Stunning Ballet Audition Gets GOLDEN BUZZER On World’s Got Talent 2019 | Got Talent Global

Stunning Ballet Audition Gets GOLDEN BUZZER On World’s Got Talent 2019 | Got Talent Global

Are you still nervous? How do you think they did today? Pretty good. Thank you for the cheers and applause! Thank you, thank you. To a performer, cheers and applauses are our greatest feeling of recognition. Thank you all very much. But I noticed something earlier, when I watched your previous act, there were protection Why weren’t there any during your act today? To me, I wish to leave behind the best and most perfect performance for the audience. So I decided to challenge myself today *Applause* And this time, the music we chose is a classic song from the movie “The Greatest Showman” It says that two people have to work together to keep becoming better And the title of the song is “Never Enough” I feel like the song expresses my feelings And also motivates me to forever pursue my dream and to never stop dreaming *Applause* Doesn’t your shoulder hurt? After doing it many times, of course it hurts *laughter* We usually perform with a protection pad, and it would show our skin, which has blue and black marks Because she has to spin on top of my shoulder and every spin she does will rub my skin But I feel like it is my pride to be able to do this Of course, the shoulder position mainly only hurts the outer skin The most important things is, Because we practice so much everyday, the tips of my shoes are all stained with blood And the next day, his shoulder slightly heals and the first time we do it, the layer of healed skin will come off Because everyday is like this, everyday This repeated for about half a year before we learned 50% of this movement *Applause* What motivated you two to work so hard? Because during our practices everyone thinks this is disrespecting “traditional” ballet and there are both positive and negative view points As long as the audience is still willing to watch, I hope I can perform until I can no longer dance. As long as you wish to dance, my shoulders will always be your stage. Aww, you two are so cute Coco, you’re also a performer, you understand that feeling of perfection How do you feel about that? I feel like the two of you have become one Your love can be described differently There is not one word to describe your love It’s like you guys are meant to be together You’re meant to do this together *Applause* David First of all, Standing on your toes as a ballerina is hard enough Standing on a person is almost impossible. You picked the perfect song You picked the perfect stage This is World’s Got Talent And you have the talent of the world on your shoulders It was amazing. Thank you very much. Thank you thank you Their son is here today too! Let’s welcome him! Duan Yang Handsome! He was so nervous watching them from backstage He kept biting his fingers while watching his mom and dad perform But today, he brought a gift with him, right? How do you feel watching mom and dad perform from backstage? I’m scared that mom would fall from dad’s head. It’s okay, it’s okay. Let’s give him some encouragement Then, have you seen mom and dad in rehearsal? Yes I have So what score would you give mom and dad for their performance today? How many points is full mark? *laughter* full marks? A hundred? Then, a hundred. What gift have you brought for us? Can you show everyone? He didn’t allow anyone to see it before Can we see it now? ok what is this? This is This is mommy, this is daddy And this is me watching them perform Will you always be by their side watching them perform? I will What a beautiful drawing. When mom and dad are rehearsing, have you ever thought of trying to do the same thing as your mom? Sometimes I stand on dad’s shoulders for fun. Really? Dad also holds you like this? Yes Do you want to show us now? Do you want to? Okay Okay, let’s cheer for Duan Yang Open your arms look forward I hope more people can see this sort of ballet And I hope more people would practice it and pass it down. I think your performance was amazing Your love has moved me Your family’s happiness And the purse of your dreams This unending spirit of yours has moved me too So today, I have to… Thank you Nana! After pushing the golden buzzer, They will be automatically sent to our live performance! It was a very good act. Told a great story Let’s applaud for their breathtaking performance.


  1. It's weird to hear people saying they didn't understand anything, but still enjoyed it… I mean, there's an english subtitles bar on the video?

  2. If You Don't Understand Chinese The Performers Are A Couple And That Little Boy
    Was there Son And He Said That he Was Very Worried His Mum Would
    Fall Off His fathers Shoulder. To Be Honest With You I Was Worried Is Well
    I Did Cry A lot When This Talent Had Happened And It Was just Amazing
    I Loved It And I'm Also Doing ballet So I Hope I Can Grow Up To be One Of Them
    Because They Are Big Star's Well I Want To Be One Is Well It Would Be
    The World If I Could! And I Could Go On Any talent Show With My Friend's! And Preform
    Like Big Star's! This Was An Amazing Performance I Loved It So Much!

