Supplies for Copper Foiling : Using Copper Sheeting

Supplies for Copper Foiling : Using Copper Sheeting

OK, so I’ve been giving you a breakdown on
the copper foiling as far as materials for your foiled glass project. We have gone through
the black backed copper foiling, the regular copper foiling, the silver back. Also, there
is a gold back and a brass back as well and a right now what I would like to share with
you is about our copper sheeting. So this is the copper foil sheet and what this is
particularly good for is a, it’s ideally suited for special creative effects and filigree
overlays. You can buy them in sheet size which generally range 12″ X 12″ so one square foot.
You can also buy them in roll size. Roll size is 12 inches width by 36 yards in length.
A, there is a also a, the copper sheeting is without copper backing and it easily accepts
Bettina for decorative projects requiring copper shapes to supplement art glass.

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