Super Murgiyan | Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES | As seen on Nick

Super Murgiyan | Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES | As seen on Nick

Patlu I am very hungry, please do some arrangements for it. When are you not hungry, your stomach is like a godown, how much ever you put in it is less. Hey wow, any idea to catch this chicken, Motu empty stomach I don’t get ideas, you think. What to think? Direct attack. What Motu you cannot able to catch one chicken? Now see my talent. Motu stop it. Darling help! What did she say? Darling help, heard something like that, but how could this happen? This darling is very dangerous, run Patlu where are you? Motu I have already ran, if you don’t run then that cock will make a tandoori of you. Oh! My lord, What is this? You both are playing thief and the police. We went to catch a chicken, but her cock started pecking with beak and made us run. Oh! My lord, In my twenty years experience I have not heard anything like this. Chicken is not a thing to catch, it has to be made pet. You can start a poultry business and become a millionaire. How is that? tell me fast, I like to become a millionaire. First you breed five chicken, that chicken will lay eggs. And from that eggs more chicks will be born, like that from 5 it will be 10 then it . Will be 20, from 20 to 40 then 80, like that it will become thousand. Long live! This idea is very good, isin’t it Patlu? Idea is very good, but scared of Ghaseetaram’s idea You are simply getting scared, don’t worry I am there with you Let’s go Ghaseetaram to buy chickens. What a shameless man he is, see how he is staring at us as if he has not seen a chicken before. Patlu it’s almost one hour and they have not layed a single egg. Have patience Motu, you always want the things to be fast, fast work is devil’s work. Motu my brother, my friend, what’s happening? Long live! Big brother, we started a poultry business, but till now none of the chicken has layed any egg. Motu my brother, my friend, this powder you mix it with the grains. And daily one spoon give it to them, then you watch them. They will have so much strength that they will keep on laying eggs fast. Long live! Big brother, give me that medicine fast. What did you Motu? Daily one spoon has to be mixed and fed to the chickens, you fed them in one go. I want to become a millionaire fast, chickens will lay eggs fast. What is this happened? How did it happen? Hey Dr. Jhatka, what did you feed them?, oh! My god In my twenty years experience I have seen this first time Two fell down, two remains, close their account also. Oh! My God. Swear in the name of my patients. Help! Come on girls let’s have a long drive. No! Now don’t tell me that they will drive this car and go. I won’t say anything, watch yourself. Catch them, they have taken the boxer’s car. Motu do something,What can I do? Empty stomach I don’t get any idea’s , you only think something. Idea! Hello Chingum. The name is Chingum, it’s impossible to save from Chingum’s web. Now tell me who stole boxer’s car. Five chicken’s, they had Dr. Jhatka’s medicine and became super chicken like superman. Haha, are you all making fun of me? Today is not a april fool day Look over there the car is coming, see it for your self. Oh! My God, how can this happen? This is Impossible. Oh! My God. If love your life then run. Help! Help! Hey! Mission accomplished, let’s go from here. Hey, stop. Oh! My God, this chicken’s got weapons, aayo! aah! ouch! Those eggs are mine, it’s ours, hey leave the eggs, and try to get the car back or else we are gone. Now see the talent of Chingum’s bike stop, it’s impossible to save from Chingum’s web. Today either you or me. Help!! Oh! My God. Thief! They took my mobile somebody call the police. Hey stop, what is this happening? Am I dreaming? Hey stop it, the sweets which you all are eating is not free, who will pay for this? Chingum sir, save me, those chicken’s are robbing my shop. What to save you? They stole my mobike, whom should I report? Motu do something, what can I do? Empty stomach I don’t get ideas, you only do something. Idea! Hey chicken’s in this shop the samosa are very tasty. Hey, no can eat my samosa, I have only rights to eat, only mine, if you touch it then. Aah! Hey, let me finish my words, I was not ready for this. Patlu make them understand that what will happen eating of my samosa? Listen, Motu has told me to make you understand. Any one else? Idea! Now see my talent, Motu now these samosa is yours. Samosa!! Long live! Come. What happened? Why are we feeling so weak? Not weakness, this is our reality, the effect of that doctor’s medicine is getting over. These are the consequences of touching my samosa. How come, they became so lazy? The effect of my medicine is over, in the name of my patients. I will not give this medicine to any chicken. They ate my all medicines, now what will happen? Run!


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