[SUB] Sonic the Hedgehog – Silver Episode – Japanese Cutscenes

[SUB] Sonic the Hedgehog – Silver Episode – Japanese Cutscenes

This world was over ever since I was born. An endless wasteland with a sky that never clears. The people are exhausted and there’s no hope to be found. Why did this happen? Nobody I asked knew the answer. It’s just… those flames. These flames. They burned away at our world, destroying everything. They are an energy life form that possesses eternal life
and revives no matter how many times we defeat it. The Flames of Disaster, Iblis. Silver! Blaze! What’s wrong? It’s appeared again. That’s enough, you monster! Looks like we held it back for now. But in a short time it’ll just revive again. It’s never going to end! Calm down, Silver. Tell me, what should we do? How can we completely destroy Iblis!? By knowing the truth. Just as a flower comes from a seed,
or a bird comes from an egg. Everything must have an origin. There is a being responsible
for this destruction as well. The one responsible…!? Do you know about that!? If the present is destroyed,
you can just change the past. But that’s not possible… It is! After all, I have the power to
move through time, you see. Really!? In order to change this history, you need to eliminate the cause of Iblis’s birth. The Iblis Trigger. If I kill them, will this world really be saved!? On the day of disaster… Iblis’s seal was broken. The records of the day its flames were
released to the world are stored here. And this is what its trigger looks like. …I see it! This blue hedgehog is the Iblis Trigger! Blue hedgehog…!? I’ll send you to a time where the Iblis Trigger is alive. Is this… Blaze! Blaze!! We got separated… Did we really cross through time? I have to bring the future back to normal! So, this is the past world… I don’t think I should let Silver run wild on his own. The Iblis Trigger. Blue hedgehog… I have found you. Iblis Trigger! There you are, Sonic! Ohh man, I’ve been looking for you forever! Hey, you’re not Sonic!? Ah geez, I’m so sorry! Ah, uh… Where is he!? He must’ve run off…! Did I get you into trouble? …No, it’s fine. I know he’s on this island. I can always catch him. Then let’s look for him together! Huh!? I’m sure we’ll find him more easily
if the two of us look for him! Uh, hold on a minute! I need to… What’s your name? …Silver. That’s a nice name. I’m Amy Rose.
Pleased to meet you! Ah, hey! Wait! Hmm… I can feel Sonic’s presence from here. Call it my girlish intuition! What am I doing… Sorry. When we find Sonic, I’ll help you find
the one you’re looking for too. This sure is a nice place. Huh!? You mean this desert? But it’s pretty great, isn’t it? The sky is beautiful
and people live with smiles on their faces. Let’s go. We might find the person you need. I guess Sonic wasn’t there after all. Oh, where could he possibly go? Aahhh!? I finally found you. Iblis Trigger. You’re the cause of all disaster! Who’re you? My name is Silver. For the sake of the future world, I will destroy you right here! Hmph, is that all you got? Are you really behind the destruction of the world? What’d you… say…? No matter. For the sake of the future, you’re going to die. Iblis Trigger! Elise!? Wait! You think you can afford to look aside? I’ll put an end to this! STOP! Amy!? Move aside, Amy! This is my mission! No. I. Won’t! Thanks, Amy. I’ll leave this to you. I’m on it. The one you were looking for was Sonic? And you planned to kill him from the start!? He’s the one who will destroy the future. That’s not true! There’s no way Sonic will do that! It’s true! Somewhere in the near future, he will destroy the world. That’s why I…! I don’t believe that. Nu-uh. Even if that was true. If I had to choose between the world and Sonic,
I would choose Sonic! So this is where you were. I’ve been looking for you. What’s wrong? Say, Blaze… Killing someone to save the world. Is that the right thing to do? You’re so naive. Even I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong. All I know is… If we miss this chance,
the future world will stay unsaved. He’s chasing after Dr. Eggman. Let’s infiltrate his base. We might get a hold of something. Guess we’re a little late. What is that!? It’s a Chaos Emerald. A gem that turns people’s thoughts into power. It’s said that a miracle will be summoned if 7 are collected.
You can keep it as a lucky charm. Turning thoughts into power, huh… Hmm… I’ve been chasing after Sonic,
but I think I ended up somewhere I shouldn’t be in? I should probably get out of here quick
before they find me. Ah! Hostage from C-17 block isolation cell is on the run. All patrolling guards, commence search immediately. Repeat. Hostage from C-17 block…
AMY: This way! O-Okay! Thank you for helping me get out
of somewhere so dangerous. I’m Amy. Amy Rose. My name is Elise. Elise… could it be that you’re the
princess of the dukedom of Soleanna!? You could have waited for
someone to come and save you. Yes… but I was told I shouldn’t do that. Nothing will change if I just wait around. That’s what I was told by that person. Ahah… You like that person, don’t you? Huh!? No, I never…!
AMY: No worries! All girls change when they fall in love. The world becomes huge. Doesn’t it? Tell me, what kind of person is it?
Are you dating already? No, I… I really haven’t… Unrequited love!? Ohoh! In that case, I’ll support you all the way! You’re princess and a super cute one at that,
so it will definitely work out! There’s actually someone I’m pursuing as well.
Let’s both do our best! I was waiting for your return, Miss Elise. Mephiles. Tell me. Who is the Iblis Trigger? Why is he going to destroy the world? Why does it matter to you? Unless you complete your task,
the future will stay unsaved. Forever. He is at the train’s terminal.
If you’re going to follow him, best do it now. Thank goodness… I believed that you’d come back no matter what! …You again. This time, no one is going to interrupt me! You’re going to die, Iblis Trigger! Sonic… Did you enjoy your stroll, Princess? Elise! This will end it! Who!? Mephiles!? Why are you getting in my way! I’m Shadow. Shadow the Hedgehog. Chaos Control! Why you…! Don’t try. My power can control time and space by using a Chaos Emerald. You have no way of resisting it. I can’t give up…! It all depends on me! Can’t lose… Not here! Chaos! Control!! You caused Chaos Control… I won’t let anyone get in my way. I will change fate and save the future! Mephiles isn’t planning to save the future. He wants to eliminate all history. Wha…!? What do you mean!? It seems that both of us need to know about this. The truth about ten years ago. If you want to know, you’re better off following me. HF electromagnetic pulses are generating! Injecting decompression substance!
…It doesn’t work, the levels aren’t dropping! A spatial meltdown is about to start! Duke of Soleanna, we can’t go on like this! Please evacuate! Why Solaris!? Why do you reject my voice!!? Father! Elise! That’s the!? Those flames… it’s Iblis! And that black shadow is the original Mephiles. That’s Mephiles!? They’re escaping! Let’s split up. I’ll go after Mephiles. Got it. Leave Iblis to me! Wait…! Seal it with this…! Hurry! You!? What are you doing!? Get out of here quick! This is the living flame that was
handed down to our royal family. If nothing is done, the Flames of Disaster
told of in legend will come forth! Eternal Sun! The flame of fate handed down to our royal family. Fall into slumber with a royalty’s soul! I’m sorry to ask… but take her somewhere safe. You’re a good girl, Elise. That’s right. You musn’t cry, no matter what happens. For the tears will summon the flames within you… Become a splendid queen
who won’t cry no matter what happens. And… Live… happily… Did it work? Yes. What about you? …Yup. The flames are sealed. It won’t get out. You’re leaving it here? Yeah. I know what’s going to happen to it eventually. We’re leaving. Y-Yeah… Chaos Control! Father… It’s a lucky charm. Blaze… What did you see? The Iblis Trigger wasn’t Sonic the Hedgehog. I see… (sounds of people gossiping) They sure are noisy. Yeah… I’ve heard that the princess of this country Complied with Dr. Eggman’s threats
and headed to where he is unsupervised. Could it be that his goal is to unseal Iblis!? You must be in a hurry. What’s come over you? Circumstances have changed. I want to save that princess. ELISE! Wait. It’s not like we’re out of options yet. We should be able to save her if we return to the time before she was put on that battleship. I see. Chaos Control! Silver! I’ll be fine on my own. You have somewhere you need to go too, right? You… I’ll make sure to change Elise’s fate. So you should be able to change that future as well. Thank you, Silver! Yeah. Good luck. Even if I can’t change the past,
I’ll save the future. I’m sure of it. So you have a plan? Then let’s hurry.
I can sense the presence of flames. Come, Iblis! We’ll finish you off this time! Chaos Emeralds, lend me your power…! Eternal Sun. The flame of fate that lived within a royalty’s spirit! Fall into slumber with my soul!
Iblis, the Flames of Disaster! D-Darn…! Does this mean I can’t be the vessel…!? Blaze! I’ll take it. Don’t worry. I have flames in my soul as well. I can make use of that. Come on, hurry…
Use Chaos Control on me to stop time… And seal us into a different dimension. No way! I can’t do something like that! I thought I told you this before. If you’re prepared to save the world,
don’t be afraid of sacrifices. I can’t! I mean, you’re my friend, aren’t you!? You fought alongside me to save the world. We’re friends… right!? You really are naive. But… That’s what I like about you… Blaze! Good luck, Silver.


