Supplies for Copper Foiling : Applying Patina to Art Glass

Supplies for Copper Foiling : Applying Patina to Art Glass

Hi, were talking on copper foiling today and,
were going to be making a sun catcher later but, I would like to let you know there’s
a different aesthetic feel and look that you can have for each of your projects and, what
I mean by that is your patina. There is a patina that can be used on your sauder, your
lead, and also, your zinc and, there’s different colors that are available. There’s a black,
a brown, a green. Were going to be using the black. What the patina does is its takes your
silver sauder color that you have and, it will turn it to a nice black color like, in
this. For instance, and the way that this process works is first of all, you would take
a little steel wool or scouring pad and, you would scrape over your saudered part like
that just to get roughed up a little bit enough for you to apply your patina and, then you
would take your patina, pour yourself just a little bit you’re not going to need much.
You can always pour out more as you need and, you have this little piece of a sponge. Take
your sponge and, you actually apply it onto your panel. Now, I’m not going to do it on
this piece because it’s someone else’s piece that their working on but, it would turn this
black and, as you go ahead a place your patina upon your sauder you would also have a dryer
available which you would heat up the patina on your sauder or, your zinc, or, your lead
whichever you’re using it on. Whichever project that you’re working on and, what it inquires
and, it will turn it to the color of patina that you have selected whether it be black,
brown, or green.

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