Sugar Sammy: Worst gold digger ever?

Sugar Sammy: Worst gold digger ever?

Any doctors here, by applause? Any doctors here? Fuck, none of the brown folks. Look at that. They all have shame. They’re all like We have one over there? Right there. “Right here!” Look at that. Look at his wife Right here! Mhm. Look at that woman! She’s so happy. ♪ She give me money… ♪ ♪ when I’m in need… ♪ So, what’s your name, doctor? Wait, wait — woah. What? You’re a ‘what’ doctor? What is he? The graphic designer is like “Vet!” You’re a vet? Is that what he said? Is that what he said? Look, this gentleman right here’s like: What the fu…? Why did his wife… speak? She should shut the fuck up. There’s doctor engineer graphic designer Uber vet. Alright, any real doctors here, by applause? Anybody doctor-doctor? Like, by applause. You’re a doctor? You clapped. “Here!” Wait, where are you? “Up here!” That’s the tickets you got as a doctor? You have failed as a doctor. Look at this guy. This is a good doctor. I know this is gonna be good. I know this is gonna be good. Look, he’s confident. The woman next to him is just like, quiet and shit. What’s your name ,sir? Jean. Fuck, this is gonna be great. What kind of doctor are you, Jean? Sorry? Intensive care. See, this is what I was looking for. Right here. Certified authentic organic type of doctor. Jean, intensive care at the hospital here? Yup. Fuck, you’re like high-level, right? Look at that he’s like — humble motherfucker, look at that. So, you got a lady? No? Single guy? Yup, look at that. All the gold diggers went: my panties are wet. I want some of that French cock, right there. I want intensive care for myself. Where are the — “Call us!” What did she say? **unintelligible sound** Ok, listen. If you’re gonna speak make it in English and use complete sentences and words. What are you saying, lady? “I said ‘call me’.” Call me. You wanna call this — woman? You wanna ruin your life? Things are going well, man. No. Listen, dude. You go through enough shit. You have hard days. You can’t have this at the end of the day. You didn’t work hard for AArgh carll me. You gotta come home and find the missing chromosomes. Are you outta your fucking mind? Did you hear her speak? Mrrgghhmm. You know who could cure that? Hey, the vet… Where are you? One of the greatest shows I’ve seen. The first time I’ve ever seen him and I’m hoping that he comes back real soon. Definitely check out his show if he comes to your city. It’s worth it, it’s definitely worth it. Definitely worth it. It was awesome, as usual! Yeah, very good! Big fan here.


  1. That was funny but actually vet make lot of money depending of the area. Antibiotics and treatments for pets cost about 3-4x more expensive than us

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