Superteam: A Warriors Musical

Superteam: A Warriors Musical

[Thunder] [Bat squeaks] Villains, they’re calling us villains? That’s ABSURD. Yeah, we never thump our chests,
and we always donate to charity. Ain’t that right, Rocco?. Yeah, you’re fine I mean, you’re a little clingy… Listen, okay, it’s my fault. I made some mistakes, but I’m a man, and
I take the blame. And I just wanna say…I’m sorry. Ugh, enough apologizing. I think
villains… kind of has a nice… …RING to it. So you want us to be bad guys? Yeah, what are you talkin’ about?
You want us to be bad guys?! You see, my whole life I’ve been the Golden Boy… the Baby Face… the GOOD guy. After last year, I think maybe
a little re-branding is in order. And frankly, I don’t mind
this whole “villain thing.” Yeah, I mean, we all got these evil goatees already, so…. Yes! Yes! Stroke your goatees gentleman
because we are EVIL now. MUHAHAHAHAHA! [Maniacal laugher intensifies.] Well we are
a Superteam! All the best players here to crush your dreams. I don’t have enough fingers
for all these rings we’re gonna win. HAHAHAHA! Well, we are a Superteam! Winning all the games and
destroying the league, and if you think that’s a sin Here’s the smallest violin. Let’s go around the room, shall we? Kevin, make me wanna burn your jersey. Surely, I’d love to! HAHAHAHA! Well, hello there I’m KD. You might know me as the better MVP. I swear I just came here to grow… By winning each game by FORTY OR SO. I’m Klay. I play two ways. I lock you down on D, and then I make some treys. And then I’ll… uh…Um… I forget what I was gonna say. Well we are a Superteam All the best players here to crush your dreams I don’t have enough fingers for all these rings.
We’re gonna win. HAHAHAHA! Yes, we are a Superteam We’re the cheat code that destroys the league. And if that makes you mad, here’s
some fire kicks for your dad. Take it away, Draymond. I’d like to formally apologize for everything I’ve done. Though informally I must admit it was a little fun. But I’m sorry to my fans,
to my teammates, and my owner. Oh crap! I just snapped another picture of my boner. I’m David West. I want a ring. Give that to me! How dare you take a ring from
a finals MVP! I’m Shaun, and my knees are back from the dead. Say goodbye to the league. We’re lightyears ahead! Well we are a Superteam! [Nut kick sound] All the best players here
to crush your dreams. I don’t have enough fingers for all
these rings we’re gonna win. HAHAHAHA! Shoobie doobie doobie doo! Yes, we are a Superteam! Flopping on the floor like a drama queen. But we don’t just bark. We bite! See it live on national TV every night! [Smash!] [Smash!] [Smash!] [Explosion.] ZAZA SMAAAAASH! Zaza hear you want to be villain. So Zaza bring you the heads OF ALL THE OTHER ALL-STARS IN THE WEST!!! Wow. Oh my there Zaza. Love your attitude! But… You might be taking the villain thing
a little too far. There’s still some rules, buddy. There’s still rules, Zaza. You gotta take it easy, alright? Nothing easy! Nothing easy! We going to game 7 baby. Game 7! Game SEVEN!!!


  1. we really survived this & it blew up way earlier the expected.looking back at it this was wild when it first came out.

  2. We were a superteam got destroyed by injuries and we don’t just get hurt we fight see us live when we lose to Kawhi’s raptors every other night

  3. This actually makes me sad…can’t believe K is gone, can’t believe the dynasty is over already smh

  4. Sooooooo…………Who will win the West? Now that the Warriors are out the window, I have no clue. They have won the west so many times that I can’t imagine anyone else but them winning…

  5. The nba is all about karma with injuries, warriors beat an injured cavs in 2015 so the cavs beat an injured warriors .in 2016, warriors beat an injured kawhi on the spurs, so kawhi beat an injured warriors this year

  6. Okay, imagine the room with all the warriors players in it, but KD is replaced with D’angelo Russell and Klay and Shaun isn’t there

  7. Dont sleep on the warriors this year they got steph at point, D'lo at shooting guard, klay at SF, Draymond at PF and I dont know who there center is I think they should be the favors to win this year

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