  1. I LOVE SILVER!!!😍💖💝, he is my second favorite character😁👍👌, on the contrary of what many thinks, Silver is not a bad character, yes he does play horrible on this game, but look how cool he is on Generations and Forces, they just screwed him on this game, Silver is actually a GREAT character!!!👌👍😁

  2. I'm not going to lie. Silver's scenes are more poignant and emotional in the original Japanese. I actually choked up a few times.

  3. I have questions:
    So, when are you going to do a Knuckles noises, a Eggman noises, or …. a Kaiji Noises video?
    Do you have plans to make a English sub of Sonic Generations?
    What do you want to see in the next modern Sonic game.

  4. Man, the expression-less models make me so sad, particularly in Amy's case. She has such cute voice acting in here, but her face is stone cold. The animation flaws can be… Overlooked on more serious characters like Silver and Blaze, but Amy just looks wrong. Her convo with Elise could be cute but nope, they're both just "😐😶" xD
    Anyways. Thanks a lot for the subtitles, peep! You're doing God's work….hahah.

  5. This game seriously needs an hd remaster or for somebody to remake these cutscenes in SFM with the japanese audio

  6. 17:25
    kakyoin meets jotaro-
    sry,, I had too,,, silver's voice actor is the same as jotaro and shadows one is the same as kakyoin

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