  3. Dicen en mensajes que circulan que ellos son abuela y nieto. Pero eso si es lo más falso de este video. O es verdad??. Si es así que juventud; y juventud en todos los aspectos

  4. It very sweet when the husband said
    "as long as you are willing, my shoulder will forever be your stage" – that pharase just melt my heart

  5. As long as the audience is still will to watch, 5:32 wife – I hope i can perform untill i can no longer dance, then 5:33 husband – as long as you wish to dance, my shoulders will always be your stage 💕 this melt my heart and made my day

  6. 5:32 wife – I hope i can perform till i can no longer perform, then 5:33 husband – as long as you wish to dance, my shoulders will always be your stage

  7. Loved the story / performance but what the h#ll were the two American drag yuckkos doing there? OMG this was not a Halloween show, nor were they anything I would want on camera… we have become such bad stewards of our society.

  8. I do not really care if ballet purist's think this form is not true ballet. I say that because the lady in this was on point balancing on the man;s shoulder's, there are other ballet dancer's who can not be on point on flat level dance floor's. I had to remember to breath while watching this clip seeing as the dancer's would do something difficult and I would hold my breath till they were finished.

  9. What a talent!! It is trully amazing..i felt their love for each other..i was crying while watching the whole video..they really deserves the golden buzzer!! God bless u more

  10. Thst was one of the most beautiful things have ever seen the kill the pain but they make it so pain less and flawless it’s so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes I used to do ballet it was so pain full then I found my love in ice skating and volleyball so I stopped but I love to watch videos like this and this just wow beautiful

  11. What a spectacular, gorgeous performance this couple does—and what a delightful son they have, who loves them so much that he can cry in front of total strangers while expressing both his fear of Mama falling, and his admiration for what they do. Marvelous people, and I loved every minute of this beautiful show.

  12. For anyone interested in the names of the performers, they are: Wu Zhengdan & Wei Baohua

    Much appreciation to the person who posted this in a thread below.

  13. Thanks you Japan for your wonderful, talented and beautiful people… from the USA. You've touched millions of hearts. Blessings on all you love.

  14. It’s so hard to balance on the ground on pointe! But to balance on his shoulders and head literally takes perfection and that’s something I have never seen!


  16. Sublissime…j'en ai les larmes aux yeux ! Jamais rien vu d'aussi beau, gracieux et puissant, ils ne forment qu'un seul et même être. Ils ont atteint l'alchimie parfaite. merci

  17. Beautiful! Such strength and talent. Just wow! I envy talent like that; yet, at the same time, I'm so grateful to get to see it… Just beautiful. I really love Most all music and dancing and those that grace us with their God-given talents and hard work to share with us. Tysmfs!!!

  18. Ok, stunning performance, though I would change the category. It's not really ballet, it's a ballet and acrobatics fusion. The guy does no ballet at all. But, again, INCREDIBLE performance. Loved the female dancer's smile, too. She's pretty!

  19. to do all those things ON POINTE, ON HIS SHOULDERS, ON HIS HEAD must have required a whole lot of work…i cant even imagine it. pointe work is already difficult as it is…to add all of that. sigh all im saying is that THIS IS AMAZING SO MUCH TECHNIQUE AND GRACE.

  20. Omg – what is wrong with the editors? Why would you cut to the reactions at moments like the end when she comes off his head???!!! I want to see the performance not the judges faces!!!!

  21. dancers (couple) I've ever seen..

    But it's funny when facebook claimed that she is 73 yrs.old and people keeps on sharing it coz they are amazed how "grandma" dances…. 😂😂

  22. Lacking many feats, no leaps, etc, but for me still one of the MOST PROFOUND displays of ballet I have EVER seen! Breathtakingly beautiful! Remarkable balance & grace. For some, standing on hard toes comes very easily; for other ballerinas, years of practice are required.

  23. Turn English caption on
    This is a jaw dropping, tear filled, overwhelmingly beautiful performance. And then two hear the story and see the son was inspiring. Inspiring in that this type of beauty and love is out there. Almost like your life is a little happier and better for being able to see this.

  24. Это танцовщица родилась в 1945. Ей 74 года!!. Партнёр её внук, сын дочери. Танец был в Гонконге. Невероятно!😍😍

  25. I'm not sure he's the same man, but there's a video of her doing a similar routine to Swan Lake in the Great Chinese Circus. And this is clearly more than ballet; there's some gymnastic ability here too.

  26. How beautiful. Amazing!
    Tears are rolling from my eyes, because of the beauty of this performance.👏👏👏👏💐💐💐😂😊
    From England.

  27. Amazing son!
    And what a caring nature, towards his parents.
    He is truly, a credit to them! And to himself.
    May happiness, follow them! all the days of their lives.💐💐💐🏆
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful video.
    From England.

  28. I searched this because some netizens re’uploaded it and it says “73 yrs old and the boy is her grandson” and its a lie! My gad!
    Anyway, ilove them! GodBless you both 🥰🥰🥰

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