day! oh and if you don't want those unmarked pieces you can always Donate them to ME…lol

  19. You now the junk jewerly take bunch of necklaces braclets and earring put them in the flower jar tape up and sell it

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