1. Finally Cass's back ! And Eileen Leahy's back too !!
    One-day I want see Destiel's Happy scene ☺ & I don't want Eileen's dark scene…😢

  2. Ok there’s Like no way that scream is real right. Like I’m actually triggered there’s no way I’m going to be able to wait a week

  3. Guess who's back? Lilith and by the way I can't freakin' wait 4 next episode season 15 of supernatural Is so freakin' amazing "AAHHH"!😮❤️👏

  4. So the equalizers destroy, Lilith is back (Absolutely hate her), Sam Keeps having visions were he is full of Demon blood,Possessed by Lucifer, And Demon Dean with the Mark Of Cain and The First Blade…I cant wait till Jack comes back and ends all of them 😒😒😒

  5. isnt that witch the one who snaps the twig figure the same person who was the person who gave sam and dean chucks address after asking them questions about sam and dean of the supernatural books

  6. I still think there is a higher entity that is writing Chuck's story that we do not know about, but will be revealed when Death and the Empty team up to take down God.

  7. Can't wait for Jack and death to come back into play. I think a big twist is coming. Chuck said that Billie is always sticking her nose in his business. I don't think the black figure that smiled at Jack is the guy from the empty. Maybe Gabriel?

  8. That was a pretty good episode, though Lilith seemed a little…watered down, no offense. I'm just gonna blame Chuck, it was his writing anyway.

    If they're going to keep showing alternate universes at the begining of episodes, then they BETTER eventually show the Squirrel Universe.

  9. Beerus and Whis inexplicably appear

    Chuck: What the-?

    Beerus: Hakai!

    Chuck disintegrates

    Winchesters: What the-?

    Beerus (to the Winchesters): With that out of the way, direct me to your most delicious food NOW!!

  10. So is Amara just unbothered by all of this. Like didn't she just say "f*uck this I'm out" She also said even at his best God couldn't force her hand.

  11. I'm guessing it's gonna be Masters of Evil, Unite! and Avengers, Assemble! this season.

    God brings back the boy's greatest enemies, Lilith, Cain, Azazel, Micheal, etc. The Winchesters find ways to get their greatest allies back (Gabriel, Crowley, Cass, Jack, maybe even Lucifer). Amara will probably be the swing vote that decides the winner.

    Then we have a knock-down, drag-out brawl. A winner takes all battle royale.

    Basically, the ending of Angel but better.

  12. People: This scream doesn’t sound like Sam at all..

    You don’t know how you would sound if that happen to you! Hell I would scream like that if in a sudden I would get my arm twist in that way! 😂

  13. I'm 99 % sure that's Dean screaming. It doesn't sound like Sam at all. I played it at 0.5 speed and I'm pretty sure it sounds like Dean.

  14. After Rowena's death, some bunch of shitty witches going around. Rise queen, smack them and show who is real witch.
    God I really miss Rowena…

  15. "How the hell are we supposed to fight God?!" Dude. ONE WORD. AMARA. This whole season makes me miss Amara. There's a huge chance she will help when she saw God has gone rogue. And she's obsessed with Dean. Wouldn't be that hard to find her 😛

  16. If I see one more person complaining about spoilers I'm reporting, this is a promo video ffs, if you haven't watched the episode, it isn't anyone's fault but yours, so don't go around whining about it on the next episodes preview video comments.

  17. So God lied he have power over empty, and can bring anyone even Archagles i guess. Intresting last season ended Empty and Death waking up Jack in nothinss, I guess supernatural is planning big fight between God and Boys.

  18. They said god had no control over the empty?? God didn't save cass from the empty all those times he simply built another one so I'm confused..I think the writers forgot they put that in their and now trying to pull the wool over our eyes -.- andrew dabb is a turd lol otherwise good episode tonight been die hard fan since day one back in 2005 so got to stick with it but man they just change shit up when they want to o.o if lilith can come back than Crowley can according to dabbs writing..tsk tsk

  19. Episodes 4 and 5 were fantastic. I don’t know who was writing and directing episodes 1-3 but they were so strange. Did not feel like I was watching SPN, more like some fairy tale

  20. So this season we have seen demon Dean and some badass John wick Dean soooo are we gonna see Dichael again? I seriously hope so

  21. I don’t like that no one ever thought to bring in Jesus Christ for this show…. they literally brought in every supernatural being except the son of God … smh hella big missed opportunity.

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